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About Time Filming Locations: A Time Traveller’s Love Story

Where is about time filmed
About Time Credits: Netflix

Where is “About Time” filmed? Fans would like to know about Time’s final locations, and this post will help them do that. The 2013 film About Time, written and directed by Love Actually’s Richard Curtis, features the stunning actor Domhnall Gleeson as Tim. Tim discovers at the age of 21 that his dad, James (Bill Nighy), believes their entire male family is a time, traveler.

It’s Time for Tim to use his superpower to woo the woman of his desires. It’s a beautiful, heartbreaking love story with some sci-fi aspects. Every Time I see this movie, my small eyes start to bawl. Characters in About Time are the kind of people you want to have a beer with, particularly at their Cornish ancestral home.

With Bill Nighy playing the lead role and Richard Curtis serving as the film’s director, this summer release features a feel-good rom-com. Filmed in the summer of 2012 on the southern coast of Cornwall, About Time depicts a time-traveling journey for love against the stunning Gorran Haven backdrop.

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What is the premise of Time?

Tim Lake learns he can travel through Time when he is 21. Tim’s father informs his child that his clan’s men could always travel across Time the evening following yet another unsatisfying New Year’s celebration. Tim decides to improve his reality by finding a girlfriend because he can alter what occurs and has occurred in his life, whereas he cannot alter history.

About Time

A still from the trailer. Credits: Netflix

Sadly, that’s more complex than you may assume. Tim meets Mary when he relocates from the Cornish coast to London to pursue a legal career. Mary is stunning but insecure. They become lovers; Time travel makes it appear as though he has never seen her; they keep meeting for the first time, but eventually, after much crafty time travel, he wins her heart.

Then, despite an unlucky traffic jam out beyond Abbey Road, Tim uses his authority to develop the ideal fairytale wedding, save his marriage ceremony from having the worst best man sermons, end up saving his best friend’s career from failure, and get his pregnant wife to the hospital throughout Time for the conception of their daughter. Tim learns, however, that as his extraordinary existence goes on, his special talent cannot shield him from the tragedies that occur in all families everywhere.

About Time Filming Locations

The said movie, which is said to have explored love and time travel, has ultimately found that living your life to the fullest will not require time travel. The fundamental theme of the movie is the father-son relationship between the people depicted by Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson.

Many touching scenes they share occur on Vault Beach, close to Gorran Haven. Vault Beach, billed in the movie as nearly a kilometer long and coated in golden sand, is eight miles from the Lake family’s picturesque property and is maintained by the National Trust.

About Time

Abbey Road.

Tim and Mary exchanged vows in St. Michael Penkevil Chapel. The 13th and 14th-century chapel is no newcomer to the spotlight, having appeared in Rowan Atkinson’s 2005 comic hit Keeping Mother. It is in a little village near Truro and in a forested environment next to the Tregothnan Estates.

The tiny fishing community of Portloe on the Roseland stood in for the exterior shots, while St. Michael Penkevil Cathedral served as the setting for the inside wedding sequences. It has welcomed several actresses who are at ease in front of the camera in the past ten years, including Dawn French.

In addition to the 2006 sitcom Irish Jam, Portloe, considered by site scouts to be unspoiled and traditional, is a well-liked candidate for the title of the most picturesque village in Cornwall. The family house serves as the southwest mooring where important occasions are acted out as the movie cuts between London and Cornwall.

Although it is a private home, the spectacular Grade II-listed mansion isn’t open for behind-the-scenes tours; however, the Lake family’s on-screen life will make anyone wish they had the front door key. Saint Austell Rugby Club transformed into a temporary production office over eight weeks last summer after its players had put away their cleats for the year.

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