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Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 68: The Legendary Rank Shaman And The Mercenary Queen

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 68
Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 68

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 begins after resolving the mystery behind the New Blue Guild. This made Gedrick and all members of the New Blue Guild throw a party as they started a new journey. However, Gedrick later notices the arrival of a mysterious lady. The chapter begins with Gedrick trying to learn about the mysterious lady. He realizes the mind’s eye doesn’t work on the mysterious lady.

The mysterious lady receives a signal that someone is trying to peek at her status window. But she allows the guy to access her status window. Gedrick learns that Kasugano Yuuno is a mysterious lady who is twenty years old. It was also revealed that Yuuno’s class is Shaman, a Legendary Rank. Yuuno’s title is Quest Shaman. Gedrick wonders why Yuuno opened her status window.

He also learns that Yuuno’s class effects are of another level and amazing. Yuuno has an eye that sees through the truth, past, and future. Gedrick also learns about the legendary rank shaman and all the powers that Yuuno possesses. He gets in front of her and notices that Yuuno has shed tears. Yuuno comments that Gedrick is the guy she has been looking for, and Gedrick wonders if he knows her.

Gedrick tells Yuuno that she got the wrong numbers. Yuuno wanted to touch Gedrick, but the Mercenary Queen arrived. Cha Heera, the Mercenary Queen, wonders what Yuuno wants to do to her man. Gedrick wonders if it will be the Mercenary Queen vs. Legendary Rank Shaman, Yuuno.

Legendary Rank Shaman

Legendary Rank Shaman

But the Mercenary Queen grabs the Legendary Rank Shaman’s hand before she touches Gedrick. Cha Heera hates it when another lady touches Gedrick. Legendary Rank Shaman realizes she has also fallen for Gedrick, and no one can stand in her path. Gedrick is glad Cha Heera has arrived and realizes that a man can interfere when two powerful ladies want to settle scores. 

Previously on Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 67

Cha Heera, the Mercenary Queen, comments that Lindel will never regard Scilia with friendliness after the recent incident. Yuuno, the Legendary Rank Shaman, is from Scilia, and Cha Hera, the Mercaebnary Queen, is from Lindel. Scilia warriors once tried to kill Gedrick, and Cha Heera, the Mercenary Queen, sought revenge.

But Yuuno, the Legendary Rank Shaman, wants to resolve the issue and make peace between the two nations. Cha Heera, the Mercenary Queen, had no clue why Yuuno, the Legendary Rank Shaman, had come to their territory. Cha Heera reminds Yuuno not to play games since Gedrick is handsome and only the Mercenary Queen can touch him.

Gedrick stops Cha Heera after realizing Cha Heera is talking about someone dying. Yuuno apologizes and comments that the New Blue Guild’s vice Guildmaster resembles someone she knows. Yuuno also apologized for what Scilia nation had done to Lindel.

Hayan also arrives and wonders what Yuuno is all about since she also most touched her husband-to-be. Cha Heera accepted Yuno’s apology. Gedrick is glad that Yuuno knows how to play her games since she knows what she is doing before Cha Heera arrives. Yuuno reveals that she is leaving them to enjoy their time.

Mercenary Queen vs. Legendary Rank Shaman

Mercenary Queen vs. Legendary Rank Shaman

She passes near Hayan and realizes that Hayan is a good girl. Yuno realizes that she has met Gedrick before, and Gedrick pretends he has forgotten her, but she is not worried since when they meet again, she will remind him about their past. Gedrick sends a message to Yuuno, and they agree that they will meet at the royal capital. Later, Gedrick heads to the royal capital and meets with Yuuno. 

Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 Release Date

Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 will be released on 17 November 2022. Yuuno reveals what happened between her and Gedrick, and Gedrick wonders if he is trapped. But he puts back his Legendary Sword since Yuuno is not a threat. Yuuno reveals about the Shaman of Night Skies and why she has come to Lindel. Check out Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 updates below. 

Read Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 Online – Raw Details

You can read Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 online on the official websites. Gedrick gained new powers and learned about the Dark World of the faded dimension. He also learns about his past with Yuno, and they are a married couple. Let’s meet after Regressor Instruction-Manual-Chapter 68 is released. 

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