Is Alyssa Diaz Pregnant? The Rookie Star is Expecting

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Alyssa Diaz

Want to know, if Alyssa Diaz is pregnant? Yes, we are talking about The Rookie actress who seems to be expecting. But, the question is how much truth is that? This speculation has become more obvious as she, as Angela Lopez is seen pregnant in The Rookie as well. What do you think? Also, who is her baby daddy? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Alyssa Diaz’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Alyssa Diaz is majorly known for playing Celia Ortega in the soap opera, As the World Turns. Born in 1985, and hailing from Northridge, Alyssa is now 37 years old. Some of her hit acting credits include How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Parallel, Shark, Southland, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Army Wives, Ray Donovan, Zoo, etc. Haven’t you watched Narcos: Mexico Season 1? She portrayed Mika Camarena. 

Talking about her latest work, Alyssa Diaz did a television film, Ray Donovan: The Movie, last year. She portrayed Teresa. 

Coming back to Alyssa Diaz’s pregnancy, fans are very much convinced that it’s true in real life. The actress already shares a baby boy, though. But, what about her present situation? If you are looking for the validity of Alyssa’s pregnancy rumors, here is what we know. 

Is Alyssa Diaz Pregnant?
Alyssa Diaz

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The Rookie Star Alyssa Diaz Pregnant In Real Life: How Much True Is That? 

Well, Alyssa Diaz is very much secretive when it comes to her personal life. In other words, she prefers to keep things low-key, initially. 

In The Rookie Season 5 Episode 13, we saw Alyssa Diaz was pregnant with her second child. Yes, we are talking about the character, Detective Angela Lopez. Witnessing how her baby bump seems so real, fans are very much convinced that it is happening in reality too. But, the saddest part is, the actress has not confirmed the news of her real-life second-time pregnancy yet. We are still waiting for Alyssa to announce this on social media. 

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What about Angela Lopez’s first-time pregnancy? Well, that was showcased while matching with her in real life. What does that mean? It was in 2020 when Alyssa Diaz was expecting her first child. The Rookie show writers decided to bring that up in the series. They didn’t opt for hiding her intruding baby bump. It was so realistic. 

Knowing this, fans are more convinced now. People are thinking that this time when The Rookie has Angela pregnant, it should surely be happening with Alyssa in real life. 

Alyssa Diaz’s pregnancy news calls for the discussion of who her love interest is. We can also address the person as her baby daddy. Who is he? Well, Alyssa Diaz’s partner is named- Gustavo Galindo. In case you are wondering, Gustavo, is a professional music artist. Some of his songs, which you must try out listening to are Wrong Things Right, Prayer, The Lucky Ones, Chasing Lightening, It’s Out There Waiting, etc. 

Is Alyssa Diaz Pregnant?
Alyssa Diaz and Gustavo Galino

It was in 2020, when Alyssa Diaz and her love interest, Gustavo Galino got blessed with their first child, a baby boy. However, the actress tries to keep his little kid away from the spotlight. Talking about her relationship with Gustavo, nothing much about it is known. No, they have possibly not married yet but are engaged. 

Gustavo Galino and Alyssa Diaz are very much in love with each other. We aren’t sure when they are going to get hitched, as there have been no official statements regarding plans. But, looking at him, Gustavo seems to be very much supportive. 

Best Wishes to Alyssa Diaz for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Alyssa, on her Instagram account for more updates. We are hopeful that Alyssa Diaz’s second-time pregnancy news turns out to be true. 

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