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Doctor Stranger Cast: Get To Know The Star Studded Kdrama Cast

A medical kdrama with history, romance, kidnapping, and all things good. Doctor Stranger kdrama cast is to this day considered a miracle because of the amount of the top Hallyu Stars that were a part of it. Additionally, the screenplay of the kdrama was written by Park Jin-Woo who is best known for his work in The Kingdom of the Winds, Conspiracy In The Court, and Temptation. Doctor Stranger kdrama is directed by Hong Jong Chan (Her Private Life) and Jin Hyeok (The Legend Of The Blue Sea). The exciting kdrama consists of a total of twenty episodes. The plot of Doctor Stranger revolves around Park Hoon and his father who ends up getting kidnapped by North Korea when Park Hoon was very young. Additionally, Park Hoon’s father raises him to be an excellent heart surgeon. When he grows up, Park Hoon creates a plan to move to South Korea with his girlfriend. However, things go wrong at the very last moment and Park Hoon ends up being the only one to make it across the borders. In South Korea, he does everything to make enough money to bring his girlfriend to South Korea.

Get To Know The Doctor Stranger Cast

The kdrama was brilliantly executed and the Doctor Stranger’s kdrama cast was brilliant and made fans go through an emotional rollercoaster. Let us get to know Doctor Stranger’s kdrama cast.

Lee Jong Suk

The brilliant Lee Jong Suk was leading the Doctor Stranger cast. For those of you who do not know, Lee Jong Suk is one of the best actors in South Korea and used to be a former YG Entertainment trainee. He plays the role of Park Hoon in Doctor Stranger. He is best known for his performances in 7 First Kisses, While You Were Sleeping, and Romance Is a Bonus Book.

Doctor Stranger cast

Lee Jong Suk

Jin Se Yeon

The award-winning actress Jin Se Yeon played a leading role in the Doctor Stranger cast. Furthermore, Jin Se Yeon has been in the acting industry for over two decades now. Jin Se Yeon was actually going to debut as a member of the Jewelry girl group under Star Empire Entertainment. The actress brilliantly played the double role of Song Jae Hee and Han Seung Hee. Jin Se Yeon received wide acknowledgment for this role. Apart from Doctor Stranger, Jin Se Yeon has also delivered award-winning performances in Queen: Love And War, The Flower In Prison, and Inspiring Generation.

Doctor Stranger Cast

Jin Se Yeon

Kang So Ra

The beautiful Kang So Ra played the role of Oh Soo Hyun in Doctor Stranger. The actress is currently managed by Plum A & C agency. She is best known for her performances in Misaeng: Incomplete Life, Warm and Cozy, and My Lawyer, Mr.Jo.

Doctor Stranger Cast

Kang So Ra


Park  Hae Jin

Renowned actor Park Hae Jin also played a leading role in Doctor Stranger kdrama. Furthermore, Park Hae Jin has received multiple awards for his brilliant performances throughout the year. In Doctor Stranger, Park Hae Jin plays the role of Han Jae Hoon. The actor is best known for his performances in My Love from the Star, Cheese in the Trap, and 7 First Kisses.

Doctor Stranger Cast

Park Hae Jin

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