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Concentration of Malice Chapter 67: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Depths of Malice
Van Brandit | Ver Alberhart | Blaine

Manhwa is taking things away like a storm. Until the recent decade, manhwa wasn’t that popular, but now we have so many anime adaptions from these insanely good comics that everyone loves. For those who don’t know, Manhwa is the counterpart of manga, with the only difference being that the writers are not Japanese but Korean.

In other words, we can also say that Korean manga is called manhwa. We have witnessed so many legendary series up until now, manhwa like Solo Levelling, The Beginning After the End, and Lookism came and took a major part of the current mainstream series.

For a new reader/watcher who is just getting introduced to the animanga community, manhwa can be a pretty good start. Unlike your typical manga, manhwa is more interesting to read with colored panels and also with a normal reading style from left to right. Mangas don’t have colored panels, and they are read from right-to-left, which can be a little tricky for a first-timer. 

The manhwas have a very vast variety of genres from which you can choose a great comic to give read. The romance and drama genres are quite famous among them, with what seems like an endless list of options to choose from. 

A romance manhwa with a pinch of fantasy and drama can be your go-to read on a simple evening, but be careful with today’s topic. The ‘Concentration of Malice’ or at some moments called ‘Depths of Malice’, this manhwa isn’t your normal fairytale types stories with rainbows and butterflies; it’s way more than that.

Depths of Malice


So let’s go ahead and talk a little about today’s topic ‘Concentration of Malice’.

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About Concentration of Malice: Is it really what it seems like?

‘Concentration of Malice’ is an adult, drama, romance and fantasy manhwa written by Lachik and Paidu. It was first released back in march 2022 and since then it has been a decent amount of fan-base with new issues every week.

Our Story Starts with a girl named Rita. She is a bar waitress and she blames a certain man named Marquis Carter for her current situation. We then further learn that she was supposed to be a lady for a noble family she became a waitress due to some unfortunate circumstances.

There is not much we know about Rita’s past but there are a few things. At the age of 16, her mother committed suicide when because of defamation and false accusation from Marquis. At the age of 19, she was sexually assaulted and at the age of 23, she had a chronic lung disease. She only had a limited time to live.

Despite all these problems, there’s one thing she never gave up on and that was to take revenge on Marquis. It’s when she finds a handsome shaman who gives her an offer. He gives her a chance to switch lives with a girl named Verta Alberthart.

Depths of Malice

Verta | Rita

Verta is a lady from a noble family, and she is suicidal. Verta even says that she is jealous of Rita and that she doesn’t have to put any effort into dying.

Rita, without thinking even a second takes the deal, she has lost every sense of right and wrong, and she is determined to survive. After switching places, she finds out about the real problems of Verta and her problems.

She is delighted to know that Verta is somehow connected to Marquis carter. It’s when she decides to crush anyone in her way and show how deep her malice goes.

Chapter 66: Recap!

Blaine invites Verta to stay at his accommodation for the night after saving her from the kidnappers. Verta wakes up in the middle of the night to drink some water and finds Blaine sitting right in front of her door in the corridor.

Depths of Malice

Verta | Blaine, Chapter Panels

He was sitting there to keep a check on her in case she may need something. Blaine quickly goes to fetch some water for her while Verta just sits on her bed thinking about the recent incidents of kidnapping and contemplating how she may feel about Blaine. 

Concentration of Malice Chapter 67: Spoilers!

As of writing this article, there are no official spoilers from the writer since chapter 66 has been recently published. The only thing we have for spoilers are fan theories and speculation. To be practical, we don’t even need theories at this point because chapter 66 ends on such an obvious note that it’s easy to assume what will happen in the next chapter.

We can expect that there are gonna be some intense moments of love and chemistry between Verta and Blaine, and fans are ready for all of it.

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Concentration of Malice Chapter 67: Release date and time 

The Concentration of Malice is a weekly comic with new issues every Thursday. As of now, we don’t have any information on the delay of the next chapter, so it is safe to say that Concentration of Malice Chapter 67 is going to be released on 19th January 2023. 

The timings and dates may differ depending on the time zone so keep that in mind.

  • 08:30 hrs Pacific Standard Time. 
  • 10:30 hrs Central Standard Time. 
  • 18:00 hrs Indian Standard Time
  • 05:30 hrs Japanese Standard Time.

Concentration of Malice: Where to Read?

Concentration of Malice is a weekly issue manhwa with new issues every Thursday. If you want to read the official scans of this manhwa, you can read them on Lezhin Comics, Topmanhua, and Toomics. These are all legal sites, and you will get all the updates on these sites first.

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