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How To Watch ‘One Spring Night’ Online?

Something In The Rain Kdrama
Something In The Rain cr: MBC

An absolute gem that is hidden in the melodrama genre of kdramas is ‘One Spring Night’. Furthermore, the kdrama has a very impressive storyline paired with brilliant performances by a star-studded cast and OSTs that will surely become your favorites. The brilliant screenplay of One Spring Day is written by Kim Eun, who is also the writer behind the iconic romantic kdrama  Something In The Rain. The direction of One Spring Night is done by Ahn Pan Seok, who is widely appreciated for his work in Heard Through the Grapevine, Secret Love Affair, and The End Of The World. One spring Night consists of a total of thirty-two emotionally packed episodes. The plot of the kdrama revolves around Lee Jung  In and Yu Ji Hoo. The kdrama is widely appreciated by romance kdrama lovers. Jung Hae In’s honey eyes make the kdrama even sweeter. So without further ado, let us tell you where you can watch One Spring Night.

Where To Watch One Spring Night?

The kdrama consists of a total of thirty-two episodes. One Spring Night premiered on the 22nd of May on MBC in 2019. Each episode of One Spring night is thirty-five minutes long. Additionally, the kdrama follows Lee Jung In and Yu Ji Ho after they meet at a pharmacy. Lee Jung In has been in a black and white relationship for four years now. When her parents bring up the question of marriage, Lee Jung In starts to question whether she wants to stay in this relationship or not. However, getting out of the relationship is not as easy as it seems because of her father’s promotion also her boyfriend. Right when Lee Jung In is questioning whether or not she wants to stay in a relationship where the two of them have no chemistry or spark just for the sake of stability, she enters Yu Ji Ho. He is a kind pharmacist who is also game buddies with Lee Jung In’s boyfriend. Furthermore, the two of them feel undeniable chemistry whenever they meet. Another hurdle, according to society, in their relationship is the fact that Yu Ji Ho has a son. The kdrama has a very layered storyline, and a new drama is waiting for you in each episode. Additionally, it also stars gems like Jung Hae In, aka the king of romance in kdrama, Han Ji Min, and Kim Joon Han in leading roles which is more than enough reason to watch One Spring Night. All the episodes of One Spring Night are available on Netflix with subtitles in various languages. All you need is a Netflix subscription to enjoy One Spring Night.

Something In The Rain Kdrama

Something In The Rain cr: MBC

One Spring Night Review

The series is as good as it gets. The beautiful bond that Yoo Ji Ho and Lee Jung Min share will make your heart skip a beat. The kdrama is also very realistic and takes you through all the awkward and embarrassing moments that happen in a relationship. Moreover, it sheds light on the unrealistic and problematic standards that the society has about relationships. The kdrama scores a smooth ten star.

Something In The Rain streaming details

Something In The Rain cr: MBC

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