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Rich Man Cast: In-depth Look Into The Characters

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview
'EXO Suho' in 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'

The K-series Rich Man has a richly talented cast as well as an interesting storyline. Rich man surrounds the lives of four characters named Lee Yoo Chan, Kim Bora, Min Tae Joo, and Min Tae Ro. Lee Yoo Chan is the CEO of the gaming company Next In and is evidently very rich. The only problem that ever rises for him is that he has prosopagnosia, which makes him forget the faces of people really easily. He has even forgotten the face of his partner. During the selection of his new employees, Lee Yoo Chan meets Kim Bora. Since his company is very sought after, the test to get in is extremely tough.

However, Kim Bora, a jobless college graduate, makes a good impression during the test. Since Min Tae Joo, Yoo Chan’s friend and also the Vice-Chairman of Next In recommends Kim Bora, she effortlessly becomes an employee of Next In. Lastly, Min Tae Ra is the younger sister of Min Tae Joo and works as a curator for a gallery.

 Everything from the romance to the chemistry of the lead actors of the Rich Man cast had been perfect. There was not a single time that a member of the Rich Man cast did not evoke the feelings of the audience. So, without further ado, let us start getting to know the Rich Man cast!

1. Suho

Many of you might know the member of the Rich Man cast, Suho, out of his acting career. Suho is mots popularly known as a K-pop idol and an EXO member. Despite the group’s busy schedules, he has starred in some K-dramas, and movies like One Way TripStudent A, Gift, The Universe’s Star, and How Are You Bread. Suho had recently been discharged from the military and released his first solo extended play, Self Portrait. 

rich man cast


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2. Ha Yeon Soo

The next member of the Rich Man cast is Ha Yeon Soo. Ha Yeon Soo made her acting debut with the film Very Ordinary Couple. The actress is most popularly known for her roles as Min Ye Si from Monster, Seo Mi Oh from Legendary Witch, and Iris from Oh! Dear Half-Basement Goddess. Her most recent K-drama was Rich Man itself. In 2021, she made her debut as a painter with the solo exhibition “Ha Yeon Soo: The Form of Memory,” and after her contract with her company expired, she moved to Japan to study art.

rich man cast

Ha Yeon Soo

3. Oh Chang Seok

Next up is Oh Chang Seok! Oh Chang Seok debuted as an actor in a minor role in the 2007 film May 18. He has earned his name through Princess Aurora, Come! Jang Bo-ri, Defendant and Love#Hashtag.

rich man cast

Oh Chang Seok

4. Kim Ye Won

The last leading actress in the Rich Man cast is Kim Ye Won! She had first started to become a dancer and was learning to dance until she had to quit due to an ankle injury. However, she soon found out that she was as passionate about acting as dancing. Her most famous K-dramas are Suspicious Partner and Rich Man. 

rich man cast

Kim Ye won

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