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What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach?

What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach
What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach

MTV has been one of the most-loved television networks in the entire world. The network has a very strong fanbase from multiple nations located all across the globe. MTV rose to fame during the early years of 2000 and still retains its position as a fan favorite Television network.

The network has even established its branches in different nations. The MTV Network is pretty famous for airing a ton of music and reality shows which have won a lot of hearts worldwide. Fans developed a connection with most of the shows telecasted on MTV.

The list of MTV’s fan-favorite shows includes a pretty interesting one called Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach, also known as Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, proved to be a unique reality television show which attracted the attention of a lot of viewers through its uniqueness.

Laguna Beach focused on showcasing the true lives of High-school students. The show beautifully portrays the stories of these students, which are filled with a ton of twists and emotions.

Laguna Beach took its viewers on a tour of their High-School lives by portraying the life of a specific batch of Highschoolers who are the stars of the show. All these students pursue their education at Laguna Beach High School.

As we all know, teenage is a pretty interesting phase that is filled with a ton of excitement and instability. Teenagers who transition into adulthood experience a lot of new things, and the way they handle their problems tells us a lot about their personalities.

This is what exactly the show focuses on capturing. Laguna Beach portrays the true lives of a bunch of Young adults who belong to Laguna Beach High School. The show revolves around concepts of friendship, love, lust, rivalries, regrets, and, lastly, redemption.

The show ran for several seasons, building quite a strong fanbase throughout the entire nation of America. Each season casts different batches of High School students who travel towards graduating from Laguna Beach High School. But the show faced a little bit of trouble now and then. 

What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach

What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach

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Rough Journey of Laguna Beach

The show drew a lot of popularity for its unique concept. But it did face several allegations which nearly ended its journey. One of the popular allegations was from the Parent’s Television Council of America, which blamed the show for telecasting wrongful content which was not intended for the audience it promised to focus on.

The show generally portrayed the lives of High School students and the interesting issues they face throughout their lives. Now, these issues can even project vulgarity at times.

The show faced trouble for telecasting sexually explicit content, which wasn’t censored properly. The show included scenes of students using vulgar words and cussing at each other. It was seen as a source that promoted profanity among the population of viewers who were young adults.

The show was even seen as a factor that increased the number of violent events which took place throughout the entire region of Laguna Beach. The whole network of MTV faced a reasonable amount of heat from various parties due to this particular show.

Laguna Beach even fell into several scripting allegations, which were proven wrong later on. Despite the negatives, the show was considered to be a good factor for the whole region of Laguna Beach as it increased its economy by attracting a lot of fan crowds.

The place turned into an attraction. Now, if you were a regular watcher of the show, you would’ve come across a student named Jessica Smith. She was one of the popular characters of the show, which was known for her relationship issues with her fellow co-stars of the show, who are celebrities now.

You might wonder what happened to Jessica Smith. It has turned nearly impossible for fans to witness the appearance of Jessica Smith in the entertainment industry. She is even known to be living a quiet life since her casting in Laguna Beach, while some of her co-stars are big shots now. What happened to Jessica Smith? Read along to find out!

What Happened to Jessica from Laguna Beach?

We can say that life of Jessica transformed very differently. Her appearance as the moody teenager who was in a toxic relationship with a cheating boyfriend was long gone. She is now settled in a family which is happy and wholesome.

Jessica was portrayed as a teenager whose behavior was dramatic due to the relationship issues she got stuck in quite frequently with her male co-stars. But now, their life of Jessica has taken a happy turn as she started to disappear from the eyes of the public.

Jessica was once caught driving under the influence of Alcohol after her break from the Laguna Beach TV Show. The news did appear as a trending topic in the past times. Since then, she completely went off the grid and started to live a life for herself.

She has been married to Michael Evans for more than ten years now, and the couple has given birth to 3 boys and a girl. The family has moved from the state of California to Texas. Jessica is currently the owner of an Amazon Shop. She is also known to own a Lifestyle website currently. 

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