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14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind!

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch!

Anime has been in existence in human life for the past few decades now. Over time, the anime industry has evolved, and it keeps on evolving now as well. With so many new anime genres added to the list, there is one that has always been in existence for a while now, and fans are excited to watch more like it because, believe it or not, the crime anime shows are truly mind-blowing.

While the other genres of anime will take some time to grow on the new fans of the industry, Crime anime shows are something that new fans can also enjoy from the very first episodes of the series without having any prior knowledge of the industry.

Thus, Crime genre-focused anime is considered the go-to anime for beginners who want to explore the anime industry. Therefore, anime like Death Note is very popular in the anime industry and is always recommended to fans who are looking to join the anime industry.

So, for this listicle, we have provided you with the 14 crime anime shows that you should watch at least once in your life to learn and understand why this particular genre is very famous in the anime industry.

P.S:- The anime listed in this listicle is in random over, and the anime listed in the article reflects the author’s notes and opinions.

Death Note

Let’s start this listicle with the elephant in the room and get it out of the way. Death Note is one of the best anime to exist, let alone topping the crime anime category. If you are new to the anime industry and are heavily focused on the crime part of the shows with mysteries involved, I reckon there is no anime better than this.

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind!

Death Note

Even if you read this article 10 years from now, it won’t be a stretch to say that Death Note will top the crime genre category. The anime is exceptional because of the plot that blends fiction and non-fiction perfectly, as it could get having fans not worry too much about the fiction part. 

The premise for the anime is focused on a genius teenager who is blessed with a special book known as “Death Note,” which allows him to write anyone’s name in it, which will result in the death of the person whose name is written. Light Yagami, otherwise known as Kira, now uses the Death Note for his gains which results in an awesome crime adventure.

Terror In Resonance

Terror In Resonance is one of the best crime anime shows out there. With only 12 episodes, you will be hooked on this genre even more and will learn about the brilliant writing of Japanese culture. This anime focuses on the terrorist acts of teenagers on the grounds of Tokyo.

However, these are not meaningless acts. The “terrorists” in this anime have a reason to do these acts, and they want the audience of Japan to know what happened to them. The setting in this anime is of a cold theme with detective and crime placed in the anime, this anime is truly beautiful to look at, and it should be watched by the fans at least once.

B: The Beginning 5

One of the best things that the crime genre shows gives us the excitement of knowing who the murderer could be and what the actual plot of the series might be. With twists and turns overlaying this anime, the crime genre is almost perfect in every aspect.

14 Crime Anime Shows

B: The Beginning 5

This is where B: The Beginning 5 comes in with. This anime has a huge number of twists and turns that will keep the viewers engaged in the anime as long as it is there. Whereas the plot for the anime focuses on two different stories with a detective trying to find a murderer, while the other story is focused on supernatural powers with superhumans. 

Bungo Stray Dogs

Speaking of supernatural powers and superhumans with a crime-focused genre, Bungo Stray Dogs is the best anime out there, period. This anime, just like Death Note, blends the fiction and non-fiction parts of the anime perfectly well.

However, for the audience who thoroughly want to see the crime genre in the anime, this anime might not be for them as it focuses on characters with supernatural abilities ranging from transforming to reading minds and many more. With season 4 of the show announced for 2023, you might want to start this anime and see what the hype is about.

Detective Conan

We would not want to disappoint our fans by not mentioning Detective Conan in the list of Crime anime shows. This is the anime that started it all for the crime anime genre. This series has given so many shows the inspiration for the series as well.

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind!

Detective Conan

The fact that this anime is still ongoing, featuring single episodic events with new crime stories every week, this is the perfect anime for one who is looking to go deeper into the crime anime show. The plot of the series revolves around Shinichi Kudo, who is a genius but is now turned into a seven-year-old after accidentally drinking a mysterious potion. Now acting as a 7-year-old, Shinichi solves the crimes of the town while trying to hide his true identity.


With a cyberpunk setting for the show, Psycho-Pass anime is filled with crime stories with enough twists and turns that will keep any viewers entertained throughout the story. How would you feel if you were arrested for a crime you did not commit but were told that you were about to commit and thus were arrested? Sounds unfair, right?

Well, this is the plot of this anime, as the Government of this futuristic world has used an AI to determine who is wrong and who is right. This anime will leave you with the feeling of what is right and wrong as the story progresses.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Speaking of a dystopian future, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a 2022 Netflix original anime, has a lot going for it, and we must add this to the list of new crime genre-focused anime. With only 10 episodes of this anime, the feel of cyberpunk, and in a town filled with crimes on every step, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is must watch anime in 2022.

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind! - Cyberpunk EdgeRunners

Cyberpunk EdgeRunners

In this story, we follow David, a teenager focusing on getting into the best security organization in the city, which is the dream of his mother, while she works very hard for him to get to the top academy. But things don’t go well, and David and his mother get into a terrible accident leading to his mother’s death. Now with a newfound goal and installing cyberware inside him, David vows to take revenge in this criminal city.

Spy X Family

War is on edge between the nations of the east and west as criminal, and the people in power want to initiate a war between the two nations. To prevent this between the neighboring countries, an agent from Westalia has come to Ostalia to spy on one of the major political figures.

However, Desmond does not come in public often, so the agent named Twilight now has to play a pretend family with a daughter who can read minds and a wife who is an assassin. This anime is too perfect for any. If you are new to the anime industry, you will love this anime as it has both crime, adventure, and comedy.

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

This anime is not quite popular; thus, it might be perfect for viewers who are seeking crime-based anime with some unique plots because this anime has one of the most complex plots of all time. While the animation is quite old, the Osts for the series make up for it, and you will absolutely love the anime.

The premise for this anime is about a boy named Yakumo who has a cured red eye. This eye lets him see the dead and talk to those who haven’t had a chance to cross over to the other side, so naturally, Yakumo helps them pass to the other side. There is a reason why these dead people are not able to cross over to the side, and Yakumo will do anything to help them.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited is one of the best crime anime out there. While the anime does not focus much on the gore aspect of reality, the two main characters that are at the lead are just fabulous, and the crime-loving genre people are in for a treat to watch this anime. 

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch

The two main protagonists of the series are a police named Daisuke Kambe, who is so rich that he uses to do anything he likes, and a detective named Haru Katou, who believes in his work and would love to solve the crime without using Daisuke’s money.

It is clear that these two do not work well together; however, when the cases get interesting, and the two have no choice rather to work together, the anime is at the peak of crime investigating and solving them. It is a fun pick for newcomers as well as experienced anime watchers who have not seen the anime.


This anime will help you dive into the crime genre settings with the pre-settings of high school. Yes, investigating is the main plot of the anime, with the focus on the four-highschool students on the premise. The main character is a boy named Oreki who is so brilliant that he finds everything else boring.

However, his energy is equally matched with the opposite, Chitanda, who is as curious as Oreki is bored. Being the intelligent Oreki is, he is dragged into doing weird activities one after another, and following Oreki, we will be mesmerized by the plot.


Now, this is an anime that blends mystery and romance together. While we have seen Comedy and Solving mysteries together like Spy X Family and others, Gosick is an anime that couples would enjoy watching together. The romance focus in this anime is international, which makes it even sweeter.

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind! -


In Gosick, we follow a boy who left Japan to attend an international school and an intelligent girl who is keen on solving mysteries any solving all day. There is a lot of detective and crime involved in the Gosick that will keep you on the edge of your seat while also warming your heart once in a while from the love that blossoms between the two.

Black Butler

Black Butler is known for a lot of things, and crime-solving mysteries are among the top of them. The anime has it all; the shonen protagonist solving every crime he can get his hands on while having an ultimate goal makes the Ciel one of the best protagonists of the anime.

14 Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind!

Black Butler!

However, you might not want to watch this anime if you are looking forward to watching an anime filled with only crime-solving parts as this anime also features a fiction part to the story, but that is the beauty of this anime, to be honest.


Erased is a mind-blowing involving murder and crime with a touch of fantasy. The plot of the anime is particularly one of the best there is, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat while you root for the main character to achieve victory.

In this anime, you will follow the very unfortunate life of Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old man living as a pizza delivery guy. But given that he is our main character, he has the ability to travel back in time 5 minutes. However, there are conditions to his power as they only work whenever Satoru faces a threat or senses danger, and he can’t even control it.

The pilot episode of this anime will add another mystery as well. In the uneventful life of our main character, he is accused of killing his own mother. Now given that he has time travel ability, this time, his abilities activate but send him back to 11 years. Now in the body of a child, he has a lot of years to find the real murderer of his mother as well as prevent her death.

In addition, this anime will also feature some of the best episodic events that you will love to watch. Erased should definitely be on your list of watching Crime anime shows to watch that will absolutely blow your mind.

Well, that was it for our list of Crime Anime Shows To Watch That Will Blow Your Mind! We are pretty sure that you will find information about the other anime and listicles as well on our site. If you did not find the crime anime shows that you were looking forward to being on this list, you could always comment down. 

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