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Why Is Christiane Paul Leaving FBI International?

Why is crhistiane paul leaving fbi international
Why is crhistiane paul leaving fbi international

Christiane Paul will leave FBI International. But why is Christiane Paul leaving FBI International? The actress who played the Europol police officer Katrin Jaeger in the debut season of the CBS police procedural drama turns in her badge and won’t make a comeback for the show’s sophomore season. But it’s no surprise because if you watched the show, you’ll notice that Christiane’s character received a promotion and bid her farewell to the FBI International team.

In the show’s May 10 episode, “Get That Revolution Started,” Europol agent Katrin Jaeger found herself in hot water over her continued work with the Fly Team. This has led to rumors that actress Christiane Paul might be departing the show after less than a season. But is that just paranoia, or could audiences really be seeing the last of Jaeger?

Why Is Christiane Paul Leaving FBI International?

Jaeger is called before her Europol boss in “Get That Revolution Started,” who questions her loyalty to the Fly Team. Jaeger is a major character but not a team member, and it’s obvious that her Europol managers are starting to think she is more loyal to the FBI than their company. When Jaeger received a promotion in the Season 1 finale, that attitude appeared to shift. She would be in charge of all of Western Europe in her new role. Fans wondered who would take over as she said goodbye to the Fly Team.

Why is crhistiane paul leaving fbi international

Christiane Paul as Europol Officer Jaeger in FBI International

Agent Katrin Jaeger, a German Europol agent who served as the team’s liaison, was played by Christiane Paul in the program’s first season. In the season one finale, “Crestfallen,” which aired on May 24, 2022, Katrin accepted a promotion to oversee all of Western Europe with Europol, leaving her FBI team behind. Unknown is the actual cause of Paul’s termination from FBI: International. Nevertheless, it is official that Eva-Jane Willis, who plays Megan “Smitty” Garretson and is described by Deadline as “a street-smart Europol agent with an extensive undercover background,” will take her place. According to reports, Garretson will take on Jaeger’s role as the liaison between the FBI team and their host nations.

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