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How to Watch Midsommar in 2022? All That You Should Know

Horror films are the jam right now; thus, fans are searching about how to watch Midsommar. The movie was released in 2019. Ari Aster directed the story. The plot throws light on a couple who are quite weird. Dani and Christian are going on a trip to Sweden. They are traveling along with their group of friends to attend a midsummer festival. Although, things take a sharp turn in their lives when the duo comes across a Scandinavian pagan cult. They start following their proceedings which wreck their marriage and mental health. The film can be said to be a mid-success at the box office. It was made on a budget of just 9 million dollars. Although, it grossed over 48 million dollars from around the world.

As for the cast, we see actress Florence Pugh reprising the role of Dani Ardor. We see the film beginning with her. She is a student of psychology and was badly shaken in life right then. Her sister committed suicide but murdered her parents before dying. She filled theirs with poisonous carbon monoxide, which led to the incident. This event is also causing havoc in her relationship with her boyfriend. Actor Jack Reynor enacts the character of Christian Hughes. He is my boyfriend of Dani. Christian is a student of cultural anthropology.

With the summer approaching America fast enough, Dani comes to know that one of the friends of Christian has invited him and his friends to Sweden to celebrate a midsummer festival in his hometown. Fellow students Josh and Mark are also leaving for the festival. Christian has not revealed about the trip to Dani yet. It is because he was planning to break up with her, but tragedy fell upon her shoulders with the death of her parents and sister. After the two have an argument about some things, Christian brings Dani along for the trip.

How to Watch Midsommar in 2022?

A still from Midsommar

How to Watch Midsommar?


Midsommar is available to watch on Hulu right now. The platform seems to have a variety of new and old films of all sorts added to its service. There is also a way to watch Midsommar for free. You can sign in to Hulu with a new e-mail address and debit or credit card, and it shall provide you with a free trial lasting for seven days. During this, you can finish the film and cancel anytime, thus charging you 0 dollars legally.

However, an official subscription to Hulu costs about 13.99 dollars. It is the lowest plan available for the platform. Through this, users will be able to watch content that is ad supported. The highest plan offered by Hulu is rated at 19.99 dollars a month. It is an ad-free version.


Midsommar is available to watch on Showtime. The platform costs 10.9o dollars a month and comes along with a free trial (Another way to watch Midsommar for free through legal ways). You can also bundle up Showtime with Amazon, which shall give you the benefit of both platforms at a discounted rate.


This festival happens at Pelle’s commune only once in 90 years and thus, is quite special. Upon their arrival at his commune, the duo meets another couple named Simone and Connie. They are from London. Fani had a bad trip to Sweden from America. She was constantly hallucinating about her dead family, and thus, Christian offers her, along with the whole group, some psychedelic mushrooms.

The next day, the event takes a weird turn, given the fact that its procedures are quite deadly. Two men jump off the cliff in an attempt to commit suicide. When one of the survivors, the villagers kill him using a mallet. When this horrifies the English couple, an elderly person at the Festival named Siv explains its importance of it to them. He says that committing suicide like this is believed to be a great honor by their community once a man reaches the age of 72.

Christian, being a cultural anthropology student, also begins writing his report on the people of this commune. Well, to know how the film takes a horrific turn, I suggest you refer to the platforms mentioned above.

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