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One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date: Is It Another Enemies-To-Lovers Show?

One Dollar Lawyer

Last Updated on September 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Another Korean legal drama has been released fresh out of the oven. After seeing the success of the other K-dramas like The Law Cafe and Lawless Lawyer, we have high hopes for the season. Adding to that, our lead characters are from the MBC series “The Veil” as well. 

The plotline is woven together by the writers Choi Chang Hwan and Choi Soo Jin. The main lead Chun Ji Hoon, played by Namkoong Min, is the lawyer who only accepts a thousand won or one dollar for every case. The show is therefore named One Dollar Lawyer, or One Thousand Won Lawyer, after his unusual charging practice. He is immediately loved by his clients and other people around him for his low charges despite him being one of the most successful lawyers. 

The Kim Jae Hyun and Shin Jung Hoon-directed series has recently released its first episode, and it did numbers. On the premiere day itself, more than 1.5 million viewers turned up to watch the series in South Korea alone. After the d-day, the series has mostly received positive comments. Let’s see what it brings next.

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One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Preview

The other main lead besides Chun Ji Hoon is Baek Ma Ri, played by Kim Ji Eun, who is a graduate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute and also the Assistant of the Prosecutor. While working in her grandfather’s law firm called Baek Law Firm, her life was swaying normally. But things started to change after she met Cheon Ji Hun. Baek Ma Ri is a royal prosecutor who is also a confident woman. She is portrayed as a strong female character and not just as a love interest of the male lead. 

The other important characters to look out for are Seo Min Hyuk, played by Choi Dae Hoon, Sa Ma Jang, played by Park Jin Woo, and Baek Hyun Moo, played by Lee Deok Hwa. The series is also categorized as a comedy-drama, which means you can expect some punchlines here and there. Besides the main episodes and the chemistry between the main leads, the other details, like the animated intro, is a nice touch.

“The Veil” lovers are excited to see their favorites on screen again. With the first episode released recently, the next episode is also on the way and will release soon.

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The season starts with chaos, and Cheon Ji Hoon can be seen running toward a bridge to stop a man from jumping off a bridge. Ji Hoon charismatically manages to talk him out of doing so eventually. On asking the man, he said that he was deep in debt, which is the reason for him trying to jump off. This man becomes Ju Hoon’s first client of the series as he is offered help for just a thousand won. 

On the other hand, Baek Ma Ri is dealing with a sexual harassment case while the guy flirts with her nonchalantly. With no further delay, our main leads finally meet each other. In their first interaction, Ma Ri thinks that Ji Hoon is the owner of the place she is at, and things get awkward when she finds out that he is not. The meeting was cute, and the fans instantly started to ship them. 


Streaming on SBS

Later, we get to see more cases. There was another guy who was charged with burglary and who had previously been charged four times for pickpocketing as well. The episode ends with the beginning of the trial. Till now, we have only watched Ma Ri being annoyed with Ji Hoon, which may be the start of their enemies-to-lovers arc. 

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date

The second episode of One Dollar Lawyer, or One Thousand Won Lawyer, is set to release on 24th September 2022. After the last episode, we can expect a lot of upcoming cases and much more banter between our main leads, Ma Ri and Ji Hoon.

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 2: How To Watch

The series is currently being aired on SBS TV every Friday and Saturday each week. The series is also streaming on Disney+ for online viewers. You can watch the series live at 10:00 pm Korean time (KST). If you are watching from other countries, you can check it out at:

  • 6:30 pm IST
  • 6:00 am PST
  • 9:00 am EST
  • 8:00 am CST
  • 10:00 pm JST
  • 11:00 pm AEST

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