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There are various web novels, or what we popularly call them these days, manhwas, or are being written in South Korea right now. One such is Solo Leveling. It has been written by Chugong. The plot, for the first time, was converted to episodes by Kakao’s digital comic as well as fiction platform back on the 25th of July 2016. Later, all the fans witnessed it getting published by D&C Media under its Papyrus label on the 4th of November 2016, and it has been going on ever since. For all the die-hard fans who have already finished reading Solo Leveling and are searching for mangas with more or less the same theme, then here we are at your aid. Here, we have wrapped up a variety of manhwas that share the same theme as that of Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

In this story, the readers can follow Hyun Lee as she is residing with his grandmother. They all are currently in poverty, and she is working part-time while trying to earn a living. One fine day, she gets herself admitted to a virtual reality game known as Royal Road. She does, so just earn a quick few extra bucks. Despite the fact that he wants to earn money by gambling, he is just a sculptor who makes a very less amount. The boy always tries to get free lunches by flirting with the NPCs.

Then we see him working around the clock so as to improve his skills. This is where we witness him being quite determined to create a form of an avatar that will get his entire family out of hardship. Just like we have seen Solo Leveling, in this manga too, the protagonist keeps on getting stronger to the point where he gets highly powered. All this while, the lead character also tries to sway the spotlight away, and the entire tale has a system of leveling.

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The Beginning After The End

In this tale, we come across King Gray, who has such strength as well as riches and reputation in a world that can not be matched by others. He is residing at a place where people are dominated by martial skills. Despite his greatness in this world, he is just a lonely man. He portrays to have a quite glamorous exterior while he poses as an unbeatable king, he barely manages to hide the shell of a man who lacks purpose as well as will. The whole show is created in a new world that is full of magic as well as monsters. Even the king has two chances to relive his life. Despite all of that, correcting the mistakes that a person has made in the past is not the only hardship.

You guys should know that just below the peace as well as the money that is included in the new world, we have an undercurrent. This fact is continuously threatening to destroy everything that people have ever worked for. It also questions your entire existence and the reason as to why they are being born again. Just like we have acknowledged in Solo Leveling, the main protagonist of the show grows throughout the story and learns while also becoming powerful. Both the stories have employed that intriguing element of fantasy and have magical beasts.

The Beginning After The End

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

The story is set at a point in time where Dokja, our lead protagonist, had no idea about anything. Although, in the future, his favorite web novel called Three Ways To Survive The Apocalypse is going to come to life. Later in the scenes, the audience will find out that he has become the only living person who knows how the world is going to end. Then he becomes the protagonist of this novel he liked while every fiction he thought was impossible, is coming to life.

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At this point in time, Dokja sets on an adventure to change the course of history while also saving humanity once and for all. Just like the manhwa of Solo Leveling, this story also has the player style. Both the tale features a place where the protagonist lives, which has changed a lot over the course of time. If you look closely, it might be noticeable that it has a similar form of art.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

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