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Gachiakuta Chapter 42: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers & How To Read

Gachiakuta Chapter 43
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Excited about Gachiakuta Chapter 42? We got you!! After a mindblowing plot reveals in the previous chapter of the manga series, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the next one. Without any delay, Gachiakuta Chapter 42 will be available to read next month.

Before revealing the release date, spoilers, and reading guide of Gachiakuta Chapter 42, let us first see what happened previously in the previous chapter, in case you missed something. In the previous installment of the manga, we said we don’t know if the weird masked guy is the Angel, who knew the Angel might be with… in the latest chapter, it turns out not only was he the Angle, but someone else was with him. 

The previous chapter had a lot to say, and it was hard for me to compile this chapter because, first and foremost, Kei Urana, the way you draw, is so freaking amazing!! Sper in-depth like panels, telling us things without telling us things, the last chapter was absolutely phenomenal, and storytelling and not make this a Shonen manga; that definitely like took it up to a different level.

This one reminded me of Nokase Panel (Oneshot from Kei Urana), with how the Angel spread his wings, you know what I mean, but anyways, let’s jump into the recap of the previous chapter without further ado. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 41 Recap

We started off with a beautiful shot, it looked like an album cover, like a method, a typical Metal Man album cover, really dope and letting us know that they want in, and as they get in, the dude who took Amo in freaks out, saying things like what’s with you people entering on your own like that, this place belongs to Amo and him, how dare you… and then he goes into Battle Formation.

What this also tells me it is the boot doesn’t represent what you think the Jinki is, right? It’s not a full representation of the Jinkis. So we know that when the Amo has the boots, it induces an aroma that makes you see the person you love the most, right?

This thing makes sense in regard to this Power Structure!! But when he has the boots, he has a lot of kicking powers, so it’s not about the item itself; it’s just about what you envision with the item and what it means to you.

Gachiakuta Chapter 42

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

So he goes on the fly, thinking he is about to take out these two people and the other person who was in the room just so happens to move a little bit faster than he does and takes him up swiftly. And the good news is, he didn’t kill him, well that is not really good news, that is more so bad news because we don’t like people like this, but he didn’t kill him. 

So, what that entails is they don’t really go out with murderous intent, which is huge; this is very important because this is gonna relate to something major in the future. You can think about it like this, if they wanted to kill him, they would have right then and there, right? But before that, did you all see that they just took the boot right off of them!! So like I was saying, this is one of my all-time favorite panels from Gachiakuta. 

Then he lifts his hand and asks for the boots essentially, and it’s cool how they are communicating without saying a single word. Goes on to say to Amo, “These suit you much better, the thing that fell out of your heart, and this will cover that gap.

I genuinely like this quote, we know Amo doesn’t understand anything about love and doesn’t understand life in general, and this was to let her know, like don’t worry, these are the very important things, and it will help her to recover.

It’s really, really dope in sequence because we are starting to see what things mean to Amo and what this person also wants to tell Amo. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 42

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Goes on to say “This place seems like the closest, after all, come.” what is he even talking about? What does he mean? What was forthright these people are because he goes on to say, “Young lady, until the time comes, I will lend you those; use them with care.”

This kind of messes me up, and it sends me into a deep sense of thought; what could he possibly mean by “until the time comes”? This is because what we are about to see next had me thinking really hard!!

Later not only did he grow wings, but he also flew up; where do you all think he is going? Yup, you guessed it right, to Heaven. It’s such a beautiful scene, and just look at the elegance, loo at Amo, even Amo can’t believe what is going on right now, and she thought it was an Angel. 

Later in the chapter, the fat guy ends up freaking out Amo. She is got a lot of life in her now; just from that moment, those people gave her life, and this dude ends up going in on Amo, putting his hands on her, talking about those are his Jinkis, and she stole them for him. “You think I had ever let someone like you touch them” Amo is freaking out because she has probably never seen him like this before because she was obedient. 

Now that somebody has come in and told her that it’s a lot more to life than just this, he gets to put his hands on her, and this is a really good moment for Amo.

She was like, “Huh, Somehow it… feels different.” Even though she usually wouldn’t feel anything, even when she has lost the ability to feel anything, the noise that is coming from her heart is because of the boots. And that is basically saying that she is numb to anything, which is super unfortunate. 

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Gachiakuta Chapter 42 Spoilers

The panels that we are saying, “ until the time comes, I will lend you those,” means he is coming back, and what do you think the timing is? Think about it… he had the boots, right? Ama, just let you hold this; nobody is going to come out here and look for you; where do you think he is going?

What do you think he was going to get? (drum rolls) Rudo’s Gloves!!! And he is gonna come back when the boots “and” the gloves are in the same place, and maybe not even that right. It might also coincide with maybe the Vandal Boss having to be there at the same time because I believe the Vandal Boss has the jacket.

Gachiakuta Chapter 42

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

What happened here is this is what created her Jinki because she goes on to say, Amo better, if that is true, these shoes belong to Amo.

And that is where her power awakens, I feel like this was the best way to go about doing almost backstory, and I think what this also does is give us sort of an inclination that she is gonna join the squad because, think about it there is no way we are gonna get an in-depth story about a character, unless, one of three things happen, one, they join the crew; two, they die; three, they go join the other side.

What this made me realize is that, sure, Amo may have done some terrible things, but it’s not that she is a terrible person; it is that she has been through some horrible things; her people hurt people, man; that is just the nature of the game, and that is what happened here, but the sickest part of this whole thing is we got an understanding of how this guy traveled to and from.

Gachiakuta Chapter 42 Release Date

The upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 42 is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2023

  • 09:30 PM in New York City, USA (EST) on January 25
  • 02:30 AM (Thursday) in London, UK (GMT) on January 26
  • 05:30 AM (Thursday) in Paris, France (CET) on January 26
  • 11:30 AM (Thursday) in Tokyo, Japan (JST) on January 26
  • 10:30 AM (Thursday) in Sydney, Australia (AEDT) on January 26
  • 05:30 AM (Thursday) in Mumbai, India (IST) on January 26
  • 04:00 AM (Thursday) in Beijing, China (CST) on January 26
  • 08:30 AM (Thursday) in Seoul, South Korea (KST) on January 26

How To Read Gachiakuta Chapter 42

You can read the upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 42, as well as the previous releases of the series, directly on the official site of their primary publisher, Pocket.

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