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Does Feyre End Up With Rhysand In A Court Of Thorns And Roses?

Does Feyre End Up With Rhysand In A Court Of Thorns And Roses?
A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Twilight, Sandman, and other books gained much popularity and the movies that were created of them are all now popular. Book readers are utterly enthralled by each page for a variety of reasons, including the specifics, the beautiful language, and the understanding that comes from living through the protagonist’s eyes.

Of all the books that have become increasingly famous in recent years, Sarah J. Maas is renowned for being an incredibly talented author. Because of how engrossing her narrative is, you won’t know when to stop reading it or when to start seeking more. The first book will grab your interest, but for anyone who reads the second and third novels, they truly cement the accord.

The way Sarah J. Maas tied each novel together and developed connections among the characters were flawless. She writes her scenarios and actions with excellent conclusions. Although the book series hasn’t yet been adapted into a film or television series, be assured that it is in the works.

The narrative truly demonstrates how the characters change and evolve, and you also get to know them on a deeper level. Who the protagonist falls in love with and marries intrigues readers who haven’t completed the books or haven’t even started them but don’t mind spoilers. Now, to the question, “Who did Feyre end up with?”

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Who Is Feyre In A Court Of Thorns And Roses?

Feyre was once a mortal, but after dying Under the Mountain, the seven High Lords brought her back to life as a High Fae. Of her three sisters, Elain is the second kid and Nesta is the oldest. Feyre is the youngest. Feyre came from a rich household. When she was eight years old, her mother passed away from typhus, but not before she had given her proof that she would look after the family.

Does Feyre End Up With Rhysand In A Court Of Thorns And Roses?


The only daughter to see her father being attacked by his creditors and make an effort to stop it was Feyre. She lacked the upper-class education that her sisters received as children and grew up illiterate. She began attending hunters in the forest when she was eleven years old and watched them learn how to lay snares and hunt.

Her interactions with the two major characters are extensively detailed. Feyre declares her love for Tamlin, as she did in the throne room of the High Queen of Prythian, and Amarantha assures her that she has the power to set him free. Her feelings for Tamlin evolve during the narrative, going from icy cold to steaming desire.

Feyre and Tamlin eventually fall in love. But later, she is bound to Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, and forced to live with him for one week each month. He doesn’t seem to care about the deal though. She even bids Rhysand goodbye before going back to the Spring Court to live with Tamlin later. So, was it Tamlin or Rhysand that Feyre frankly ended up with?

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Does Feyre End Up With Rhysand?

It is a yes if you desire a yes or no answer. They do ultimately get together. When Amarantha murdered Feyre before her resurrection, Rhys had a gut feeling that she was his mate, but when he first encountered her in her Faerie form, he knew for sure. Rhys tells Feyre this.

Does Feyre End Up With Rhysand In A Court Of Thorns And Roses?

Feyre And Rhysand

Throughout the entire story, Feyre has forgiven him and accepted their mating link. Their relationship is solidified when they sleep together. Even when the King separates Rhysand and Feyre, only the link they formed when they agreed that Feyre would have to spend one week of every month in the Night Court is broken.

However, neither their relationship as High Fae Lord and High Fae Lady of the Night Court nor the link that made them mates prevents them from being separated. Rhys and Feyre were married not long after the conflict was over. Even a kid called Nyx is born to them.

This happened as a result of Feyre starting to feel imprisoned in the spring court by an oppressive Tamlin and finally being carried away on her wedding day to carry out her deal with Rhys at the night court. Rhys arrives to see Feyre one day and fills her in on all the details of how he saved Velaris from Amarantha and the nightmares he used to have about Feyre’s existence. Feyre was convinced that he was her fate after hearing him speak.

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