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Coffee Melody Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date: Will Pleng And Yi Unite?

Yi and Pleng in Coffee Melody

Thailand has mastered the art of creating BL dramas and exploring LGBT+ themes. The recent hit Kinn Porsche generated a lot of attention from people all across the world. Another BL drama is catching up, but the subject matter isn’t as mature this time. We’re discussing Coffee Melody. This charming show delves subtly into LGBT topics. The show’s viewers adore this aspect and eagerly anticipate the endearing exchanges between the protagonists.

Duean Yi and Pleng ruk engaged in a heated argument in the previous episode. Pleng ruk was found by Yi kissing First, who became Pleng ruk’s ex. Yi sobbed and attempted to discuss this with his family. Yi cried and tried to talk about this with his family but couldn’t. On the other hand, Pleng ruk doesn’t hold himself responsible for what transpired because it wasn’t his idea in the first place. His coworker advises Pleng ruk to approach Yi and inform him that First is no longer his priority.

Coffee melody episode 8

Pleng argues with his ex

Then we see Yi and his mum discussing struggling with his love life, and his mum gives a similar suggestion, that if you love him, you should go and talk to him. “First,” claims he is back because he still loves him, and they were supposed to be together. Pleng, however, tries to make amends with his ex and begs him not to ruin his life once more. Pleng is crying after returning to the cafe, and we see Yi walk in at the same time. Fans are interested in what will happen in Coffee Melody season 1 episode 8 after such a cliffhanger and are curious about when Coffee Melody season 1 episode 8 will be released. We’ve got you covered since we’ll let you know when Coffee Melody season 1 episode 8 will be released and how you can stream it.

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Coffee Melody Season 1: Plot And Spoilers

The protagonist of this Thai BL drama, which premiered on July 18, 2022, is a singer named Duan Yi, who lacks hope. He struggles to find the motivation he needs to compose a love song. He soon finds himself losing all enthusiasm for his work due to this abrupt loss of inspiration, which is discouraging. Duan Yi decides to take a short vacation because he has no idea how he would write this song or any other song. Of course, he doesn’t get the inspiration he was looking for until he has entirely given up on the theme; his name is Pleng. Duan Yi meets Pleng Ruk, a dashing barista at one of the neighborhood coffee shops, who inspires him in ways he’s never experienced before.

Duan Yi returns to his work, a new melody welling up in his heart, eager to create a masterpiece. They get to know one another well and develop a sweet romance. However, when Pleng’s ex shows up, their tranquil paradise swiftly deviates into chaos. A significant argument happened between them regarding their priorities. And we see Pleng break into tears in front of Yi. Fans like to believe that they will forgive each other. Everyone has a past. What matters most is Pleng’s priority at the moment, which is Yi.

Fans think that Yi was near the cafe when Pleng was arguing with his ex, and he heard it all. That’s why we see Yi entering the restaurant and looking happy, as he knows Pleng is not wrong.

Trigger Warnings

Before watching the upcoming episode, you might want to read the viewing age restriction, so here it is. The rating for Coffee Melody Season 1 Episode 8 is 18+. The show’s “18+” rating indicates that it is only appropriate for adults and may not be suitable for children under 17. This teen drama discusses topics including sexual harassment, LGBT issues, and young people’s sexual orientation exploration. Some adult community members may find the program insulting because it also depicts semi-nude scenes.

Coffee Melody Season 1 Episode 8: Release Date 

So how can you watch Coffee Melody Season 1 Episode 8? “Coffee Melody” is a Viki original series. As a result, Coffee Melody season 1 episode 8 will be available on Viki on September 5 at 11:00 p.m. ICT. You need to subscribe to the Viki app at $4.99 per month.

Coffee Melody Season 1 Episode 8 Streaming Guide

Additionally, Viki allows you to watch your preferred episodes for free for a week. In Japan, you can watch Coffee Melody season 1 episode 8 on Fuji TV. Other streaming options include 3Plus, Channel 3, and FOD. You will need to convert the 11:00 p.m. ICT in your time zone in order to watch it on Viki.

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