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Unprecedented Documentary 2022 Release Date Preponed

Unprecedented Documentary 2022 Release Date
Unprecedented Documentary 2022 Release Date

Unprecedented Documentary is a Discovery+ documentary focusing on President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign developed by Alex Holder. The documentary takes information from the Trump campaign and also captured a few hours of footage from the January 6 riots on the Capitol. Because of that fact, the documentary was of interest to the January 6 Congressional Investigation Committee, and they saw some footage of it before it was released. But when is the Unprecedented documentary 2022 release date? Come with us to find out.

The documentary will make its way to Discovery+ later this year. And it follows the last months of the Trump presidency in detail, with interviews with the former President, his sons and daughters, and closest collaborators. Moreover, the documentary was directed by Alex Holder in collaboration with Greg Sanderson. Read our scoop below to find out the details.

Unprecedented Documentary 2022 Release Date

Ivanka Trump in Unprecedented

What Is Unprecedented?

Unprecedented is a three-part upcoming documentary miniseries developed by British documentarist Alex Holder for the American streaming platform Discovery+ that will cover in detail the last months and reelection campaign of former President of the United States Donald Trump. Moreover, the documentary will give an insider’s look at what the campaign trail was from the perspective of the President, his sons —Eric, Ivanka & Donald Jr.— as well as some close collaborators like his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Moreover, the documentary will also get footage with former Vicepresident of the United States, Mike Pence.

But the centerpiece of the documentary seems to be the coverage of the January 6 riots in Capitol Hill, which was subpoenaed by the Congressional Investigative Commission on those events and was privately screened for the members. One of the puzzling things about the documentary is just exactly how did Alex Holder —a British liberal— manage to get so close and have a sitdown with the Trump clique?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Unprecedented Documentary 2022 Release Date

Unprecedented was slated for release later this year. But in light of the controversy with the Congressional hearings, Discovery+ decided to move closer the release date to later this summer. Albeit, they didn’t release a concrete date yet. We’ll keep an eye out and post an update for you the moment Discovery+ gives a concrete date. That’s a wrap for this documentary covering Donald Trump’s reelection. See you soon!

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