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Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 Release Date: The Mercenary Crew Defeats Wild Boar Boss Monster

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61
Duke Pendragon Chapter 61

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 reveals the arrival of the Mercenary at Ruv’s Royal Castle. Ruv has no clues that an enemy wants to take his head within the Mercenaries. Raven, Elkien, Sol, and Jodi arrive at Ruv’s Royal Castle and welcome them as guests. Jodi reveals that they will serve Ruv as Mercenaries, and Ruv accepts their offer.

Ruv notices that the new Mercenaries are strong enough to protect his territory. Raven is disgusted by Ruv’s behavior and realizes he will get revenge. He decided not to show any sign of suspicions and wait for the right time. Jodi talks with Ruv about their deal and how they will work. Ruv is impressed by how Jodi explained everything and how loyal Jodi and the Mercenary group are.

Jodi reveals that his group is skilled in battle, and if they are getting paid well, they can defeat any enemy. Their goal is to serve Ruv and wipe out the enemies on Ruv’s path. Ruv is glad to hear that since he wil feel like the King of the world, no enemy will ever dare stand on his path. 

He realizes that the arrival of this new Mercenary group with strengthen his army and become the most feared man in the world. Elkien adds that they will never disobey Ruv and Ruv admits that the Mercenary group has skills. Raven gets bored and wonders why they can’t finish talking since he stands to be around Ruv.

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61

Mercenary Crew

Ruv reveals that he is testing the Mercenary group to see if they are worthy warriors or a bunch of losers. He reveals that Jodi and his group wil go out and hunt monsters. Ruv adds that Jodi will head with the group on the outskirts of the territory he governed and hunt the monster. 

Previously on Duke Pendragon Chapter 60

Ruv realizes something and adds that the monster will be in the village of Monza. Raven realizes that he knows the village of Monza and wonders what Ruv wants them to hunt. He gets angry that the monster is in his hometown. Raven realizes that Monza is a village that the Valt Family once ruled. He didn’t hesitate to accept the offer, and they headed to Monza.

Later Raven, Jodi, Elkien, and Sol arrive at the village of Monza. Raven was glad that the villagers were living in peace, but they remained hidden at some times of the day since the ferocious monster came to hunt them. Jodi, Raven, and the rest of the Mercenaries head to the mountains to hunt the monsters.

They encounter a horde of monsters and begin to slash them. Raven vents his anger on the monster and killed more thousands of them. The villagers were impressed that Raven was protecting his home town and they would no longer fear any monsters as threats. Raven and the Mercenary decided to kill all the monsters and free his hometown.

Later after beating all the monsters, Raven realizes that Wild Boar Boss Monster has arrived to avenge his underlings. Elkien, Raven, and the Mercenary group defeat the Wild Boar Boss Monster and the giant bear. Raven realizes that those monster bosses are the ones that Ruv was talking about.

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61

Elkien vs. Giant Bear Monster

The villagers realize they will get a lot of meat and begin plowing the fields since it is that season. They celebrate after the Merscenay group conquered all the monsters. Raven is glad to return to home town and heads to enjoy drinking and eating with the others. Jodi and the others enjoy discussing how Raven and the Mercenary group defeated those monsters. 

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 Release Date

Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 will be released on 15 November 2022. Jodi is glad that Sol also played an important role, and it didn’t even take them ten minutes to defeat all the monsters. Elkien comments that Ruv wil hires them since they have passed the test. Jodi is glad that he has joined Raven. Check out Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 updates below. 

Read Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 Online – Raw Details

You can read Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 online on the official websites. Raven notices something about the villagers and wonders what is happening with his hometown. But he realizes that he has to free them since Ruv is ruling them. Let’s meet after Duke Pendragon Chapter 61 is released.

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