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38 War Anime Shows To Watch – Recommendations

38 War Anime Shows To Watch

Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

In the world of anime and manga, war frequently occurs. We have all watched, for entertainment purposes, conflicts between two individuals or organizations that result in massive damage. We do, however, frequently want to make the most of this military motif. Who doesn’t enjoy the crazy action, drama, and psychological expression that wartime brings about?

I thus made a list of the Top 38 Best War Anime to meet the requirements of the poor. If you want to experience some intense action, you should watch this anime.

So grab your weapon, get into your sofa, and get ready for a full-scale battle! I’m hoping you like it.

Attack On Titan

It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. The manga’s creator and illustrator are Hajime Isayama. The show takes place on a planet where humans and enormous creatures known as titans coexist.

Attack On Titan

Titans are dangerous to humans, thus in order to combat them, humans have created the scout regiment. A young boy named Eren Yeager wants to destroy all Titans after seeing his mother devoured by one. But in his quest to defeat the Titans and put a stop to it, he could run into some of the strangest realities in existence.


201 episodes of the TV animation Gintama broadcast in 2006. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. The manga’s creator and illustrator is Hideaki Sorachi. The protagonist of the show is Sakata Gintoki, a superb swordsman who works alone.


He travels and performs odd occupations while Amanto watches. Gintoki is destined to experience prejudice and injustice because aliens are right next to him. He doesn’t give a damn about anything, though. Money to cover the rent is all that matters to him.

Gintama will concentrate on funny presentations and brilliant execution with the aid of his buddies in his day-to-day activities. You and I would both enjoy viewing and appreciating it because it is among the best works ever created.

Fullmetal Alchemist- Brotherhood

Hiromu Arakawa is the author and illustrator of the manga. The tenets of alchemy, according to which an equal trade must always occur, serve as the foundation for the television series. When Edward and Alphonse Elric attempts to bring their mother back, they become aware of this principle’s limitations.

Fullmetal Alchemist- Brotherhood

Edward and Alphonse will now be able to reach the Philosopher’s stone despite losing some of their limbs in the process. And they claim that will make their bodies better. But on this quest, our siblings could discover the most sinister secrets held by their country.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

It is a novel that has been adapted for anime. Noboru Ishiguro was the anime’s director, while Artland handled the animation. The intergalactic conflict that the anime discusses has been going on for a very long time.

There is a war emerging between the alliance of the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. This fight appears to be going on for a while because there are so many robots and people on either side. However, when a new captain is appointed to each side, the situation appears to be improving.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

Despite the fact that they may not be acquainted, their intellect will bring them to the same platform. Who among them would begin the fight the strongest? One of the classic anime series that completely destroyed the war setting was Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.

Vinland Saga

Makoto Yukimura is the author and illustrator of the manga. The Vikings-era television series centers on the life of Thorfinn, a little child who witnessed his father’s death in front of him. He has set out on a mission of vengeance to avenge the death of his father.

If he wants a duel, he must convince the murderer of his superiority. When he accomplishes this, he is quickly introduced to a brand-new universe.

Vinland Saga

A universe that will permanently alter his perspective on reality. Any fan of anime would like to own Vinland Saga since it is a priceless jewel. This anime series, which has a fantastic narrative and one of the finest antagonists in recent memory, has shortened its name.

Code Geass

Lelouche, a Brittanian citizen who becomes mixed up in the chaos, is the main character of the anime. Lelouche is caught up in the conflict with Brittania but is able to flee, thanks to CC. Now that he holds the Power of Geass, he will use every effort to stop this conflict.

Code Geass

Make sure you get ready for it, my friends because his intellect will be on a whole other level. As I already stated, when it comes to writing and aesthetics, Code Geass is the most cerebral series. If you enjoy the excellent war anime now available, Code Geass could be the show for you.

One Piece

Luffy is one of the new breeds of pirates that emerged as a result. Find out what One Piece is and if Luffy ever discovers it by following him on his adventures.

One Piece

One Piece is simply AMAZING. Nothing less than extraordinary. You could be ignoring it because you think it’s too long, but once you watch it, you’ll realize how much fun it is. Simply give it a shot. This anime will undoubtedly become your favorite due to its amazing animation style and vibrant settings.

Princess Mononoke

It is an original Hayao Miyazaki animation that Studio Ghibli animated. Ashitaka, a teenage warrior who suffered a hand curse while battling a demon, is the subject of the television show. He leaves hamlet on the counsel of the wise men to search for the remedy for this curse.

And it’s during this wandering that he discovers Iron Town. In this place, Lady Eboshi and San are at war. The environment is the driving force behind this conflict. San is adamant about preserving wood whereas Lady Eboshi wants to destroy them.

When you see this movie, terms like “beautiful animation,” “smooth action,” “excellent directing,” and “classy choreography” may come to mind.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken:

The show is about a man who passed away in the actual world and was reborn as a slime in a new universe.

Here, he strengthened himself by ingesting additional creatures and absorbing their abilities. He quickly established his own nation, began to trade, and established contacts with other countries. However, his presence here is unpopular in several countries.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

And let’s just assume that sooner or later, these countries may find themselves at war with him. One of the finest games in this topic is The Slime Isekai. Everything in the film is amazing, including narration, world-building, and animation. Unquestionably a treasure in the coal mine.

Modao Zushi:

A 15-episode ONA series called Modao Zushi aired in 2018. It is an original animation produced by B.CMAY PICTURES under the direction of Ke Xiong. This Chinese cartoon is set at a time of conflict in the medieval era.

Modao Zushi

Two clans are engaged in this conflict, and both sides will stop at nothing to win. They’re in it to win it, and in addition to fighting, they could also be solving a world-changing mystery. This cartoon series is fantastic, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it. In particular, it demonstrates the promise of the young Chinese animation industry. The tale is much more captivating, and the style is so aesthetically attractive.

Great Pretender:

Great Pretender is a feast for people who enjoy their Mafia and goons. A 23-episode ONA series called GREAT PRETENDER premiered in the year 2020. Hiro Kaburagi is in charge of directing this Studio WIT-animated anime original.

Great Pretenders

The struggle between Edamura Makoto and Asakusa, two corrupt individuals, is the primary subject of the series. And let’s just say that others might not benefit from their competitiveness. These two will compete to trick the largest and best players in the area. Furthermore, let’s just suppose that this game will continue for a while.

This anime is fantastic for individuals who appreciate some clever screen time because it is filled with deceit, criminals, and all our action.


A 25-episode TV anime series called Berserk debuted in 1997. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Kentarou Miura is the author and illustrator of the manga. The tale centers on Guts, a mercenary who lived a horrific existence for a particular duration.


But at some point in his life, someone gave him a torch. But today, that very same person is his greatest foe. Guts are going up against the person who changed his life forever with his great sword in his dominant wrist and a vision in his heart. This renowned animation swept the nation’s anime enthusiasts back in the day. Such an iconic piece cannot be missed.

Land Of The Lustrous:

It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Haruko Ichikawa is the author and illustrator of the manga.

Phos, a monster trying his best to exist on this planet, is the subject of the narrative. In this instance, Lunarians are putting his entire race of “Gem” in jeopardy. He is one of the diamonds that are unable. The impossible may be accomplished, though, if you have the spirit of a lion and a burning desire.

Land Of The Lustrous

This anime places a lot more emphasis on life and how to survive. This anime is fantastic for fans of fantasy drama since it is always filled with conflict and adventure.

Dr. Stone- Stone Wars:

It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Riichirou Inagaki wrote the manga, while Boichi animated it. The universe of the television show is one in which a ray of light terrified the whole planet.

Dr. Stone- Stone Wars

Senku, a prodigy of science, is now able to awaken his comrades and set them on the path to resurrecting humanity. However, a previously unknown acquaintance has gone bad. And right now, a battle is going to start.
A conflict that will determine the fate of humanity. You will become obsessed with science after seeing the fantastic Dr. Stone television series.

Violet Evergarden:

Violet Evergarden is in it. 2018 saw the airing of the 13-episode TV animation Violet Evergarden. It is a light book that has been adapted for anime. Taichi Ishidate served as the anime’s director, and Kyoto Animation handled the animation. The show centres on Violet, an emotionless girl who is curious about the definition of “I Love You.”

Violet Evergarden

She thus develops into an auto-memory doll. Now she has to try to understand more about sentiments and emotions while writing letters to other people on behalf of their loved ones. Since the series is set in the post-World War II era, there is little actual action. There is no doubt, however, that this anime is a fantastic piece of art.


We are at Fate Zero. A 13-episode TV anime called Fate Series premiered in 2012. It is a light book that has been adapted for anime. Ei Aoki was the anime’s director, while Ufotable handled the animation. In the series, Kiritsugu is a character who has been chosen by a family to take part in the battle. The person who lives and prevails in this fight will have all of his wishes granted to him.

Fate zero

Even if there were no victors on the previous three occasions, things may change this time. He will compete in brutal combat with the aid of his familiar, weapon-like Saber. One of the finest action anime you can watch right now is the destiny series. Just a few of the numerous reasons to like this anime are the intense battles and gorgeous graphics.

Naruto- Shippuden:

Masashi Kishimoto is the author and illustrator of the manga. Even though Naruto is a rather large series, we will concentrate on Shippuden because it has the “War” element.


The Fourth Great Ninja War is fought here. Our favorite ninja, Naruto, is going to have a blast fighting against fantastical enemies that have the strength to defeat whole armies by themselves. With our guy taking dangerous measures, things are about to get extremely interesting. For its subject matter, these anime need no introduction.

It is outstanding in terms of quality and is among the most well-liked series ever.

Mobile Suit Gundam:

2015 saw the release of the six-episode OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko is the author and illustrator of the manga. The conflict between the two worlds is the main subject of the television series.

Mobile suit gundam

Earth and Zeon are those. Additionally, these two civilizations will battle one another with enormous Mecha robots. However, this fight is about to become extremely deadly. Mobile Suit Gundam is actually making history because of the large number of bodies that are lying in space and the ongoing conflict between these countries.

They’re about to accomplish something that will live forever in memory!

Magi- The Kingdom Of Magic:

My name is Magi. 2013 saw the release of the 25-episode TV anime Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Shinobu Ohtaka is the author and illustrator of the manga. Magi is a compilation of Arabian Nights tales told in an engaging and enlightening way.

Magi the kingdom of magic

This anime follows the exploits of several characters, including Sinbad and Alibaba. In other words, fans of well-known book series who enjoy the storylines would adore this anime. This anime is a piece of art for someone who enjoys all forms of media.

86 Eighty-Six:

It is a light book that has been adapted for anime. Shirabi provided the illustrations for Asato Asato’s light book.

86 eighty six

The plot centers on a time when there are two races inside humanity: humans and 86. These people use 86 as farm animals and dispatch them to defend their nation from Mecha attacks. However, things may be looking up for the most elite group of 86 when a new commander is selected. 86 delves into homicides and bigotry.

From The New World:

It is a novel that has been adapted for anime. A-1 Pictures created the anime’s animation under the direction of Masashi Ishihama.

In the universe where the program is situated, only a very limited number of people have acquired psychokinesis. And they put this power to use to satisfy their greed. These psychokinetic people distinguish themselves from regular people after years of conflicts caused by this. Saki Watanabe is born in this new society, and she begins to comprehend a crucial concept.

From the new world

And that is how important this power is in the modern world. This anime is going to be a thrill for everyone who likes its slow-paced series because it is full of astounding psychological drama and terror.

Hellsing Ultimate:

2012 saw the release of the 10-episode OVA series Hellsing Ultimate. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime.

Kouta Hirano was the manga’s author and illustrator. In the universe depicted in Hellsing Ultimate, humans and vampires are at war with one another. However, a group going by the name of “Hellsing” has created the ultimate weapon. And this weapon is another vampire, a member of the same race.

Hellsing ultimate

With the aid of this vicious vampire, Humanity will undoubtedly have a chance to reclaim what they once controlled.

Saga Of Tanya The Evil:

It is a light book that has been adapted for anime. Shinobu Shinotsuki provided the illustrations for Carlo Zen’s light book.

In the narrative, a guy is reborn as a little girl in another universe. Due to his naivety, he perished in the previous world. But this time, everything is different. The most deadly woman on the earth will be this girl, now known as Tanya.

Saga of Tanya evil

She will advance through the military levels and make sure to be harsh with anyone who doesn’t suit her. It’s going to be enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief, this anime has a significant amount of activity than usual.


A 24-episode TV anime called Dororo debuted in 2019. It is a manga that has been adapted for anime.


Osamu Tezuka created the manga and wrote and drew it. In the series, a child battled a monster and lost every part of his body. He now has to travel and confront every monster that kidnaps his body.

However, how would he be able to exterminate even one demon with such a severe handicap in his present condition?


The Kingdom’s tale is told in this. 2012 saw the release of the 38-episode TV animation The kingdom. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Yasuhisa Hara was the manga’s author and illustrator.

The television show is set at a time of conflict in China, a country where individuals would rather sacrifice their lives for the greater good. Shin and Hyou are a part of one such group. This is the adventure of these two buddies, who are doing everything in their power to succeed in the fight.


One of them could, however, have a higher luck rating than the other. Anyone looking to appreciate some vintage anime should watch Kingdom. This anime makes care to set itself apart by including the concepts of battle and kingdom.


It is a novel that has been adapted for anime. Takayuki Hamana served as the anime’s director, while Production IG handled the animation. The show is set in a world where two nations are at war. One of them happens to be armed mostly with war lizards.


And Erin’s mother is in charge of these weapons. Erin, however, loses both her village and mother as a result of an accident. Erin finds herself in a brand-new environment and must make every effort to live in this harsh realm of warfare. A heartwarming story and excellent action abound in Erin. Don’t forget to give it a go.


Kazuki Sakuraba wrote and Hinata Takeda drew the illustrations for the short story. The protagonist of the tale is Kazuya Kojou, also known as the Black Reaper because of his looks.

One day, as he made his way to the school library, he caught sight of a golden hair.  And Victorique De Blois will be found thanks to this Golden hair. She is a doll-like young woman with the ability to predict the future who becomes entangled with Kazuya.


This marks the start of the pair’s adventure through the enigmatic fantasy realm, where their only option is to rely on one another. The mystery is the focus of the anime, with a dash of drama and romance. That is a deadly mix for many of us.

Devilman Crybaby:

A 10-episode ONA series called Devilman Crybaby aired in 2018. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime.

Both the manga’s author and illustrator The main character of the anime, Akira Fudou, encounters a devil. Devils can be stressful, but those who can handle them are strong enough to internalize them. A Devilman is created in this manner. Akira also succeeds in doing the same accomplishment.

Devilman crybaby

He isn’t as stubborn as other people, though. He must now use every effort, even while sobbing, to defend humanity from demons. This anime is a well-liked one that gained popularity very rapidly.

Turn A Gundam:

A 50-episode TV animation called Turn A Gundam aired in 1999. Sunrise provided the animation for the Yoshiyuki Tomino-directed original anime.

The narrative takes place thousands of years in the future, in pre-industrial civilizations. The Moonrace, on the other hand, is one race that isn’t content with what they have.  They are now up against humans. Moonrace is also the one with the Turn A Gundam power.

Turn a gundam

She could wish to exploit the conflict to bring together humans and the Moonrace rather than longing for war.
For everyone who enjoys Mecha action, this anime is fantastic. Check out this series if you are one of these warriors.

The Twelve Kingdoms:

A 45-episode TV anime series called The Twelve Kingdoms premiered in 2002. It is a light book that has been adapted for anime.

Fuyumi Ono wrote, and Akihiro Yamada drew the illustrations for the short story. In the series, Nakajima Youko, who had no unique abilities before meeting Keiki, is featured.

The twelve kingdoms

Youko is asked to go somewhere by Keiki, who introduces himself as her servant. However, an accident that occurred when they were conversing caused Youko and her companions to be transferred into the new world. She is here separated from Keiki and is left to fend for herself. But surviving can be difficult because there is conflict happening everywhere.


In 1988, a 6-episode OVA series called Gunbuster was broadcast. Directed by Hideaki Anno and animated by Studio Fantasia, it is an original work of anime.


In the universe where the series is situated, humans and aliens are engaged in combat. Here, Noriko Takaya has participated in a school that develops individuals into powerful warriors who can ride the massive combat robots built to annihilate the aliens.

Noriko, however, has lost her father in the battle against aliens. It is now up to her to find a means to get over her lacking self-assurance and strength.

Jormungand- Perfect Order:

It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Keitarou Takahashi is the author and illustrator of the manga. The show centers on an arms dealer and a kid who was born in the midst of all the fighting. These two people will eventually meet each other on this planet.

Jormugand perfect order

Although this is a paradise where life is easy, things could not be going well for the weak. Anyone who wants to enjoy a conflict with weapons and guns should watch this anime.


A 22-episode TV anime called Texhnolyze aired in 2003. Hiroshi Hamasaki is the director of this original animation.

The novel takes place on a desolate planet where there is a perpetual battle. Ichise is a prized fighter in this instance who competed for a promoter and suffered limb loss. However, he was able to regain his limbs with the aid of a medical professional.


But being associated with that doctor also indicated that he would be exposed to a world where things were much more sinister. And this side is really horrific. Not everyone will enjoy this anime. No, this is not the crazy action series you’re hoping for with a battle going on.

Hyouge Mono:

Hyouge Mono here. A 39-episode TV anime called Hyouge Mono aired in 2011. It is a manga series that has been adapted for anime. Yoshihiro Yamada is the author and illustrator of the manga.

Hyouge mono

The warlord Oda’s subordinate Furuta Sasuke is discussed in the series. Sasuke now enjoys drinking tea and does it constantly. Sasuke makes the decision to choose a different route in life because of his desire for tea and worldly possessions.

Sasuke will pick Hyouge Mono in this world marred by conflict and tragedy. The characters in the series take center stage over the fighting.

The Seven Deadly Sins:

Action, humor, and romance are hallmarks of the manga and anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly Sins, a troop of formidable knights, appear in this story, which is set in a realm reminiscent of the European Middle Ages.

The seven deadly sin

In Britannia and its kingdoms’ core setting, strong magic, nonhumans, and talking animals exist. Ten years after the Holy War, Princess Elizabeth is on the hunt for the Seven Deadly Sins, which have vanished, in order to reclaim her country from the evil Holy Knights.

Princess Elizabeth is the main character of this novel. The Seven Deadly Sins are said to still be stumbling around Britannia, despite having been disbanded, banished, and branded traitors for attempting to topple the Kingdom of Liones.

The subsequent battles, which are fought in an apparently never-ending struggle for peace and justice, test the bonds between the Sins, Elizabeth, the Holy Knights, Fairies, Goddesses, and the Demon Clan and have devastating results after finding and uniting with all the Sins.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War Of Underworld

A 12-episode TV anime called Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld premiered in 2019.

It is a light book that has been adapted for anime. Kawahara Reki wrote and BUNBUN illustrated the short story. The original Sword Art Online series continues with Alicization – War Of Underworld, which centers on a conflict in the shadowy realm.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War Of Underworld

With the aid of kind friends and resistance from deadly adversaries, our lad Kirito must exert every effort to save the ones he loves the most.

Demon Slayer:

The young teenager “Tanjiro Kamado” opens the anime. Tanjiro inherits the burden of supporting the family and earning after his father’s death. He then travels to a different community to sell charcoal at that time. Later on that day, demons massacre his entire family.

Demon slayer

Tanjiro and her sister Nejuko, who is demon-possessed but displays human feelings, are the only survivors of the massacre. He desires to defend her sister against the Demon. A Demon Slayer, who uses a special sword to slay Demons, tries to kill his sister after they flee the town since, in essence, she is a Demon.

Tanjiro protects her sister and argues that Nejuko didn’t totally convert into a monster. The demon slayer says that the best approach to safeguard her sister from other Demon Slayers is to transform into a Demon Slayer himself and guard her.

In order to save his sister, the Demon Slayer dispatches him to the Urokodaki, a renowned Demon Slayer. From there, his quest begins and takes several unexpected turns. One needs great Human strength and skills to be a Demon Slayer. The breathing technique is another element that must be mastered.

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