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13 Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel!

13 Anime Like Doraemon

Doraemon is a classic anime that will go down the history as one of the anime/cartoons to ever exist. As a late 90s child who grew up watching this classic anime, I can’t even describe the amount of time I have spent in this classic cartoon. Hell, even my family knows about the characters this cartoon/anime has and can even recall the repetitive episodes that we have seen on our local networks.

Nevertheless, with the amount of anime/cartoons currently being displayed on the local networks or available on the internet it could be frustrating to pick up the ones that we want to watch the cartoon and anime like Doraemon. So, we have taken up the task to bring you a listicle with an Animes Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel.

But first, let’s get to the premise of the Doraemon so that you can understand why the animes that are listed in the article are similar to Doraemon. The story follows a fourth-grader residing in Japan named Nobi Nobita. Nobita is not the smartest kid living there rather he is the dumbest boy there in his school and he likes to sleep. Yes, most of us can relate to him.

Anime Like Doraemon To Watch

This has led to his future generation living in poverty as Nobita couldn’t make something better of his life. Thus, his great-great-grandson sents a robot from the 22nd century who has a four-dimensional pocket attached to his stomach which carries gadgets from the future and is here to help Nobita make his life better from the gadgets of the future.

However, even after the help from the gadgets of the future, Nobita still gets into problems and sometimes even uses the gadgets for his personal achievements which also leads to failure. Nevertheless, the episodic events of the series will keep us entertain. Well, now that we have got the premise of the series out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel!

Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan

Having come out in 1981, you’d expect to see and hear about this anime and some of you sure have, but the fans in the Indian regions haven’t heard about this anime. Just like Doraemon, this anime is also old and features a classic animation that will make fall for the strangest things happen in this anime.

13 Anime Like Doraemon - Arale-Chan


The premise of the story revolves around an android created by Dr. Slump. The android named Arale is strong, Confident, and always happy, however, she does not have common sense as she is an android. And in this anything will happen that will make watching this episodic event with an awesome setting that will make feel similar to what Doraemon made you feel.

Kaiketsu Zorori

This anime has only 52 episodes and it is great anime for those who want to see Anime Like Doraemon. The premise for the series is not what it makes similar to Doraemon, rather it is the setting and themes that this series has made similar to Doraemon. The premise is about a cunning fox called Zorori who wants to become the king of mischief with a castle and a wife.

13 Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel! - Kaiketsu Zorori

Kaiketsu Zorori

However, his daily events lead him to fall for the plans and traps he made and they end up helping the opposite party this might be similar to Nobita using gadgets to make his similar, however, in the end, it ends up helping the opposite party most of the time. But, Zorori has a heart at the end of the day and always finds the solutions to the problems followed by the boar bandits.

Keroro Gonsou

Doraemon anime was all about the episodic events that we saw while we were growing up and this is where Keroro Gonsou comes in which also has the episodic events for a frog who attempts to take over the world. With more than 300 episodes, this anime will keep you entertained for a while without you worrying about what events might unfold in the next episodes.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel. - Keroro Gonsou

Keroro Gonsou

The premise for the story is about an alien-type frog who is planning for world domination and has found the Hinata residence to build up his base. However, he is soon found out by the residents, and out of their curiosity and kindness, they let the frog live while he thinks that he has infiltrated his first target.

Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Now, this is the anime that we are pretty sure that you must have heard about it, and not to mention Kiteretsu Daihyakka on Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel listicle would be an insult to the anime. The first thing that popped up in my mind while searching for this article was Kiteretsu Daihyakka and anyone who wants to watch this masterpiece should get on with it as it also has more than 300 episodes to keep you entertained for a whole year daily.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel. - Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Kiteretsu Daihyakka

The characters that this series feature is way too similar to Doraemon than you’ll ever find in any other anime. Except for the main character. We have Kiteretsu a genius boy who has built a robot and often creates gadgets for the situations he is in.

We have other characters who are similar to Suneo and rivals of Kiteretsu, and a neighbor bullies like Gian as well. Your children or you for that matter will enjoy this anime as much as one would enjoy Doraemon.

Bono Bono

One of the reasons that we watched Doraemon was to get rid of the burden of daily activities like going to school and doing homework. Hell, I even do it sometimes after work. Bono Bono will make you feel the same way and light the wait you feel throughout the day.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Bono Bono

Bono Bono

This anime features three animal characters, a sea otter, a squirrel, and a raccoon that lives, plays, and goes on adventures. This series is based on a manga of the same name which has huge sales as well. On top of that, this anime is still airing and it won’t matter if you start watching the latest episode as well. At the end of the day, this anime will make you laugh and warm your heart while you will ponder the question, “What are living things?”


Having not more than 74 episodes, Mojakou is pretty similar to Doraemon anime as the episodes of this series also feature episodic events with gadgets that are way unbelievable. Just like Doraemon, Mojakou features a middle school protagonist living an ordinary life in Japan. Sorao accidentally befriends two aliens stranded on earth and eventually decides to help them get to their world.



However, upon going there, they discover that rival clans are out for each other while looking for an undiscovered treasure. The 74 episodes will keep you entertained for a while with a unique and heartwarming stories.

Ninja Hattori-Kun

Ninja Hattori just like Kiteretsu is one of the anime that was airing at the same time as Doraemon. And as a 90s child who grew up watching this anime/cartoon has all the nostalgic feel that Doraemon also gave us. If you are someone that wants your next generation to watch the gold animes like Doraemon, then Ninaj Hattori is the one to go. Being popular enough, I bet you can find this anime in your local language as well.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Ninja Hattori-Kun

Ninja Hattori-Kun

The premise for this series is you guessed it, about a ninja named Hattori who has come to the Sanyo residence to live like a normal teenager. However, he is not alone and the Sanyo family is also presented with his brother and a ninja dog as well. Ninja Hattori has almost 700 episodes and it is perfect for the viewer who wants to watch Anime Like Doraemon to get the same feel.

Cyborg Kuro-Chan

A robot with the appearance of a cat, I wonder what could be more similar to Doraemon than Cyborg Kuro-Chan? Well, there is nothing more similar to Doraemon than Cyborg Kuro-Chan. The premise for the anime is very simple, there is a cat who lives as a pet and protects his old and fragile owners. However, one day he gets abducted by an evil scientist who turns him into a cyborg.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Cyborg Kuro-Chan

Cyborg Kuro-Chan

But the cat manages to escape and even removes the chip that controls him and in addition, he can now talk like a human as well. His new cyborg appearance surely makes Kuro stand out and thus he disguises himself with the skin of the stuffed toy and continues to live as a pet while fighting crime as well. 


Mentioning another classic anime that we also grew up watching with Doraemon is Shin-Chan. The fascinating thing about this anime is that I bet you did know if you have been not paying attention to the anime as it is still airing with new episodes of the series airing weekly.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Shin-Chan


While you won’t be able to find the new episodes of Shin-Chan in your local language you will for sure be able to watch the new episode of the series in the Japanese language with English subtitles or with the subtitles that you prefer as well. It is a great anime similar to Doraemon that you should watch to get the same feel.


Robotan is also a classic anime in the regions of Japan that shares a lot of similarities with Doraemon. Given that this anime has only 33 episodes, you can also ditch this anime if you do not like this. The similarity between Robotan and Doraemon is the fact that both characters that the premise is revolved around are robots. 

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Robotan 


In addition, just like Doraemon has a liking to Dora cakes, Robotan also has his favorite food. The episodes that Robotan features are much like Doraemon where they run into troubles and in the end they find a solution to get out of the problem and have a happy ending. If you loved watching Doraemon with the classic animation, I’m sure this one deserves a try if you are looking for something similar to Robotan.

Dokonjou Gaeru

Dokonjou Gaeru is a classical anime much like the Doraemon which was aired on the Japanese local networks in the early 70s. The similarity between these is the fact again that the male protagonist always gets in trouble and the one who ends up helping them is a strange creature who is living with them.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Dokonjou Gaeru

Dokonjou Gaeru

Dokonjou Gaeru has a total of 103 episodes and each episode will give you episodic events and will you with the same feeling as Doraemon did. Silly boys going on adventures, running into troubles, and having a neighborhood bully, Dokonjou Gaeru has all the similarities with Doraemon with a twist here and there.


Now here’s a series that is also weird on its own and yet funny Like Doraemon. Gintama is a classic anime that is loved by fans all over the world and mainly targets the fans such as in their teenagers, this anime is similar to Doraemon yet very different.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Gintama


The premise of the series is set in the Edo period of Japan which has been taken over by aliens. There we follow a small group of broke people who will any odd jobs they could find to survive in this era. Considering they are ready to do any odd jobs, you will see the group go on many adventures and it will make you laugh very hard. That is until we start diving into the action sequences with deeper stories.

In addition, if you want Ginatama for the children, then there are also 6 episodes of the series known as Gintama x Mameshiba that will engage the kids in a short animation with the main characters of the series in a weird a funny situation.

Ultra B

Last but not least for the list of Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel, we have Ultra B which is very similar to Doraemon, and probably have heard of or watched this anime as well. But not mentioning this anime in this listicle would be an injustice to the series as it has many similarities with Doraemon.

Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel - Ultra B

Ultra B

For instance, the character design of both series is very similar with each character representing at least one of the main characters. The base plot of the series is also similar to Doraemon where a new creature/robot named Ultra B uses his abilities to help out his fellow mate to get out of their troubles every day.

Well, that was it for the list of Anime Like Doraemon That You Can Watch To Get The Same Feel. We sure hope you find what you were looking for and hope to watch the anime that we mentioned for you here.

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