Did Ray Charles Cheat on his Wife?

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He always played country, rhythm, and blues, or rock and roll with his unique style. Often described as a genius, Ray Charles Robinson was born in 1930 in Albania. His music career started early; by the age of seven, he was completely blind due to glaucoma. Ray studied music at St. Augustine School for Deaf and studentsBlind when at 15. After his mother passed away, he quit pursuing music professionally. The late forties were the beginning of his career. One of his first hits was “I Got A Woman.”

Nonetheless, it was in the 50s that he became famous with the release of a string of hit recordings such as “The Night Time is the Right Time,” “Lonely Avenue,” and “What I’d Say.” In 1961 his album Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music went Gold. He then produced several albums that won him nine Grammies. In 1989, Ray Charles became a Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame member. With 34 albums under his belt, he is considered one of America’s greatest musicians and pianists who went down in history as an innovative artist.

Ray charles
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Ray Charles’ spouses

The reason for the marriage was that Ray wanted to do everything he could for his career, including being with someone who would allow him to remain accessible. Eileen was not a fan of the spotlight, allowing him to keep his privacy in ways other wives would not have. Eileen Williams also had affection for him because she loved music, so they never faced any problems or conflicts that could have caused trouble in their marriage. It’s unclear when they divorced, but they did so quite amiably.

Eileen Williams confessed that she had no idea that she would get married to him; she only agreed because it was what she thought he wanted, and in return, he promised to be her manager.

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After their marriage lasted for one year, they had four children. By the end of their marriage, Ray Charles had lost his hearing and sight in one eye due to the progressive glaucoma disease that followed a car accident. He also had bipolar disorder and depression after he stopped touring and started working with more studio musicians.

After his divorce from his wife in the year 1952, he got married to Della Beatrice Howard in the year 1955. They were seen together on tours and parties. They first met in Texas in 1954. Ray Charles Robertson Jr. was the first child they had in 1955. They had two more children whom they raised in view park, California.

Ray charles

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Ray Charles’s extramarital affairs

Ray Charles was revealed to have a six-year-long affair with Margie Hendrix, one of the original Raelettes. Hendrix suggests it was the great love of her life and said: “I know that I loved him since I was a teenager.” The affair started when Charles invited Hendrix to his house in Los Angeles to expand his Raelettes list.

Charles saw Hendrix singing at a party, and he wanted her to be one of his Raelettes, but she declined, not wanting the commitment. When she changed her mind, he said: “I am telling you right now, you are making the biggest mistake of your life.” However, she still joined his band, and the affair started shortly after.

Ray charles playing piano
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Charles recognized Hendrix had talent and put her as one of his soloists. She appeared in his album The Genius Sings The Blues in 1960, which became a big hit. She also appeared in Charles’s tour at the Apollo in 1964. Both Charles and Hendrix denied the affair when an American magazine called Jet revealed it in 1994,. Still, Hendrix admitted it later on when Richard Carpenter interviewed her for a book he was writing about the Raelette’s history. (Baldwin, 2012)

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Charles had children from previous marriages with Annie LaRue and Della Bea Robinson. They even had a son together in 1959 named Charles Wayne. He was also rumored to have an affair with Mae Mosely Lyles and had a daughter named Renee.

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