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Did Joe Ando Break Up With His Girlfriend? The Actor’s Love Life

Joe Ando

Do you know if Joe Ando broke up with his girlfriend? Yes, we are talking about the actor, who made headlines for spending his holiday in Mallorca, a few months ago. It is no surprise that his love interest was also with him. But, fans have lately taken the speculation of their separation on different social media platforms. Is that true? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Joe Ando’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Joe Ando-Hirsh is a versatile actor, who is majorly known for portraying Rodney in The Walking Dead. He has been doing wonders in the industry since 2017. Some of Joe Ando’s other notable acting credits include MacGyver, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate, Blue Bison, and The Eyes of Tammy Faye. 

Besides his acting career, Joe Ando is also a professional fashion designer. From a very young age, Joe was inclined towards trending outfits, which need to be different from others. Because of that, he earned a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Coming back to Joe Ando’s personal life, being his fan, you must know that he is romantically linked to Niamh Adkins. Who is she? For now, let’s just know her as a South African fashion model. Their breakup rumors have been shocking to all. Now, the question is if those rumors make any sense or are meaningful enough to get considered. If you are looking for whether Joe Ando broke up with his girlfriend, here is what we know.

Did Joe Ando Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Joe Ando

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Joe Ando And Niamh Adkins: Did They Break Up? 

Before getting into their relationship details, let’s briefly discuss Joe Ando’s love interest, Niamh Adkins. 

To the newbies, Niamh Adkins is a fashion model, who was born in 1996. That makes her 26 years old, at present. In the initial period of her career, Niamh was signed to the modeling agencies – Max Models and Vision Models respectively. Not to forget to mention, she is also quite popular on Vine, which she started back in 2014. Talking more about her, Niamh Adkins is a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift. Well, who isn’t? 

Moving on to Joe Ando’s relationship with Niamh Adkins, both have always seemed to be strong as a couple. As mentioned earlier, they were having fun in Mallorca, last year. But, wait! They were not the only ones but had some of their friends too. So, what? Things seem to be good, so far. Right?

Now, you must be wondering what started the speculation of Joe Ando’s split? The reason has been two of them not posting anything on social media, in the last few weeks. That turned out to be pretty weird as both have always been very active. People are convinced that something must have happened between them. Some fans have also taken the discussion online, stating that Joe Ando and Niamh Adkins must have taken a break from each other, at least for some time. 

Did Joe Ando Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Joe Ando and Niamh Adkins

What’s happening? Well, neither Joe Ando nor Niamh Adkins has confirmed the ongoing breakup speculation yet. So, we simply just can’t consider two of them calling it quits. Why? Because it would be lame enough just to consider that based on just one reason. Also, that doesn’t seem to be valid. People can be busy at times. What do you think of this? Since there are no official statements from either of the parties, we can’t just state that Joe Ando and his long-time girlfriend are no more together. 

Best Wishes to Joe Ando for the upcoming days of his life. We want to see more of his works, and we are hopeful that something would come up soon. You may give Joe Ando, a following on his Instagram account, for more updates. Hoping that his break-up rumors with Niamh Adkins, turn out to be nothing but a hoax. 

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