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Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Dean is Frustrated

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2
Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2

In Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2 recap, we will see how Junior joins “the Crest,” a secret society, but tension mounts between him and Annika because she thinks he was chosen not because of his talents but for the color of his skin. Also, the university is using Junior’s face to promote diversity and inclusion, which doesn’t seem cool in the Annika playbook. So how will that be a major plot line this season, along with its fallout?

In the last episode, we saw how Zoey came back to Cal U to help out Junior, and she realized that she missed Cal U. Then, we saw Junior ditching his dorm life to attend a White-themed party hosted by Doug. Now, join us for this week’s Grown-ish recap without further ado!

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

We kick off our episode with Junior, he’s adapting to the busy life of the college and feels a strong physical and emotional attraction to Annika Longstreet; she’s classy, confident, and feels ready for almost anything. While they are in the hall, Annika informs her roommates that she is running for student council. Even Zaara and Zeke are joining clubs, but Junior’s only priority is obtaining a degree to maximize his financial gain. He won’t be able to join Crest, Cal U’s secret organization, Annika cautions him.

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2

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Junior swears he has no time for pranks while attending California University, but as he enters campus, he is dragged into a dark van and given a hood over his head. Junior can’t help but be thrilled that The Crest, Cal U’s highly secret organization, has selected him as their newest member. Aaron receives a motivating text from Zoe as he goes to his first class as an assistant professor and bumps into Doug on the way to work. Aaron makes fun of Doug for wearing a suit, but Doug counters that he only does grinding. He’s on track to reduce his five-year plan to two.

Junior And The Crest

Junior’s roommates inquire after him on his whereabouts following his covert encounter with the Crest. He acknowledges that he was chosen to join, and Annika is incensed that they picked him over her. She is upset and says they chose him because he is a safe option. Annika is certain Junior was only chosen for the Crest because he is a Black man from the suburbs who will boost their diversity credentials and make them seem good. Annika storms off in a rage after he informs her that it is not his fault she doesn’t obtain a spot herself.

At his employment, Doug persuades the photographer to adopt his suggestions after the shoot goes wrong. Aaron realizes that he has taken on a new role in the diversity movement at Cal U. He starts to feel taken advantage of when he recognizes himself in the newest Cal U promotional film. Doug urges Aaron to cause trouble at Cal U and refuses to be the face of the university unless they make the genuine change when he gets home, fired up from pitching his ideas to the photographer. Aaron decides to go for it in his subsequent discussion with the dean.

Diversity Issues

Junior is certain that Annika was wrong about him being a safe pick at the Crest’s subsequent meeting. He meets Kyle, another Black man in the community, who calls him Barack, much like Annika, and chats to him about how circumstances are changing for Black college students. Junior is irritated by this, and he nominates Annika for the society while complaining that more Black kids are being accepted despite their risky decisions. Surprised, Kyle asserts that everyone can see that Annika is the wrong fit for the Crest. Kyle refers to Annika as ghetto when Junior pushes him on it.

Instead of accepting the invitation to join and picturing hitting him in the face, Junior declines and requests a ride home. He visits Annika in the dorm and informs her that he will not be joining. She retracts her characterization of him as a safe option and says her true motivation is to serve as an example. Annika joins Kyle, the person who informed Junior she was ghetto, when she and Junior decide they need to find their own homes to live in. When the roommates arrive at a school in the afternoon, Junior determines that while he still needs to find his place, he might already have found his people.

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 2

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At Doug’s employment, Robin is not pleased with him for speaking with the photographer and referring to himself as an account executive when he is not one. She immediately fires him after claiming he significantly overstepped. As he gathers his belongings and hands over his key, Doug is heartbroken. Doug’s enthusiasm inflamed Aaron, who tells Dean Watson that he doesn’t feel at ease with the advertisements and campaigns that include his face and the tagline “Black educated minds matter.” Later, he learns that the dean had another brown man on campus replace his image.

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Grown-ish Season 2 Trailer

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date

Grown-ish Season 5 Episode 3 will release on August 3, 2022, in Free form at 22:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. The upcoming episode will be titled “No New Friends”

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