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Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 14: Rexit, Stage Left Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Hudson and Rex Season 5 Episode
Hudson and Rex (Credit: Amazon UK)

Fans are super excited to know when they are going to see their favorite detective with his meticulous German shepherd solving the most complex crimes. After a huge break of a month, Hudson & Rex are back again. So, here we bring you all you need to know about the upcoming episode of Hudson & Rex season 5.

We have all watched many crime procedural dramas, but the plot of this Canadian drama is a bit unusual. Inspired by the Australian- Italian drama, Hudson & Rex will take you to the world of detective Charlie Hudson and his pet Rex who are deeply connected with each other when it comes to solving crimes.

When Hudson starts his career as a police officer, he gets paired up with a trained German Shephard who has a strong sense of smell and voice. He can easily identify the strange sounds and smells, which helps Hudson to intelligently carry on the investigation.

Hudson & Rex has completed 4 successful seasons until now, and currently, the 5th season is ongoing. As the last episode was released in the month of January, for the whole month of February, fans had been eagerly waiting for the next episode to release, and guess what? The release date is now official. So let us get to know when exactly the latest episode will air and how you can watch it.

Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 13: Recap

The 13th episode of Hudson and Rex season 5 was released on 31st January 2023 and titled “The Miranda Act.” The whole episode depicted the story of Miranda, an aunt of Charlie Hudson, who gets caught in an investment fraud. When Charlie and his team get to know about the whole act of crime, things begin to take shocking turns.

The episode begins with Rex and Sarah catching Miranda breaking into someone’s house. As breaking into a house is considered a crime, she gets transferred to the police station for inquiry.

She explains how she and her friends got conned for thousands of dollars, and she suspects that the broker, Bruce Buckston, is the man behind all the Investment fraud and looks for the evidence she broke into his house. As her explanation seems compelling to the authorities, they allow her for house arrest.

Hudson and Rex Season 5 Episode 13 Recap

Miranda and her friend Cloris from Hudson and Rex season 5, episode 13 ( Credit: CityTV)

Soon, Charlie Hudson meets his aunt and gets on to his investigation. He meets Bruce Buckston to understand everything about the investment, but he tells some lies that Charlie soon discovers. When Charlie reaches the doors of Bruce’s house, and he does not open the door, Rex helps Charlie to break into the house, and both of them get shocked, seeing the dead body of Bruce Buckston.

Subsequently, the next day, Rex also detects the instrument that killed Bruce in Miranda’s, and that is when Hudson becomes sure that someone is trying to frame his aunt, Miranda.

However, as Miranda becomes a prime suspect in the case, her restrictions become stricter as Charlie puts a GPS tracker in her hand and warns her not to leave the house until the investigation comes to an end. But Miranda always breaks the rule because she is as curious as her nephew to know who conned her and who killed Bruce.

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Hudson and Rex Season 5

Charlie Hudson and his team interrogating Cloris (Credit: City TV)

While wandering around the streets, Miranda and her friend Cloris get hit by a car, and both of them get transferred to the police station to learn more about the hit-and-drive case. As Sarah gets an eye witness who confirms that Cloris met Bruce a few days before Bruce’s murder, Charlie brings her in for interrogation.

On the other hand, Cloris’ stepson, Kevin, takes Miranda home and starts threatening her. He confesses that he did all the crimes in the name of Nick Sable and approached the broker Bruce for the investment. Because of the GPS tracker, Charlie tracks down Miranda’s location and arrests Kevin for the scam and murder.

Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 14: Release Date 

After the thrilling episode about Miranda and her friends, fans are waiting to know what intriguing case they are going to enjoy next. As Charlie and his German Shephard, Rex, are all ready to get into the depths of the next criminal cases, let us get to know when the next episode is going to release to entice us all.

Episode 14 of Hudson & Rex season 5 is scheduled to release on Tuesday,7th March 2023, at 8.00 PM ET and 7.00 PM CT on City TV. The watching guide is given that you should make sure to follow if you are not residing in the US or Canada.

Hudson and Rex Season 5 Episode 14 Release date

Charlie Hudson and his German Shephard Rex from the TV show Hudson & Rex (Credit: NOW TV)

  • Pacific Time Zone: 07th March 2023, Tuesday, 5:00 PM PT
  • British Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 1:00 AM GMT
  • Indian Standard Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 6:30 AM IST
  • Australian Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 12:00 PM AEDT
  • Philippines Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 09:00 AM PHT

Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 14: How to Watch

Hudson & Rex’s release dates are not frequent, so fans are advised to look for the release dates every week to know on which Tuesday it is going to release on City TV. If you cannot watch the episodes on TV due to some reasons, then you can also sign in through your TV provider to watch the series on the official website of City TV.

Additionally, the series is also available on Apple TV, YouTube TV, and Prime Video for fans who live outside of the USA. You may need to pay a certain amount for subscriptions to these streaming platforms to enjoy the show, but you will be given access to many famous films and series from many parts of the world for a certain period of time.

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