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One Piece Chapter 1078 Detailed Summary & Raw Scans: Why Is York A Traitor?

One Piece Chapter 1078 Detailed Summary And Raw Scans And Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1078 spoilers were released late Monday, March 13th, 2023, and earlier today, a detailed summary by one of the infamous leakers called “Redon” was revealed as well. The raw scans for the chapter haven’t emerged yet however, given the content of the chapter revealed in the detailed summary provided by Redon says enough that we need to know about the said chapter.

As the spoilers emerged, the identity of the traitor was revealed saying that it is York. The reason was simple, she wanted to be a Celestial Dragon and given her reason and the fact that she represents laziness and gluttony sin, it makes sense that she is one was the traitor. 

I was sure that it was Lilith being the traitor but Oda did surprise us with the twist. Now that the traitor has been revealed and straw hats have been divided to stop the Seraphim, we are in the last phase of this arc. One Piece Chapter 1078 also said that the events that took place in this chapter are a day before the famous Egghead Incident.

Something awesome is bound to happen to start from the next chapter of One Piece and luckily spoilers haven’t mentioned that the next chapter will be on break. So with that being said, let’s break down the details summary for One Piece Chapter 1078 in this post. Here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga and its new chapter release.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Detailed Summary

One Piece Chapter 1078 is titled “Escape The Time Limit” and the cover page of the chapter features Judge and Ceasers shaking their hands in the events of forming a new MADS organization known as Neo MADS while in the background the Germa soldiers are celebrating the event with Reiju and Ichiji sighing in the background.

The chapter begins with Stussy contacting Sentomaru through a Den Den Mushi that she had all along and informing him about the approaching threat. She informs that Kizaru is on his way to Egghead Island with the backup of the Marines as they are taking extreme precautions to terminate Vegapunk along with the island.

These extreme measures are due to Vegapunk’s discovery regarding the Void century exceeding the content Ohara island had and another reason is that thanks to Vegapunk, Egghead Island has a defense force system unlike Ohara which could protect the Island.

Thus, the approaching threat is beyond a minor buster call as they plan to exterminate Egghead Island at any cost. With Stussy info on the threat and Sentomaru’s influence on the residents of the island, people all over the island have started to evacuate.

Different Parties Of Straw Hats

Then the chapter follows the narrative of the four separate groups involved in finding Stella and fighting the Seraphim. Starting with Franky’s group with Franky, Ussop, Lilith, and Pythagoras. The petrifaction of Franky is not complete and while he cannot manage to move, he can talk. Whereas Pythagoras who is only a head now, asks S-Snake who is the one ordering her around. 

The Seraphim does not say anything and she stops on his head which causes a big explosion. Then we will see the Robins’ group with Robin, Atlas, and Chopper. Robin realizes the situation that since everyone else is fighting the Seraphim, something could happen to the old man Vegapunk.

Atlas thinks that Stella could be at the abandoned lab that was sealed long ago. Thus Robin insists Atlas lead her and Chopper to the abandoned lab. Moving on to Sanji’s group Sanji and the S-Shark engaged in a fight, and we see that Nami is holding the injured Edison in her arms.

As Sanji and S-Shark continue fighting, Brooks says that he will continue searching for the Old Man Vegapunk and leaves out of his body, and starts searching for him in his ghost form. The fight between S-shark and Sanji is then continued. Sanji stands his ground and lets the S-Shark punch him with all its might. 

The punch has no effect on Sanji and then Sanji monologues that the reason he isn’t getting hurt is that he has the power of love on his side giving him strength. One Piece Chapter 1078 will then see the last group of Straw Hat consisting of Zoro and Luffy allied with Lucci and Kaku to fight the Seraphims.

The fight is continuing as the allied forces wait for an opening with Seraphim letting their flame go out but it is easier said than done since Seraphim aren’t letting the flames go out easily. Then One Piece Chapter 1078 notes S-Hawk who was fighting Zoro and Kaku suddenly disappears from the current situation.

Lucci analysis that the Seraphims must have changed their target to the weaker one as it will affect the concentration of the strongest members of the group. Lucci and Kaku who were fighting the S-Hawk chase after the latter as Luffy and Lucci continue fighting the S-Bear.

The Traitor on the Egghead Island

The detailed summary for One Piece Chapter 1078 then shifts perspective and shows us the story-filling part leading up to the traitor. Before the narrator starts giving the notes for the chapter, we have a quick look at Bonney sitting before Kuma’s memory as she is crying.

Before diving into a flashback, we see that the Narrator reveals that the incident that is taking place currently, is the day before the day that will be known as the famous “Egghead Incident” in the future. But the things that are leading up to them started three months ago.

Thus, a flashback stating the period three months prior to the current events initiates where we see Mary Geiose receiving intel from the Egghead Island. The intel reveals to the Marines that the Vegapunk is researching for the Void Century. Thus, the Marines sent the Cipher Pol agents to search for evidence however, they found nothing but on their way back they were vanished.

Soon, after this, the mysterious person from Egghead island who had sent intel to them called Mary Geiose and demanded to speak with the five elders directly. Their conversation with the five elders leads them to believe that the Vegapunk had indeed betrayed them and so they sent CP0 to kill the Vegapunks.

But as a backup due to Vegapunk being a lot smarter and having a defense system all around the island, one of the elders decided to visit Egghead Island alongside the admiral Kizaru and the Marine forces from all over the marine bases. The narrator remarks that the force headed to Egghead island is on the same scale of war.

As the narrator continues the narration for the chapter, One Piece Chapter 1078 will have a montage of the five elder Saturn, Kizaru, Vice Admiral Doll, and some marines much like one we had seen earlier in the series in chapter 524 where we saw the montage of Marines arriving at the Marineford.

The narrator ends their notes for the One Piece Chapter 1078 with an end note saying that the conclusion of the Egghead island incident on the following day is going to shock the whole world in a way no one could have ever imagined.

The Traitor confronts the Old Man Vegapunk

Moving on to the final two pages of One Piece Chapter 1078 which is a double spread, we see the traitor appear at the abandoned lab. The traitor is revealed to be York who appears in front of the old man Vegapunk. York has the smile that we had witnessed earlier in the chapters but it is more creepy and she speaks with Stella.

York begins a conversation by telling Stella excitingly that she is going to be a Celestial Dragon. Stella argues that why would she want to become such a disgusted human begin even though they had seen them up close when they were Mary Geoise.

York replies strangely saying that is something Shakka would say and he is dead now as she is laughing about it. She further notes that all of the Vegapunks are such a nuisance and the world only needs a single Vegapunk referring to her as a Celestial Dragon.

The raw scans for the chapter have started to emerge and a few of them have been provided in this post. You could search for Twitter for more if you are curious but the fans’ scanlations for the One Piece Chapter 1078 are expected to be out by tomorrow. We will surely be making a new article on it once we have a hand on it, until then, you could read some other articles on our website related to One Piece

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