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What Happened To USTVGo TV? Explained

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USTVGo is America’s one of the largest used online network to watch live broadcasts and streams that provide more than eighty plus channels to users. It is one of the live streaming networks which allows multi-streaming along with its access being free without any subscription. Like other channels that needed VPN or any such network to access the American channel outside America, the USTVGo did not have any such requirements to it. One could easily access it through their Android TV Box, iPhone, iPod, Firestick, and many more.

The USTVGo channel provided over eighty channels which included all the channels like the news channels, kids networks, entertainment channels, sports channels, and many more. The best part about the USTVGo channel was that it did not require any sign-ups from its users, and it especially had the sports channels for free, which, indeed is a great thing for a network to do. It also had the facilities of easy accessibility to the television to browse for all channels.

Is The USTVGo Channel Legal As It Gives Easy Access?

Well, about this, it was stated in the website network that USTVGo provides copyrighted content to its users and that everything that was uploaded to their website was legal to watch without the fear of piracy or any other thing. But it was not very clear from the company hand whether it was legal or not.

USTVGo showing their website permanently closed.

USTVGo is showing their website is permanently closed.

As they used to upload re-broadcasted live streams to their users without having any proper authentication or notice from the right shoulder of the videos. Although in spite of not knowing about its legality, it managed to attract a huge traffic of almost 16 million in the year 2021, which was very beneficial to the website holder.

Well, it could be seen that although it had gained so much popularity, it still did not ever appear on the U.S. Trade Representative, which shows the famous live-streaming websites and networks of the year, but it was seen that USTVGo was rather listed in the anti-piracy lists of website. For all these reasons, it had also become the target of many other websites, which were the right shoulders.

What Actually Happened To The USTVGo Website Of Network?

Well, for this, it was very shocking for all the users of the USTVGo website when the website, without any prior notices or announcements, suddenly went off. A few days ago, when the users opened the website, there was a notice stating that Sorry, We Are Closed” which was shocking and disappointing.

Generally, when the users would open the website, there will be thousands of links to various channels, including news channels like ABC, NBC, kids network like Nickelodeon, and many more to just a sentence of their apology for being closed.

USTVGo worldwide server.

USTVGo worldwide server.

The users, in the beginning, thought that this would be a temporary shutdown as there might be some server problem, but as days passed by, it was confirmed that it was closed permanently. The users of the USTVGo website are still in shock as they did not expect something like this to happen out of the blue.

The main USTVGo website had another alternative website related to it which was which was also seen as similar to that of the main website, and the content in it was also showing the same with an apology and their shutdown. The mail address of the USTVGo website is also not working, as the mail server itself has disappeared.

What Are The Other Alternatives For USTVGo To Watch?

Millions and millions of USTVGo users are devastated by its disappearing without any prior notice or valid reason. All of a sudden, it just vanished from the website. Although there are some U.S.-based websites that work exactly as an alternative to the USTVGo website. 

Some of them are Fubo TV which has a seven-day free trial pack before taking a monthly subscription to it. It is also known to be a very good IPTV service channel. Apart from this, there is Xumo which can run on all Android as well as iPhones, Pluto TV, Vidgo, and some more.

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