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Phantom Of The Idol Episode 6 Release Date: The Zings’ Ultimate Move

Phantom of the Idol
Phantom of the Idol

It seems that each and every month of 2022 is a reward itself for anime fans as we get tons of top-class animes this year. From the Suspense of the Shingeki no Kyojin to the love war between Shirogane and Kaguya, From the battles with demons to the mysterious behavior of Ayanokoji, this year showcased some of the most hyped things anime could ever do. Recently, one of the anime named Phantom Of The Idol also known as KamiKuzu Idol is getting enormous popularity from fans worldwide as the series presents a whole new and fresh story that is entirely different from other existing animes.

In total, 5 episodes have been released so far, and the sixth one is in the pipeline. The events that happened in the past five episodes, especially in the fifth, created very high expectations for the sixth, and fans are eager for the episode. So we have decided to cover each and everything you need to know about Phantom Of The Idol episode 6 in detail so you can get every single update regarding the episode. We will also share the release date and our own expectations from the episode in this article. We will also see a brief recap of the last episode so to make you a little aware of the past events. There are tons of things to know in this article, so make sure to read this article till the end.

The story of this anime is based on two prominent characters, Yuuya and Kazuki, who have very opposite perspectives on their jobs. Kazuki loves to give his very best in all of the performances he does whereas Yuuya just thinks that the job is just a way to make money, nothing else. Yuuya’s this much carelessness on his job left him with an ultimatum from his boss, and he was nearly on the edge of getting terminated. One day, he met with a certain someone backstage, and from this point, events starts happening, and his life changed forever.

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 5 Recap:

Episode 5 of Phantom Of The Idol was one of the greatest episodes in each aspect. The episode was quite entertaining, and fans loved the pacing and the storytelling of the episode. If we talk about our own opinions, the pacing of the episode was perfect, and the animations were constant as in the previous episodes. We noticed no ups and downs in the animation quality. In the episode, we saw Zings taking part in a very unique which is featuring the Men Idol Group. Niyodo and Yoshino saw this amazing and huge audience before, and this somewhat put them a little nervous however they are happy and thoughtful toward the promotion of themselves.

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

They were thinking in their mind that if they were able to make this performance great, then they would be acknowledged by a large community. We also saw some mysterious elements in the episode, especially when we saw Cgrass. Their members were quite nice, but their leader looked a kind of mysterious, and we believe that this character will play a major role in the future as this can add great suspense for the fans to hold back their seats.

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 6 Release Date & Expectations:

Episode 6 of Phantom Of The Idol is all set to release on 6 August 2022. We think that the next episode will focus on the Zings and their weaknesses in much detail however, predicting spoilers at this point in time is quite difficult. As the fifth episode recently aired, the spoilers might be available in several days. We will update this article in case of any updates related to the episode, so make sure to follow us and bookmark this article for future references.

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom Of the Idol Episode

Watch Phantom Of The Idol Online:

All the released episodes of Phantom Of The Idol are available to watch on Crunchyroll. As Crunchyroll supports simulcasting, you will be able to watch the subsequent episodes on the same platform. All you need to get a single subscription which is quite affordable and lets you enjoy other top-class animes of the highest quality anytime, anywhere.

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