The Walking Dead Ending Explained: Previous Characters Make A Comeback!

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The Walking Dead is one such series that needs no introduction. The post-apocalyptic horror show garnered an immense fan following throughout its run. But the series finally bid goodbye on November 20, 2022, as it aired its final episode. This episode, titled “Rest in Peace,” marked the end of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead.

The 177th episode of this decade-long series concluded very well. The group managed to run away from the chaos that had engulfed the Commonwealth entirely. They also make an attempt to secure the future of the city and defeat the evil Governor Pamela Milton.

The last episode that aired on Netflix and AMC network received positive reviews. Fans loved how everything concluded. The episode invoked strong nostalgia as it showcased several flashback scenes of some prominent and memorable characters. We also saw a few characters, like Rick and Michonne, come back to say the final goodbye.

Walking Dead Ending Explained:
The post-apocalyptic horror show garnered an immense fan following throughout its run.

The Walking Dead Ending Explained

Fans had been waiting for the final episode for a long time. Many felt that the series had lost its charm with time and needed closure now. So the final episode begins with the shocking scene of Jules getting consumed by the zombies who surround the group when they are at a Commonwealth alley. Despite his best efforts, Luke fails to save Jules.

In his attempt to save Jules, he gets bitten. He is admitted to the hospital and passes away shortly. His death was swift and tragic, but it made viewers cry as he gave his iconic harmonica to the group and passed away. Now the next scene takes us to Daryl and Judith.

They are running from the walkers, who have been making a desperate attempt to enter the hospital and attack the survivors. Judith needs an urgent blood transfusion. She tells Daryl that Michonne isn’t dead yet. She is searching for Rick.

Are Maggie And Negan Alive in walking dead
Fans had been waiting for the final episode for a long time.

In the next scene, we see baby Coco saved by the trio- Rosita, Gabriel, and Eugene. It’s a heartwarming scene as they all try to save all the kids from the walkers. Finally, they manage to get to a safe location with baby Coca strapped to Rosita. But in a shocking revelation, we learn that Rosita has been bitten.

Eugene is distraught to hear that but promises that he won’t reveal it to anyone else. Maggie and Negan are on a hunt to find Pamela. Negan realizes how terrible Maggie must have felt when Glenn died. He says that he is sorry for all his actions and for hurting Maggie and her son.

deaths in walking dead
Eugene is distraught to hear about Rosita.

Pamela is brimming with evilness and has ordered to kill any individual trying to reach the gates to escape from the walkers. She is ruthless and has no regard for the lives of Commonwealth citizens. Fortunately, some of her troops disagreed with her and staged a coup.

A confrontation scene ensues when Daryl bashes Pamela for all her evil actions. He says that all citizens deserve better. The gates are opened, and citizens rush inside. Pamela tries to escape but fails. She is sent to prison for all her evil actions. The final scene sees the whole place getting blown up. All the walkers were killed by the impact.

Are Maggie And Negan Alive?           

Maggie claims that her feelings for Glenn will never fade. Negan makes her feel disgusted. She doesn’t mind Negan staying with her for a few days, but Negan needs to forget any chance of reconciliation. Rosita tells everyone that she will have to say goodbye to them as she has been bitten.

A tearful moment as we witness all of them gathering around her as she passes away. The scene shifts to the next year. Ezekiel has become the new governor. Maggie is unsure about her future. Negan is unhappy because Maggie hasn’t forgiven him.

Maggie And Negan in walking dead
Maggie doesn’t accept Negan’s apology.

Rick and Michonne feature in the last episode. Finally, we see Rick and Michonne. Both left the show in previous seasons. All the dead characters are given a tribute. Michonne hasn’t found Rick yet. Rick is on the run. The Walking Dead has come to an end. The series won’t return for a new season. However, a few spin-off series are in the works. So fans should await the same.

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