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Dolph Lundgren’s Net Worth: How Rich Is ‘Rocky’ Actor?

Dolph Lundgren's Net Worth

Today, let us talk about Dolph Lundgren’s net worth. In more than three decades of his acting career, Hans Lundgren (popularly known as Dolph Lundgren) has starred in more than 80 films, including A View To Kill, Rocky, and many more. If you have watched all the movies in the Rocky franchise, then we do not need to tell you who Dolph Lundgren is. But for those who do not know about this actor, stick with us to the end. Here is the scoop on Dolph Lundgren’s net worth. 

Did you know that Dolph Lundgren’s name is not real? His real name is Hands Lundgren. Born on 3rd November 1957 to parents from an educational background. However, his childhood wasn’t a bed of roses. In one of the interviews, Dolph spilled the beans about his father’s abusive nature towards him. The physical and verbal abuse led him to excel in martial arts.

Dolph Lundgren Education 

We understand that you want to know about Dolph Lundgren’s net worth. But before this, let’s jump to the educational background. Did you know that a master of martial arts is a graduate of chemical engineering? Yes, you read that right. Lundgren has done graduation from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the early 1980s. After completing the graduation program, Lundgren shifted to Australia for a Masters degree in the same. 

Dolph Lundgren early life

Dolph Lundgren: Before and After

Dolph Lundgren Career

Did you know that Dolph Lundgren stepped into the showbiz industry as a debutante in the James Bond movie, A View To Kill? Nothing would delight a newcomer in Hollywood than getting a big break in one of the James Bond franchises. The movie A View To Kill’s success inspired Lundren to make acting his main career. He left behind his chemical engineering degree. Luck was by his side as Dolph Lundgren got the role opposite Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 4. But there came a time when his films even faced failure at the box office and were declared flops. We are discussing The Punisher, Red Scorpion, and Master Of The Universe.

Real Estate 

Before discussing Dolph Lundgren’s net worth, let us examine his properties in real estate.  Dolph Lundgren put a hole in his pocket and became the owner of a mansion with a whopping amount of 3.9 million dollars. The mansion, located in Beverly Hills, was built in 2009. However, back in 2020, Dolph Lundgren decided to sell his property. 

Dolph Lundgren's Net Worth

Dolph Lundgren current look

Dolph Lundgren’s Net Worth

Now is the time you have longed for. Without further ado, let us discuss Dolph Lundgren’s net worth. Folks, you would be taken aback if we said that this 64-year-old actor is the owner of 18 million dollars net worth. If you think that acting is Lundgren’s only source of income, then you might be mistaken. Besides being an actor, Lundgren makes money from martial arts, screenwriting, and film production. 

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