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Tales from the Explorers Club Episode 1: Release Date and Expectations

Tales from the Explorers Club
Tales from the Explorers Club

‘TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB’ is an all-new adventure series by Josh Gates which will take spectators inside the headquarters of the notorious Explorers Club to experience the most impressive adventurers who have pushed the boundaries of human capabilities. The Explorer Club is an American international polymathic professional society. Their goal is to promote field study and scientific exploration.

The society was formed in 1904, and they have served as a meeting point for scientists all over the world. As a participant of this eminent organization and the host Josh Gates offers special access to the Club’s storied archives, incredible artifacts, expert staff, and even fellow members and explorers. 

About ‘TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB’ and expectations

The series ‘TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB’ will portray the achievements of 50 real-life action heroes the world needs to know about. Those people included Jim Lovell, Gertrude Bell, Ernest Shackleton, Chuck Yeager, and Sir Edmund Hillary. The show is hosted by the Discovery network. Discovery and The Explorers Club are coming up with the most scenic adventures of the legendary club to real life in a whole new and different perspective that the world never thought of.

With Discovery’s famous show Expedition Unknown’s, Josh Gates as the best-suited guide, TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB will take spectators inside Explorers Club’s New York headquarters to present the stories of adventurers who pushed the boundaries, suspecting to Earth’s highest peaks, the North and South poles, outer space, and even into deepest ocean trenches. 



About the show, Josh Gates, the host, stated, “To me, The Explorers Club is a temple. I’ve often journeyed through its history-filled rooms and thought if these walls could say something. In ‘TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB’, I’m overjoyed to strip back the past and highlight the true adventure and influential accomplishments of our fearless members.” Last time in 2021, with support from the same Discovery network, The Explorers Club began another crucial project – The Explorers Club 50 (EC50): Fifty People Changing the World that the World Needs to Know About.

The main motto of the program was to contemplate the great diversity of humans on the cutting edge of the expedition and to help expand the voices of these innovators. The project helped preserve efforts in Iraq, produced leading research on orbital debris and space junk, promoted environmental stewardship to facilitate inter-tribal relations in Africa, organized efforts to conserve large parts of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, decoded the secrets of Egyptian animal mummies, and studied the pre-Hispanic Maya and contemporary perceptions of self-identity on Maya communities. 

Each unique episode will center on the substantial Explorers Club’s members and their daring achievements. How they changed the world; from a father and son’s dangerous mission to explore the world’s deepest oceanic trench, Challenger Deep, to Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s first memorable summit of Mount Everest.


All the main roles are been played by real-life characters. As stated earlier, the host of the show will be Josh Gates except for him, here are other cast members (real-life) – Nina Lanza, Jonas Olsen, Even Kovacs, Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Connor Wood, Jamin Greenbaum, and Ed Lu. The frictional characters will be played by David Moskowitz, Drew Hale, Aaron Feder, Maxx Naseef, Mike Nyman, Archer McKnight, Matthew Reis, Chad A. Fehr, and Drew Phillips.

TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB Release date and Where to watch?

The Season 1 of the highly adventurous series TALES FROM THE EXPLORERS CLUB will be released on 31st August 2022. The series will stream on the Discovery network, and you will be able to watch it online from the Discovery+ website. 

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