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Danielle Olivera Cheating: The Shocking Revelations & Controversy

Danielle Olivera cheating
Danielle Olivera Cheating Revelation

What do we know about Danielle Olivera’s cheating revelation? Summer House fans were taken by surprise as show alum Mya Allen has recently admitted that she was not aware of her former boyfriend Oliver Gray’s red flags while they were dating for over a year.

Allen admitted that while now breakup is easy, she thinks she is still dealing with a lot of it, but also thinks how it is so easy to want to blame oneself for not seeing the signs or not seeing the red flags, as she believe that as women that is what happens in most cases.

While the entire discovery has been released by Mya Allen herself, Danielle Olivera recently also shared her side of the story while talking about the cheating rumor. When asked by host Andy Cohen, it seems like Danielle Olivera did not quite hold back this time. Turns out the cheating rumor was not about another Summer Housepair, Kyle and Amanda! Let us find out all about the Danielle Olivera cheating revelation and more. 

Danielle Olivera Cheating: Here’s What We Know

Danielle Olivera recently made a shocking revelation when asked by host Andy Cohen to reveal the identity of the person who cheated on his partner. The late-night television host later put forward the three current “Summer House” pairs: Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, and Amanda Batula, and Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover.

Danielle Olivera cheating

All about Danielle Olivera’s cheating allegation

However, Oliver shut down all the options that were given by Cohen. It was Cohen who later suggested the estranged pair Mya and Oliver’s name. Host Andy Cohen went on to ask whether Oliver Gray was the unfaithful person in question, leading Olivera to confirm his suspicions in her way.

Cohen later quipped by saying that must have been the reason why Oliver and Mya parted ways for good. Mya herself has also come forward while making a few shocking revelations about her relationship. 

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Did Oliver Cheat on Mya Allen?

When it was asked to Mya Allen about Oliver Gray seeing other people when they were dating, she might have implied that Oliver was cheating on her. She further stated that she would not say there was one event, but she thinks that the more truth one learns about somebody, the more one can decide to roll with it or leave it, and she decided to leave it.

Mya Allen also added saying said that Gray was not the man she thought he was, as she thinks Oliver represented himself one way and turned out to be another. She stated that she was not a victim but just collateral damage as she bought the dream that Oliver sold.

The Summer House alum said that she broke things off with Gray once she discovered all about the deception while saying how as soon as she started to become wise to things, it was soon over as she does not like to waste time in that regard and chose to move on for good. 

Is Mya Allen Single?

Mya Allen has confirmed that she is now single, and Olivera is also single. Olivera further stated that she is not quite ready to date after sharing that she and Robert Sieber broke up. And although Olivera explained that her breakup was due to logistics, Allen was cheated on by her former partner, who has made her think that she needs more time before getting back out there in the dating pool again.

Danielle Olivera cheating

Mya and Oliver

Allen explained how she has not really been out there like that and is currently dealing with the breakup. She also admitted that it has been difficult, and although it was on television, it was a very real relationship that she had real feelings about, so she is dealing with it her way and is doing the best she can.

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