Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed? The Latest Spin-Off’s Newest Filming Locations Revealed

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Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed? The Latest Spin-Off's Newest Filming Locations Revealed
Below Deck Adventure

The mega-yacht journey of a dream is taken by the affluent rush of adrenaline in this series as they engage in thrilling YOLO experiences and daring pursuits in arguably the greatest breathtaking scenery on earth. Season 1 will take place in the icy highlands of Norway, where leased passengers may do paragliding, cave repelling, and cold-water diving during the day, eat locally caught fish right from the Nordic seas in the evening and yet get all steamy in the warm bath during the day. The team will be under unimaginable strain due to the high standards of elevated comfort and the job exertion of cold-weather excursions.

Below Deck and The Real Housewives brands on Bravo serve as the channel’s cornerstones. It should not be shocking that the newest season of Below Deck Adventure has launched due to the increasing success of the latter nautical programs, Below Deck with its children Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Down Under. 

The melodrama that develops during the series will, nevertheless, unmistakably be evocative of a Below Deck model due to the distinct styles of the staff and the occasionally bizarre conduct of visitors. Drama is abundant in the Below Deck Adventure tv series thus far. Particularly Kyle, who managed to enrage the staff and show viewers, was expelled from the boat. The adventures made the audience question, “where is Below Deck Adventure filmed?”

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Plot Of Below Deck Adventure

Before we answer where Below Deck Adventure is filmed, we cannot but talk about the production. The performance is held both inside and outside the luxurious vessel “Mercury,” which travels around Norway’s rivers. Expanding on the idea of the other presentations, this one includes off-ship sports that the yacht passengers and staff participate in, such as rappelling, biking, and mountain climbing.

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Lewis and Captain Kerry fear they’ll be without additional crewmen while they seek a replacement crewman after Nathan’s slip and tumble down the staircase. When Mike ignores a walkie-talkie request to assist with bringing platters to the dining during dinner, the inside team’s continuous conflict with the outside resumes. Heather Gay, the main founding visitor, and her companions ask for a flame and frost motif for their last meal.

Lewis experiences troubles on deck as a result of poor communication right as his new seaman, a former commander, begins to evaluate the crew. Faye decides to concentrate on the fresh guy. Alesund staff evening out concludes with a cuddling party in one stateroom. Schneps believed that they generally parted company amicably.

The women, who were attending a divorce celebration, immediately started hitting on Nathan before attempting to engage with the captain. Within the initial hour alone, they requested the cook to make iced drinks, wine drinks, and several other beverages. Following that, they wanted Tito’s vodka, an American specialty gin unavailable in Norway.

Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed?

Viewers of Bravo are obsessed with the Below Deck series. Since the network debuted its first season of Below Deck in July 2013, there has been a desire for more programming. Later, the Below Deck Down Under, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Mediterranean franchises were added.

The Mediterranean, as well as the Caribbean, have been utilized as filming destinations for earlier Below Deck series, but Below Deck Adventure took a different tack. Norway, a country with a propensity for being frigid and wet for the majority of the year, is where the actors shot the series.

Even though the cast shot during early August and early September, summertime weather only often reaches a maximum of as 12 degrees Centigrade.

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Møre Og Romsdal County, Norway

A county named Møre og Romsdal is situated in Norway’s northernmost western province. Its borders Trøndelag, Innlandet, as well as Vestland provinces. The major settlement is Alesund, and Molde is where the district government is situated. The Møre og Romsdal Metropolitan Council, which is comprised of an appointed local council and a deputy president, is in charge of administering the county.

Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed? The Latest Spin-Off's Newest Filming Locations Revealed
Møre Og Romsdal County, Norway

The area was referred to for many centuries as Romsdalen amt, per the Romsdalen basin in the current Rauma District. The title was Raumsdalr in the Old Norse language. The term Raumr, which is taken from the title of the stream Rauma and means “The Dale of Rauma,” is the initial component. The word “raumr” can refer to a torrent, river, or roaring, thunderous waterfall.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

In the Norwegian county of Møre og Romsdal, in the Sunnmre area, is the Geiranger Fjord. It is wholly within the boundaries of the Stranda District. It is a tributary of the Sunnylvsfjorden, which is a tributary of the Storfjorden, and it is 15 kilometers long.

The famous Geirangerfjord is well-known for its magnificent waterfalls and abandoned fjord farms perched tall on the cliffsides. One of Norway’s best widely used natural landmarks is the Geirangerfjord. The peaks in the area are between 1600 and 1700 meters above the ground, while the fjord is just 260 meters profound. This massive labyrinth of flowing fjords’ deepest branch is entirely accessible by boat.

Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed? The Latest Spin-Off's Newest Filming Locations Revealed
Geirangerfjord, Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

The Seven Sisters is Norway’s 39th-highest waterfall in terms of height. Seven distinct streams make up the 410-meter-tall waterfall, and the biggest of the 7 has a 250-meter free fall. The waterfall is situated in the Norwegian municipality of Stranda in the county of Møre og Romsdal along the Geirangerfjorden.

Where Is Below Deck Adventure Filmed? The Latest Spin-Off's Newest Filming Locations Revealed
Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

The cast of Below Deck Adventure is certain that filming in the icy Norwegian seas will reveal a fresh aspect to the popular franchise. Faye Clarke, the star of Below Deck and Mercury’s head stew, claimed that the filming settings let viewers see more risk-taking, audacious moments than in prior episodes.

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