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Is Lucy on The Rookie Pregnant in Real Life?

Melissa O'Neil
Melissa O'Neil: Is She Really Pregnant?

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A baseless rumor is spreading widely about “Melissa O’Neill” that she could be pregnant. However, this rumor is untrue and baseless and comes from a website called “Media Mass.” Recently, Canadian tabloids made a rumor that “Melissa O’Neill” is pregnant after she stated something about a “baby bump”. The Canadian tabloid report says that a source close to the couple stated that they were expecting a child.

The actress-singer has previously had romantic relationships with a few people. Between 2011 and 2013, she allegedly dated yoga instructor Matthew Rossoff. On her Instagram, she frequently posted nice images of the two of them together and referred to him as “my love.” It’s unclear if they are still a couple, though. In addition, O’Neil was romantically associated with Daniel Birnbaum when she shared photos of the two of them together. But it came out that he was actually her agent.

As always, Hollywood gossip is a thing that is never going to end. The articles published by the website can seem very real because they cite sources for every rumor. However, this rumor is baseless and untrue, as the website that made the rumor about her pregnancy itself confirms that everything is untrue. Also, the actress doesn’t share much about her personal life, and she has neither accepted nor denied this rumor so far. We don’t know so far if she is dating someone or has married someone, so it is baseless to think that she could be pregnant.

Melissa O'Neil

Pregnancy Rumors About Melissa O’Neill.

Is Lucy on The Rookie Pregnant in Real Life?

As we all know, the last season of “The Rookie” was amazing, and this is the only reason that viewers are assuming so much about the upcoming season. Despite this, “Makia Cox” (“Nyla Harper”) is expecting a kid, and she is also a mom to Lila, as it is revealed in 11 episodes of the show. Now a new member could join “Nyla’s and Lila’s” family. So fans are speculating that “Lucy Chen” (“Melissa O’Neill”) could be pregnant.

However, she is not pregnant as she was facing her trauma in the last season, so there is not any surprise so far for the upcoming season. If she was pregnant, then the last season could have given us a hint or clue, but this is not even in the talk. Also, there is not even a hint by the show makers or any trustworthy source of Lucy being pregnant in the upcoming season.

Melissa O'Neil

Melissa O’Neil As “Lucy” In Rookie

If these rumors are true, then the show has the following impact:

If she is pregnant, then there is a higher chance that she can leave the show, as pregnant women need to rest for their last months. So it can have a bad impact on the show because losing a character in the middle of the show can cause the fall of the show because usually, fans are in contact with the character, and suddenly losing the character can cause a fall in fan following.

If she continues to work while pregnant, then the show would be on a different track because pregnancy leads to a baby bump, and the show makers can’t hide the baby bump. Hence, they could make the “Lucy” character pregnant in the upcoming season, which will lead this to a different track than we can’t expected. There is another thing that can happen. That is, she can demand more money to work ahead because working while pregnant is not an easy thing to do.

This rumor has a good effect on the show.

Whether “Lucy” and “Melissa O’Neil” are pregnant or not, the show is getting its full attention because of these rumors, which are spreading speedily. Rumors are things that always impact shows, whether they’re good or bad. Sometimes the makers of the show or cast make rumors deliberately to get enough attention for the show. Many times, these rumors cause the fall of a show.

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