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Vengeance Of The Bride Episode 100: Streaming Guide, Release Date, TIme & Spoilers

Vengeance Of The Bride
Vengeance Of The Bride

The show’s followers are in for a treat as the next episode will be more entertaining, and here we will review Vengeance of the Bride Episode 100’s release date and spoiler guide. The post will also shed light on the themes of the recent episode, so here we go.

The show also follows a fearful bride. Eun Seo Yeon (Park Ha Na) owns a small company that manufactures cosmetics and distributes them solely online. She has a second job as a member of staff at a salon. Kang Tae Poong is the child of Kang Baek San, who owns a sizable cosmetics firm, and Eun Seo Yeon and her family.

Kang Beak San is played by Son Chang Min. Later, when Seo Yeon finds that Kang Baek San is to blame for her parents’ demise, she devises a plan to get Vengeance on Baek San by wedding his child, Tae Poong.

His wife, Nam In-soo, and her daughter partner up with Yoon San-deul to plot against him for the land. Kang Tae-poong saves him and takes him home, discusses the issue, and makes preparations with Kang Ba-ram to reveal his real identity once San-deul captures Kang Baek-san with the aid of Ma Dae-geun.

They attempt to modify their tone and tape a message about CEO Jung’s kidnapping and how he was engaged in this case while searching for CCTV footage or recordings as proof against Baek. Kang Ba-ram takes advantage of the need for an emergency session to fire the employee by saving Baek-san from angry shareholders and media members.

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Recap of Vengeance of the Bride episode 99

Ma Dae-geun assists Yoon San-deul in putting Kang Baek-san in prison. Ba-ram speaks to the CEO, Jung Mo-yeon, about how difficult it must’ve been to bear everything alone to protect her and the present time to exact revenge and expose the false identity.

Vengeance Of The Bride Episode 99 recap

A still from the show.

This is why Jung Mo-yeon remains on bed rest. To finally rip their hearts out by becoming one of them. As a penalty for slipping CEO Jung out of the house, Kang Baek-san delivered some paperwork to transfer stocks to the chamber where Nam Inside and Kang are locked.

Nam In-soon is required to transfer 12 shares, but Kang Ba-da is required to transfer all of them. If they refuse to sign, they must be prepared for divorce and to give up their right to inherit. Then, Kang Ba-ram serves them their meal while visiting them in their locked location.

Mother and daughter discussed Mo and agreed that she should have been slain sooner to prevent this. The two of you should remain concealed in the room, Ba responds, since detectives may enter at any time because they think it to be an abduction case.

When she exits, Tae-poong arrives, holding Baek-san in his arms after he had saved him from the location. When questioned about the circumstances, Kang Ba-ram spoke in awe of how he was restrained and how Ma Dae-geun had beaten Kang Baek-san.

Tae-poong intends to divulge Kang Baek-true san’s identity out of frustration, but Ba-ram interrupts him and clarifies the entire scenario. As Kang Ba-ram or Tae-poong go to the cafe, San-sister Deul, and his brother-in-law assist them in carrying out their plan by sending the information to journalists and Le Blanc’s audit office via voice tone and USB.

When Tae-poong informs Kang Baek-san that a council meeting is being scheduled to discuss the move to fire him, Kang Baek-san loses his mind. As he hears the audio tape concerning Jung Mo-yeon, CEO of S Group, he begins to play innocent and complains that he is being set up.

He causes a lot of disruption in the meeting. After exiting the meeting, several shareholders begin egging him, but Kang Ba-ram arrives to save him. Yoon San-deul approaches Ba and Nam In-soon, who is still imprisoned in a room, and warns them about the upcoming emergency meeting today for Bek-termination.

Vengeance Of The Bride Episode 99 recap

A still from the show.

San’s As Baek-san got home, she spoke with Ba-ram regarding meeting Jo-yi and gave her an update, saying everything was proceeding according to schedule. Kang Ba-ram begins talking with CEO Jung Mo-yeon, but she cannot identify her as her child. Kang Ba reassures her that she won’t be harmed again.

Nam In-soon believes Yoon San-deul reported Baek-san, but Ba-da rejects this claim by equating Kang Ba-ram with Ba-da and appreciating Ba-ram as a little child. Ba-da explains that Ba-ram is still alive and that the charnel they visited was a hoax. Nam In-soon approaches Kang Ba-ram, “Is that you?” as he comes carrying food for the group. She answers, “Yes,” leaving them speechless.

Vengeance of the Bride Episode 100: Release date

Vengeance of the Bride Episode 100 will air on March 6, 2023. This is the show’s final episode, which airs on KBS at 4:20 pm KST. This long-period drama is also available on web platforms considering various time zones.

  • March 6, 2023, 4:20 pm (KST)
  • March 6, 2023, 12:50 pm (IST)
  • March 6, 2023, 7:20 am (GMT)

Vengeance of the Bride Episode 100: Where to Watch

With respect to the various time zones based on the locations, viewers worldwide can view Vengeance of the Bride episode 100 on Netflix and Rakuten Viki. Korean audiences can access KBS to see it.

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