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Taylor Swift New Album Midnight: Release Date & Everything To Know

Taylor Swift’s New Album Midnight’s release date is almost here, and lets us discuss about the same. Taylor is a singer and songwriter who writes music that is related to her personal and romantic life. She specialized in country music and started her career at the age of 14 in Nashville, Tennessee. What fans love the most about Taylor is her strength. I could write up an essay on how she inspires me right now. She has also been named Woman of the Year and won several Grammys for her music. Throughout her career, Taylor has gone through serious issues such as sexism.

Various critics and listeners question her choices about making songs based on her ex-boyfriends. In one interview, she expressed her deep regret for the fact that men never get asked these questions if they write love songs based on their exes. She also received huge backlash in 2016 when she claimed that Kanye West was lying about taking consent from Taylor Swift in order to put her name in his song, “Famous”. The issue is resolved now with a leaked tape that shows Kanye really never asked Taylor for her consent as she never fully agreed to the entire deal.

Taylor Swift New Album Midnight Release Date

Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs

About Taylor Swift

In her documentary film called Miss Americana, the country singer describes how she felt at that time and decided not to make a public appearance for more than a year. But well, when she did, the rest became history. She worked really hard on her album called Reputation, which was inspired by these events in her life and how they affected her “Reputation” in general.

After that, Taylor dropped three albums, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore. Recently, she started recording her songs again, whose copyright was stolen from her to the Big Machine Records, the label she worked with. Under Taylor’s Version, you can find most of her albums, such as Red and 1989. But well, let us now dive into the future that Taylor Swift will provide us with.

Taylor Swift’s New Album Midnight Release Date

Taylor Swift’s New Album Midnight’s release date is on the 21st of October 2022. The moment was magical when Taylor strutted onto the stage to collect her MTV VMA award for the Video of the Year for the song All Too Well (10 Minute Version). While giving her acceptance speech, Taylor proudly held the award and said that this might be a great time to reveal a piece of exciting news to the fans. The audience literally started screaming at the top of their lungs when she said that because we all already had a hint of what was coming after that. Taylor then announced the release of her new album, Midnight.

Later in an Instagram post, she shared vivid details about the same. The upcoming album will be based on the 13 sleepless nights that Taylor has had throughout her career and how the events on those shaped up for each song in this album. While describing the music she aims to put in Midnight, Taylor says that the lyrics all contain the emotions of terror and sweet dreams that she has been a part of.

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