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What Episode Does Kenny Come Back? Is SouthPark Available On Netflix?

What Episode Does Kenny Come Back? Is SouthPark Available On Netflix?
One of the Many Deaths of Kenny (Credits: HBO Max)

If you are a fan of Southpark, then this question would bother you very much: Why did they bring Kenny back from the dead? Well, the creator Matt and Trey did explain their reason for bringing back Kenny after he died in 5th season of Southpark. So if he Died for good, What Episode Does Kenny Come Back?

Matt and Trey had an idea to replace Kenny with a series of characters that would come and go in order to fill the place left by Kenny’s death. The real reason they killed off a character like Kenny was that it got repetitive with the “You Killed Kenny” jokes. And it was not funny anymore to add these jokes in every episode. 

They wanted to try something new and hence the decision. But halfway into the 6th season, they felt that it would have been good if Kenny was still a part of the show. In order to bring him back, they tried several different things, and finally, in the episode “Red Sleigh Down” of season 6, he appears out of nowhere. Making a comeback into Southpark. 

Trey, in an interview, said that, like all the characters of Southpark, Kenny is based on a real character from his childhood. His recurring death concept comes from the fact that the real-life Kenny would be missing for days without a hint. Which left them wondering what if he was dead.

What Episode Does Kenny Come Back? Is SouthPark Available On Netflix?

Kenny Gets Killed By Shock (Credits: HBO Max)

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What Episode Does Kenny Come Back?

Let’s take a dive into his timeline of Kenny to find out when he returns. So as we all are familiar with the fact that Kenny dies in every episode, and that too for the first five seasons of the Southpark. If one has to count how many times Kenny dies, the tally goes way over 80-100 times. And that does not include movies, games, and even other spinoffs of the Southpark universe.

The recurring death of Kenny continues till the episode “Kenny Dies” of the 5th season. But he did not stay dead for long and eventually is brought back to life in the season 6th finale, “Red Sleigh Down”. And how he came back, you must be wondering, just out of thin air, he appears and says I have been here the whole time.

What Episode Does Kenny Come Back? Is SouthPark Available On Netflix?

Kenny Gets Killed By Microwave

But that’s what’s hilarious, to see how he comes back from the dead every time. For example, one of the explanations given about his return in “Cartman Joins NAMBLA” is that Kenny’s soul returns after his death back to his mother. After that, he is reborn and grows back to his original state. And somehow retains his memories as well.

One of the recent explanations for his rise from death is that he cannot die, as Kenny reveals that he wakes up in his bed the next morning. And interestingly, no one knows that he dies, only he has those memories pertaining to his death. 

What Episode Does Kenny Come Back? Is SouthPark Available On Netflix?

Kenny Gets Killed by Pole (Credits: HBO Max)

Another unique explanation is that he is connected to a cult called “The Cult of Cthulhu”. Carol, in one of the episodes, mentions this as the source of Kenny’s immortality. The funny thing that we already mentioned is that no one remembers that he gets killed every now and then. In a desperate attempt, Kenny shoots himself in the head in front of his friends, begging them to remember his death this time. But they still don’t have a clue as to he died. 

Where To Watch SouthPark? 

So depending on the region, Southpark can stream through different OTT platforms. If you are from Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and North America, then you will be able to stream through HBO Max. Apart from that, you can Catch all the seasons on Amazon Prime Video in a Select few countries. 

Until now, Southpark was also available on Netflix to stream, but after January 2023, Southpark is being removed from Netflix all over the world. 

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