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Keep Breathing Filming Locations Explored: The Thriller Netflix Movie

Keep Breathing Filming
Keep Breathing Filming

Keep Breathing filming locations have caused enough curiosity among the fans that we are here to talk about them all. The show has just released on Netflix last week. The genre covered are survival and action, along with drama. It is a limited series but did not fall short of providing the entertainment we obviously needed. Martin Gero, as well as Brendan Gall, have created the show for Netflix.

Six episodes have made up the first season, and there is likely to be no season 2 for Keep Breathing. The plot throws light on the victims of a plane crash. We see a small plane crashing in the middle of the Canadian area where the characters have no idea where they are supposed to be.

The main focus is given to a lonely woman. She is required to fight all odds and challenges thrown at her in order to survive and get out alive. The cast list of the show starts with actress Melissa Barrera reprising the role of Liv. She is an excellent attorney who was on a plane. This is the aircraft that is in the middle of nowhere, and now she must get out alone.

Jeff Wilbusch enacts the character of Danny. He is an on-and-off love interest Liv. Then Florence Lozano does the part of Liv’s mother. Just Pablo reprises the role of Liv’s father. Then the last we have Austin Stowell enacting the character of Sam. He is the co-pilot along with whom Liv could fly.

Keep Breathing Filming

Keep Breathing

The ending of the series came as a big shock, but we got through it all. We saw the reason behind the fatal plan journey that Liv has gone through for the entire episode was not without a motive. She is actually trying to come across her mother, Lucia, who lives in Inuvik. This is a town located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. She always wanted to take this trip because of a very important reason. Liv is pregnant with Danny’s baby. This made her very curious to know who her mother was and what her personality is.

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Keep Breathing Filming Locations Explored

As we are described by the official description, the scenes take place in a ‘Canadian Wilderness’. But where is this wilderness located? The filming for the show actually took place in various parts of Canada, such as British Columbia and Vancouver. The scenery which we see in the episodes is a hiking trail located in Squamish.

The town of Mission and Vancouver Island, and Cobble Island was also involved in the filming. The scenes which are shot in the city take place in Greater Vancouver. The New York City scene was from Downtown Vancouver. The river in the ending was actually the Cheakamus River. It is a tributary of the Squamish River as well. The Whistler Olympic Park was also used during the shooting process.


Well, you should know that Liv’s mother actually walked out on her family when she was just a little baby. She wants to know the reason why all of that happened. Now, you might be wondering how Liv knows where her mother actually lives. It all came down to the postcards that Lucia sent to her father, Tomas. After his father’s death, she comes into possession of the postcards and tries to locate her. Hef father actually never talked about the postcards, which are bizarre. In the penultimate episode, we saw how Lov is so tired and can not walk and search any longer.

As she lays down, Liv gets a dream or, more likely a hallucination. In this, she gets all the answers and closures she always needed from her mother as the two women meet. In the end, it was all happy for her. Two men from the tribal area help her out of the river. Then we see in the later scenes how Lov has gone back to her home and is happy with her baby. She is giving birth, and Danny is by her side. Although it is still not understood whether or not Liv actually met with her mother, was it just a hallucination because she was totally exhausted at the time.

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