Deinfluencer Movie Ending Explained: What Happens To Kelly?

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Deinfluencer (Credit: Horror Brains)

Curious to know how the 2022 movie Deinfluencer ends? One of the critically acclaimed movies of 2022, Deinfluencer has successfully made its viewers aware of the pros and cons of social media through the intriguing storyline and outstanding cast, which contributed greatly to making this film a big success. So, what is Deinfluencer all about? and how does it end? 

As the Deinfluencer trend has been getting viral all around the world and across many of the prominent social media platforms, fans want to know what de-influencing actually is. If you do not know about the concept of it, a de-influencer is one who shows his true self on his or her social media because an influencer is a reason why millions are people are getting influenced by the decisions that he or she makes and uploads them on social media.

Deinfluencing encourages influencers to put genuine reviews about the product or service they advertise so that even their followers would not fall into the trap of money-making fraud companies who want nothing but huge profits that they are sure they would get from the influencers.

Deinfluencer Movie
Deinfluencer Movie Credits: IGN

So a new hashtag called #deinfluencing has emerged on the internet under which the influencers, be they famous or infamous, would review the product and service genuinely and, if possible, would discuss the cons of the product and recommend the alternatives of it.

Deinfluencer film focuses on how true social media is nowadays and why people get attracted to such influencers who are not even showing their true selves to others. With this unusual concept, Deinfluencer received so much love back in 2022, and as the trend has been taking over the internet, fans are intrigued to watch Deinfluencer know what happened in it and how does it end.

Spoiler Alert: This post contains major spoilers about the plot and ending of Deinfluencer.

Deinfluencer: Plot Summary

Even though social media has brought us a lot of opportunities nowadays, it can be fake and deceiving at the same time. Deinfluencer brings you the story of such influencer, Kelly, who has been using a number of filters on social media and deceiving others with her not-so-real pretty face. Because of her pictures and videos, thousands of people follow her and admire her, but there is one hater who does not like Kelly at all, and to get revenge on her, he decides to kidnap her.

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The movie opens up with Kelly finding herself kidnapped in an isolated room. She screams and begs for help, but there is no one but a man wearing a scary mask. She asks him why he kidnapped her, and he tells her he wants revenge on her for using fake filters to get more likes and followers on social media. Whatever she did to get her social success right now, she needs to pay it back with the challenges that he would assign her.

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Deinfluencer Plot Summary
Kelly From Deinfluencer (Credit: Scare Value)

After his first talk with Kelly, he makes her unconscious, and when she wakes up, she finds herself untied. She feels happy that she can scream for help now, but she is unaware of the fact that the Kidnapper purposefully untied her, and the purpose was to assign her the first task to get 1000 likes in one hour. She finds the camera in front of her, on which she can click her pictures and ask the Kidnapper to post them on her social media.

Kelly does what she is asked for but does not receive the number of likes given in the task. As a result, the Kidnapper decides to take out her one organ after making her unconscious. The other time she wakes up, she finds another girl with her who has been brought to the place by the Kidnapper for the same reason as Kelly, and now both of them are assigned social media tasks. Kelly and the girl complete the tasks, but the Kidnapper finds out that they have used a bot to get the likes. As a result, the girl gets killed.

The girl secretly uses her smartwatch to contact the detectives so that they would save them from the psychopath who is on the killing mission. After the girl’s murder, Kelly takes the smartwatch and lets the detectives know that the girl has died. The other day, Kelly finds another girl in the room, who again has been kidnapped by the killer to get his revenge. However, she immediately gets killed as a result of failing to accomplish what the Kidnapper asked for.

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What Happens to the Kidnapper’s Daughter?

As Kelly is so confused about why the Kidnapper wants revenge on her, he finally expresses the sorrow and trauma that he faced because of Kelly’s fake appearance on social media. He confesses to Kelly that she is the reason why his daughter is dead right now, and because of it, he wants to teach her a lesson through impossible social media challenges.

The Kidnapper’s daughter was a huge fan of Kelly, and she always wanted to look like her. However, she never achieved the beauty that she desired, and that is why she committed suicide. So, indirectly, Kelly’s posts with lots of filters became the reason why Kidnapper’s daughter committed suicide.

What Happens to the two girls who were kidnapped by the Kidnapper?

When Kelly lives in a room to complete the tasks, the two girls who were brought for the same tasks as her support Kelly a lot. One of them, as mentioned earlier, also tries contacting detectives for help. But ultimately, Kelly loses both of them and completes the tasks with trauma, guilt, and fear. After completing the last task, the killer finally shows his face and confesses everything about his true identity.

Deinfluencer Plot
A Still From Deinfluencer (Credit: IMDb)

Kelly first gets shocked, but what she wants the most is to get out of the place because she does not want to get killed like other girls. Surprisingly, both of the girls reappear in front of her, happy and healthy, and that is when they let Kelly know that even though they are involved with the Kidnapper, three of them plan to track down Kelly and ask her to do all of the tasks because three of them equally hate the cruel and fake world of social media.

After revealing their true identities, the Kidnapper offers Kelly to be his partner, but Kelly refuses to do it. Kidnapper warns her he will kill her if she does not listen to him, but Kelly doesn’t, so Kidnapper makes her unconscious again. So did the Kidnapper kill her? Or is he planning something more sinister that would devastate the whole life of Kelly?

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What Happened to Kelly In The End?

When Kelly wakes up again from her unconsciousness, she does not find herself in the room but on the road where she was kidnapped. She is surrounded by the police and has bruises all over her body. Earlier, it is shown that when Kelly fails to complete the task, the Kidnapper removes one of the Kidneys. When she wants to see the wound, the girl from his gang refuses her to see it.

To prove what she faced, Kelly showed the wound to the police. However, when checked, it was found that there was no such operation happening, and she was healthy. Kelly understands that the Kidnapper and his team were not bad people, but they wanted to punish those who become the reason for the bad influence on millions of social media users, and they only wanted to stop such people from deceiving with fake photographs and videos.

Deinfluencer Movie Ending Explained
The Kidnapper from Deinfluencer (Credit: Screen Daily)

In the post-credit scene, we see another social media influencer tied up in the ropes at the same place, and just beside her, we can also see Kelly, probably acting as a hostage as other girls did when she was a real hostage. The scene explains that Kelly joins hands with her kidnappers to kidnap the social media influencers and force them to play the same type of games that Kelly played, and the movie ends here.

This scene also hints at part 2, where we can see Kelly in the shoes of the Kidnapper. However, part 2 of Deinfluencer has not been announced yet. So, until then, let us get inspired through the unique storyline of Deinfluencer and always try to show our true selves to our followers who trust us more than themselves.

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