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Who Is Dak Prescott’s Ex-Girlfriend Natalie Buffett?

Natalie Buffet, Dak Prescott
Natalie Buffet, Natalie Buffet With Dak Prescot

Who Is Dak Prescott’s Ex-Girlfriend Natalie Buffett? Curious about Natalie Buffet since her breakup news with Dak Prescott? The situation was brought to public knowledge by Page Six on January 26, 2023. Most of us don’t know much about Natalie Buffet other than the obvious fact that she dated Dak Prescott. The news gave rise to new questions, and here we are to answer all of those.

Dakota Prescott (Dak’s full name) joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2016 when he was selected in NFL’s fourth round. Natalie and Dak got into a relationship in July 2022, or at least since that date. There is no public information regarding the date they started dating; we could only tell from Natalie’s Instagram post, where she wrote, “Happy birthday, babe!” with a picture of him and Dakota.

Natalie stayed with Dak and seemed like a good couple, and the reason why they broke off isn’t out yet; keep an eye on that. Given Dak’s previous dating history, with a new girl every one or two years, this was incoming. Not saying that he definitely wanted this, but it might have been his choice. Regardless, our task is to learn more about these personalities, so let’s see who Natalie is.

Who Is Dak Prescott’s Ex-Girlfriend Natalie Buffett?

Natalie Buffet was born on April 10th, 1997, to Tom and Karin Buffett in Florida, Texas, USA. She has an elder brother, Marcus Buffett, who is two years older. Her father, Tom, died sometime in December 2017. She loves her family a lot, as seen by her social presence. The 5’5” social media influencer is 25 years old (as of January 2023) and will soon be 26.

Natalie is a Civil Engineer turned model. According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, and completed her engineering in 2019. After this, she joined BGE, Inc. as a civil engineer and worked for more than a year till Jan 2020. She next joined, OxeFit as the Director of Content Creation and Strategy in May 2021 and is still with them.

Natalie Buffett

Natalie Buffett, Credit: Instagram

It is probable that between Jan 2020 and May 2021, she was busy being a model and increasing her social status. She has 82.3K followers on her Instagram and keeps posting about her travels, friends, and model stuff. According to reports, she makes around $30K/month from modeling and has a net worth of $1 million.

Besides being an engineer and a model, she is a fitness expert and also has a certified yoga trainer. Well, modeling, fitness, and yoga do go hand-in-hand. Also, I read somewhere that she owned a jewelry store online but failed to find anything related to that. Not to lose sight, her birthdate is April 10, not 13.

From her feed, Natalie loves traveling and nature, and she’s classy and appreciates the surrounding beauty. She is also an animal lover and had four pet dogs when she was with Dak. Before dating him, she had another dog named Meka.

Natalie Buffett

Natalie Buffett and Dakota Prescott in an NFL event on February 12, 2022, Credit: Instagram,

Natalie Buffett’s Dating History

The only dating history of Natalie that we know about is the one with Dak. And it seems he is the only person she has dated. The way she posted about Dak, had she had a partner before, we would have found out about the person. After her breakup, too, she isn’t dating anyone, as per public knowledge, at least.

Natalie last posted about Dak in Feb 2022, when the couple attended an NFL Ceremony. Courtesy of this and other reports, the couple is said to have broken up in March 2022. They did it quietly, and no one had the slightest idea, mainly because they never publicly opened up anything about their relationship, especially Dak.

Though we know about Natalie now, questions remain about why the couple broke up and when it happened. Dakota has started a rebound with Jadyn Jannasch, an LSU swimmer in Dallas, Texas. Natalie is busy traveling London at the time this article is written. We still await a formal response from them regarding the situation, but it doesn’t seem like a possibility. Well, stay safe, take care, and keep the interest alive.

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