What Happened To John Combe From Home Town? HGTV Viewers Are Wondering

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What Happened To John Combe From Hometown? Viewers Are Wondering
What Happened To John Combe From Hometown? Viewers Are Wondering

Followers of John Combe are interested to learn What Occurred To John Combe Of Home town and Who Is John Combe because each installment of House Town introduces audiences to a fresh client seeking to transform a piece of land into their dream house. Once they viewed “The Sky’s the Limit,” the sixth installment of Season 4 of the HGTV program “Home Town,” millions of viewers got to know John Combe. Viewers caught a statement saying “In remembrance of John Combe” in the credit after the episode premiered on February 16, 2020.

Furthermore, one of the hosts of the program, Erin Napier, tweeted about what happened to Combe  and said that she was “deeply saddened.” What is the reality regarding Combe, who affected this many audiences? Apart from what he revealed while the show was being filmed, very little is known about his background and family. He claimed that because his dad had served in the Air Force, his family had relocated around a lot while he was a child. Combe spent the final ten years of his life in Belize, a nation on Central America’s northeastern coast.

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Who Is  John Combe from Hometown?

 A 70-year-old former soldier named John was searching for a nice, big, and relaxing holiday home in Home Town. John grew up abroad and then spent his last ten years in Belize. The HGTV star recruited Erin and Bento to renovate his house because he had no money and desire to make it his while also having guest rooms. When he spotted the ranch-style home buried away in the old neighborhood, he felt it would be perfect for his relaxed lifestyle. 

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Erin with homebuyer John Combe
Erin with homebuyer John Combe

My existence has been and is still excellent, according to Laurel Mercantile, Erin, and Ben’s business, he declared. I’ve been lucky my entire life. For thirty years, my grandfather was a member of the American Air Force. In the initial eighteen years of my life, we relocated 7 times, therefore I’m still restless. Pop was amazing. He gave me a lot of lessons in life, including lessons on what’s right and wrong and the value of truthfulness.

Compared To The Other Candidates, Did John Combe Stand Out?

While its show was being filmed, the Napier couple refurbished folk’s houses. John Combe’s assertion that “the sky is the limit” set him apart from all other competitors. He stated that the hosting couple can spend as much money as they wanted on fixing up his estate and therefore, there is no defined quota for that purpose. Probably only one contender who performed so was him. He was surprised by Napiers’ work and generosity, and he received amazing and lovely comments about his bathroom remodel and spacious shower. John shouted, “It’s nirvana,” after Erin compared his new backyard to the seaside relaxation he’d experienced in Belize.

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What Happened To John Combe From Hometown?

A Home Town organization claims that John passed away on April 4, 2020, in a facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, from natural factors. Just several months earlier, his Home Town episode happened on HGTV. Many spectators expressed their sympathies, and a few mentioned how content he seemed in his Laurel home. One individual noted, “He was such a delight to see, and it was fun seeing his emotions when wealth didn’t even matter.” I really hope he saw that house. Another person wrote, “I’m so sorry. He was really engaged during the performance. An intriguing resident has left Laurel.

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Ben & Erin with John Combe
Ben & Erin with John Combe


The reality regarding Combe is that he was genuinely sincere with his love for the Napiers as well as the town he planned to name his dream house, in contrast to becoming the first “Home Town” customer with a limitless remodeling expenditure. “With Ben and Erin, I fell in love. They’re simply two very special individuals, and I adore Laurel, a small town, “says he. He also expressed his outlook on life in remarks such as, “I enjoy change. Life becomes monotonous if you don’t evolve.”

What Is Hometown?

Ben and Erin Napier, a married couple, are the stars of the American television program Hometown, which debuted on HGTV on January 24, 2016. The wedded pair renovated Southern properties in Laurel, Mississippi. Following their appearance in Southern Weddings mag and on the journal’s Instagram, HGTV approached the couple for the show Hometown. 

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