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How To Fight Chapter 148 Release Date: How To Smuggle Drugs Inside Prison?

How To Fight Chapter 148: How To Smuggle Drugs Inside Prison?
How To Fight Chapter 148

How To Fight Chapter 148 continues after Hobin has a great battle where he wins and talks with Mr. Ohj. Hobin has defeated a knife villain after using the old-fashioned way to be at a guy wielding a knife. Mr. Ohj and Hobin talk over a phone call and realize they spent a long time e without talking or meeting. Hobin reveals that he is dealing with a “you” problem, and his friends wonder if h is talking to Lee Jinho. Ohj asks Hobin how he knows that he will call him. Han believes that Lee’s voice is irritating her.  

Ohj asks Lee about that channel; he even shows his face on the stream and wonders if Hobin is trying to mess with him. Hobin replies that he will make sure Ohj will go to jail for a long time. Ohj asks Hobin if he thinks jail is scary and if he can hurry and do what he wants. Ohj appears on the other side of his territory with a chubby boss and reveals that he is starting something new since Hobin made him lose everything he has. He says that the world has changed with bad people. 

Ohj reveals that he is rising against and is stronger with a new crew. Ohj’s crew is working at his territory while he talks with Hobin. He reminds Hobin to be ready since he is stronger than before and asks if Hobin will be able to handle him. Hobin realizes that Ohj hits hard, but he was talkative before they met and smashed his face and changed it. He promises that he will make Ohj pay, and Ohj believes that Hobin will see something amazing. Ohj reminds Hobin that he will learn who will be the one standing the day they meet. 

Lee Jinho

Lee Jinho

Previously on How To Fight Chapter 147

The chapter title is “You want to Get Married?” It was revealed that Lee Jin Ho changed his identity, and he is now addressing himself as Ohj. The knife villain guy is arrested after Hobin finishes talking to Ohj. Moon Gang Tae and his gang were also arrested. The police made a surprise raid and caught the entire gang. However, the entire Moon GangTae Business was shut down, and the police also found a lot of drugs, but evidence that linked them to Lee Jin Ho was erased before the arrest. Before the arrest, Lee Jin Ho’s evidence was erased, and the trump card included Park Mun Ho and Bae Jinchan. 

Mun and Jinchan were sent to juvie for drug-related crimes. Jinchan has lost everything, and he has no connection that can help him escape jail. Jincha’s wife believes that her husband will rise again. Jinchan tells his wife that someone like him is unworthy of her. But Jinchan’s family continues to support him. Jichan’s wife promises that she will be waiting for him and that he will reform. Jinchan shed tears after realizing people cared about him and that he could change his life. 

How To Fight Chapter 148: How To Smuggle Drugs Inside Prison?

How To Fight

Later inside the prison, Jinchan talks with his inmate Mon about his withdrawal since it has been a while. Mon wonders if there is something he can do to help Jinchan. He reveals how they can smuggle drugs inside since a new knowledgeable guy is in their cell. Jinchan introduces the new guy and realizes that the guy is the real deal. He wonders if they won’t get caught while smuggling drugs. The other guy admits that people don’t change after seeing Jinchan attempting to do drugs again. Meanwhile, Hobin and his friend learn something new on tv. 

How To Fight Chapter 148 Release Date

How To Fight Chapter 148 will be released on 19 September 2022. Hobin welcomes new guest and also talk with Bomi over a phone call. Hobin has also started a new project and vows to dethrone Lee. A new mission begins in the next chapter. You can check out How To Fight Chapter 148 latest updates below. 

Read How To Fight Chapter 148 Online – Raw Details

You can read How To Fight Chapter 148 online on different websites. How To Fight Manga will continue for a long time without taking a break. However, we will update those curious about the official website after the manga confirms it. But you can still enjoy reading How To Fight Manga Chapters online. Let’s meet after How To Fight Chapter 148 is released. 

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