The Way Home Ending Explained: Is Jacob Alive?

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The Way Home Main Cast
The Way Home Main Cast (Credit: Scary Mommy)

Excited to know how The Way Home ends? Then you have come to the right place. One of the highly acclaimed movies of 2023, The Way Home, is one of the best series on Hallmark and has become a topic of discussion on the internet.

With amazing visuals and a meticulous cast, what fans liked the most about The Way Home was the unusual plot of it. So, what this time travel series is all about, and how it ends? Let us find out. But before we begin, here’s a bit about the Hallmark series The Way Home.

The Way Home tells you the story of women from three generations who eventually meet each other and try to attach the broken pieces related to their past. As they go on with their new and shocking discoveries, their lives turn upside down. After falling into a pond, the youngest girl among three, Ali, the woman, get to know that she can time travel to her family’s old property.

As she has many questions about her family’s history, when her grandmother, Del, calls her mother, Kat, and her back home, she decides to embark on the journey to dive deep into the truths and come up with answers about her family’s past with her ability to time travel. The Way Home has a total of 10 episodes, with 1st episode released in January 2023. The first season of The Way Home concluded in March 2023 with some shocking discoveries.

As this is a Hallmark series, fans always look up to the mysteries and suspense that all the Hallmark series and films provide, and even this time, The Way Home fulfilled and exceeded fans’ expectations. So, How did this Hallmark series end? What happened to Ali, Kat, and Del? Is there a happy ending to The Way Home?

Just to let you know, this post consists of major spoilers about The Way Home plot and its ending, so if you have not watched the movie yet, we advise you should watch it first before reading this article, or if you are reasonable with The Way Home’s spoilers, then continue reading.

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The Way Home Plot
A Still From The Way Home (Credit: Hallmark)

The Way Home: Plot

The Way Home encircles the lives of the Landry family, which includes a grandmother, Del, a mother, Kat, and a daughter Allice. Twenty years ago, Kat left her family based in Canada to start her new life, and since then, she has never met her family and did not even let her daughter know much about her grandmother. Twenty years later, Kat starts facing problems in her marriage, and surprisingly, even Kat’s mother, Del, asks her to come back.

Kat and her daughter Alice go back to the place where Del lives. Alice feels happy to be in nature, and she wholeheartedly enjoys her time until she slips into the Pond and finds herself in the past. After going back to the present, she lets Kat and Del know about this magical Pond. The shocked grandma-mother-daughter trio decides to take advantage of this opportunity to get answers to some unresolved issues from the past.

In the year 1999, Del’s son and Kat’s brother Jacob went missing, and no one knows what happened to him, but now that they have the magical Pond that would let them dive deeper into the history of the Landry family, three of them start their journey to find out where Jacob exactly was and if he is still alive or not.

The Way Home is not only about finding Jacob, but it is also about how this estranged mother-daughter duo, while on their quest to find Jacob, reconnect and enjoy the most precious time with each other that they once missed after parting their ways.

When asked, the cast of Kat, Chyler Leigh, said that even she had been married and had two pretty daughters. Chyler met the love of her life at 17, and since then, she lost her connection to her mother. She felt pretty surprised when she got this role because she could relate each moment of the series to her personal life. So what happened to the Landry family, and is Jacob alive?

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The Way Home: Ending Explained

The main suspense of The Way Home is where Jacob is. All ten episodes revealed the facts about the Landry family in pieces, and in the last episode, the shocking truth about Jacob Landry about what made him go missing was unraveled.

Well, Kat, Del, and Alice, who are on the quest to find out if Jacob is dead, had an answer the whole time and could not discover what it was. Just like Kat, Del, and Alice, even Jacob time-traveled to the past when he fell into the family pond, which took him to the year 1814.

What exactly happened? How did he fall into the Pond? And how he could not come back. It is revealed that Jacob accidentally fell into the Pond while following an animal and found himself caught up in 1814. In the year 1999, Kat and her family discover about Jacob when they find out the messages sent by Jacob from 1814 to the family almanac. However, the mystery has not been solved yet. Why did he not come back in 1999? What made him live there for the rest of his life?

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The Way Home Ending Explained
Jacob and Alice The Way Home (Credit: Hallmark)

The plot twist is even Kat knew about this magical Pond in the year 1999. Episode 10 takes us back to the first episode of The Way Home, where we see a girl dressed in white running around the woods. That girl is Kat, who jumps in the Pond and promises Jacob that she will go back to him in the year 1814, but she never does. So what happened to Kat when she came back in 1999? Did she forget everything about the Pond? And is Jacob still waiting for her to come back?

Well, there is a major cliffhanger. We are yet to know the backstory of Jacob and Kat’s childhood and if there is any other side to Kat that does her evil. Also, as the Landry family has been living near the Pond for years, how on earth did they not know about the Pond? Are Del and Kat hiding something from Alice? Many, many questions have increased the discussions among The Way Home fans on the internet. But soon, everything will be cleared as season 2 of The Way Home is already confirmed.

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What will happen in season 2 of The Way Home?

After concluding the first season, the Vice President of Hallmark announced that the series would renew for the next season, and everything about the release dates and times will soon be made available for fans. She said that she would love to see fans enjoying the second season as they did during the first season. So, fans should start anticipating what would happen in The Way Home season 2, as the main cast of the show also talked about what is expected in the upcoming season.

Chyler Leigh, when asked, said The Way Home would follow the story of Jacob’s traveling times in the 1800s. The whole season will revolve around Jacob and will give all of the minors major information about Jacob, his past, and his present. Additionally, the mysteries surrounding the Pond will be unraveled in season 2. So, fans are going to discover the connection between the Landry family and the Pond.

The Way Home Season 2
Alice at the Magical Pond (Credit: Hallmark)

Leigh said that the story would focus on how Kat discovered the Pond, and the major part of season 2 would be based on the major character of the show, which is none other than the Pond, and fans will get to dive deeper into the origins of it. Many questions about The Way Home Season 1 will be answered in Season 2, while if the creators plan to come up with Season 3, new questions will emerge.

So, surely, season 2 of The Way Home is Home is going to be so much more exciting. As the filming of season 2 has already started, it is expected that it will be renewed in Spring 2024. However, there is no news about the same, and fans are advised to wait for the latest announcement. Until then, let us anticipate the storyline of The Way Home season 2 and get immersed into an enthralling and magical world of Kat, Del, and Alice.

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