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How To Watch The Girl In The Basement Online?

Where To Watch The Girl In The Basement?
Where To Watch The Girl In The Basement?

Elisabeth Röhm’s psychological thriller “Girl in the Basement” is based on terrifying true events. The spine-tingling tale of a young girl named Sara, who her oppressive father locks up on her 18th birthday, is told in the movie. The main actors in the movie are Stefanie Scott as Sara, Judd Nelson as Don, her tyrannical father, and Joely Fisher as Irene, Don’s wife.

You can watch “Girl in the Basement” right here if you enjoy immersing yourself in psychological thrillers or movies that are based on true stories. Just keep in mind that this story is a very harrowing tale of abuse. And if you’re sensitive towards those topics, you might find this content disturbing. So without further ado, here’s where to watch The Girl in the Basement.


A happy young girl named Sara lives with her mom, sister, and domineering dad. She is currently dating Michael, a boy with whom she intends to flee after turning 18 years old, and she is about to turn eighteen. Don, her father, learns of her plans and makes the decision to prevent her from leaving.

He constructs and soundproofs a bunker in his basement, turning it into his daughter’s impenetrable prison. Don tortures Sara for years while she is imprisoned, all while the outside world believes she has escaped. Don commits heinous acts of abuse, assault, sexual harassment, and mental and sexual assault on Sara in the basement. The case of Elizabeth Fritzl in real life and some other true stories served as some of the story’s inspiration.

Where To Watch The Girl In The Basement?

Judd Nelson In The Girl In The Basement

Is It Based Upon A True Story?

The true story on which “Girl in the Basement” is based. Elisabeth Fritzl, a young woman from Amstetten, Austria, who was held captive by her father for roughly 25 years, is the subject of this Lifetime movie from its “Ripped from the Headlines” special marathon. Even though it dramatizes, embellishes, expands, removes, and rewrites some of her true stories for our screens, the main idea is still grounded in reality.

Josef Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl’s father Josef lured her into their home’s basement on August 28, 1984, nearly four months after she turned 18 in April, by claiming that he needed help carrying a door. He used the same door to lock his daughter inside the basement, which would serve as both her home and prison for the next 20 years. Shortly after, Elisabeth’s mother reported her missing. However, almost a month later, Josef gave investigators the first of the numerous letters he’d made Elisabeth write, which signaled the end of the search for her. Even his postmark from Braunau am Inn was on it.

A Horrible Story

Josef further asserted that his daughter had probably joined a cult before attempting to convince his wife to follow her instructions and stop looking for her in the countryside. He came to Elisabeth in the bunker at least three times a week for the next 8,516 days to force himself on her or give her food and supplies. Elisabeth gave birth to seven children during this horrifying captivity, one of whom perished soon after birth. Additionally, three of them were taken away when they were young and were raised upstairs by Josef and his wife. He had made sure nobody ever entered the basement.

A Complicated Problem

Regarding the infants’ explanations, Josef frequently left them on the doorstep for his wife to find, along with a note or recorded call from Elisabeth stating that they were her children but that she could not care for them. Local social services also became involved in this, but they found nothing suspicious, so they gave the Fritzls permission to foster their “grandchildren.” Things didn’t start to change for Elisabeth and her kids until April 2008. When her oldest daughter became ill, Josef took her to the hospital and pretended to have discovered a note that her mother had written and that he had come to assist.

Terror Ensues

His claims were questioned by the medical staff, who then informed the authorities. Therefore, when Josef finally gave in and let Elisabeth leave her cell to see her daughter for the first time in decades, the police detained them. The then 42-year-old explained all of Josef’s crimes after being assured that she would be safe and would never have to see her father again. She claimed that he repeatedly threatened to harm or kill their children if they ever tried to flee while sexually abusing her in front of their children. DNA tests supported her claims further.

The Conclusion To The Real Affair

In the end, it was discovered that Josef intended to set free his other captives, including Elisabeth, whom he had been sexually abusing since she was about 11 years old. He planned to “rescue” them from the made-up cult and bring them back to their own home. But the real truth was revealed before any of that could take place. Josef was eventually found guilty of multiple counts of false imprisonment, rape, manslaughter by carelessness, and incest and given a life sentence. Elisabeth and the children have since established a happy life for themselves.

The Girl In The Basement Trailer

Where To Watch The Girl In The Basement?

If you want to watch The Girl In The Basement, you can do it by streaming the film from Hoopla, Lifetime Movie Cub, and DirecTV. Moreover, you can also buy the movie from Amazon Prime Video, Vudu Fandango, and the Microsoft Store. With this, we conclude our scoop on this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention; please keep browsing our website for more entertainment-related news and have a good one. See you next time.

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