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Where Is Black Sails Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Where Is Black Sails Filmed?
Where Is Black Sails Filmed?

The Starz historical action/adventure series Black Sails serves as a prequel to the beloved Treasure Island novel by Robert Louis Stevenson by illuminating the real-life history of the character Long John Silver, played by Luke Arnold.

The show featured an epic battle between the protagonists and the British Empire in its final season and had Michael Bay on the executive producing team. The first season’s focus was on a treasure hunt. The fourth season of Black Sails, which had a stellar cast and bloody battles, ended in 2017.

Where Is Black Sails Filmed?

Here is a list of the locations where the pirate drama Black Sails was filmed. Before the success of 2003’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, the genre of pirate movies was eventually dead, but that hit television series sparked something of a comeback. But given the franchise’s PG-13 blockbuster leanings, they couldn’t depict the gritty, nasty side of pirate life, which is where Black Sails comes in.

Where Is Black Sails Filmed?

This Caribbean show wasn’t filmed anywhere near the Caribbean

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Cape Town, South Africa

When it came to its portrayal of pirate life, Black Sails benefited from a real air of authenticity, which includes its depiction of New Providence in The Bahamas and other locations like Tortuga and, later in the show, London. A lot has changed since the ‘Golden Age Of Piracy,’ so the production had to essentially start over. Additionally, the show was never filmed in New Providence because it was primarily filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

The city is home to a number of important landmarks and tourist attractions, including Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Robben Island, and the Castle of Good Hope. Cape Town has a diverse and cosmopolitan population, with people from all over the world living and working in the city. The city is also a major center of culture, with many museums, art galleries, and theaters. Cape Town is a popular tourist destination and receives millions of visitors each year. Cape Town is also one of the unequal cities in the world, with a large gap between rich and poor. The city faces a number of challenges, such as crime, poverty, and inequality. However, Cape Town is also a place of great hope and possibility, with a strong sense of community and a bright future ahead.

Where is black sails filmed

Aerial View of Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Film Studios

The set for Nassau Island was constructed over four months by hundreds of crew members at Cape Town Film Studio, where other productions like Outlander and Mad Max: Fury Road were also shot. The two ships used for the sailing sequences were even housed in sizable water tanks that the studio built using historical blueprints. Cape Town also provided a variety of terrain for scenes to be set outside of typical sets, like the season three introduction of the forested Maroon Island.

Even the cold Philadelphia that Black Sails visits near the end of season four was re-created in the Cape Town Film Studios. Cape Town turned out to be the ideal location for the series, thanks to the scenery and the available sets and crew. Despite the fact that Black Sails ended in 2017, there have been rumors of possible spinoffs. Fans are hoping to see a show that will actually address Treasure Island. However, it doesn’t seem like there are any plans to restart the show right now.

The Studios Are A Bulkwark To The Local Economy!

The Cape Town Film Studios are a film studio complex located in Cape Town, South Africa. The studios were built in 2010 and have since been used for a variety of film and television productions. The studios are situated on 37 hectares of land and include ten sound stages, workshop and office space, and a backlot. Productions that have been filmed at the Cape Town Film Studios include District 9, Safe House, and The Giver. The studios are also home to the South African Film and Television Awards. The Cape Town Film Studios are a major contributor to the city’s economy and have created jobs for many locals. The studios are a popular tourist destination and offer tours of the facilities. The Cape Town Film Studios are a testament to the city’s growing film industry and its potential as a major filmmaking destination.

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