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Shazam Fury Of The Gods Trailer 2 Breakdown: Will Shazam Die In The Movie?

Shazam could Die
Shazam could Die

Even though we won’t see The Rock’s Black Adam in the new DCU anymore, there are still hopes that we will see Zachary Levi‘s Shazam in the future. But let’s not worry about the future and focus on the present.

We got a new Shazam Fury Of The Gods Trailer and will break it all down, taking out all the Easter Eggs and References. We will also talk about who these three sisters’ villains are in this movie, why they are after the Shazam family, and basically what the movie’s plot is.

We will go a bit into Greek Mythology and understand the three sisters and their backgrounds. The Shazam movie has included Greek mythology, but they have also changed it a bit for their movie.

Shazam Fury Of The Gods Trailer 2 Breakdown

The big thing in this new Shazam Fury Of The Gods Trailer is we learn a little bit more about the actual story. So the whole idea is that the three daughters of the Titan Atlas, the Greek titan, because we’re talking about Greek mythology, the same gods, the same pantheon that Wonder Woman came from. Zeus is one of the people that grant Shazam their powers. Zeus is canonical, the father of Wonder Woman. They’re trying to take back one of the sources of the Shazam family’s powers.

So the whole idea is that the Shazam name is an acronym for where they get all their powers from all the different gods, some of them Greek titans, not gods. Slightly different but has the same basic mythology.

The Shazam Family

The Shazam Family (CC: Warner Bros)

So the Shazam acronym stands for The Wisdom of Solomon, The Strength of Hercules, and the Stamina of Atlas. So that’s the power that the sisters are trying to take back, the Stamina. The power of Zeus, that’s where their lightning bolts come from. The speed of Mercury and the courage of Achilles. The speed of Mercury, for instance, makes them almost as fast as the Flash, about as fast as Superman is.

Each of the different letters in the acronym powers one of their major abilities. They can also cast spells like a normal magician or a normal sorcerer would be able to. But Billy hasn’t figured that out yet because he’s a little kid. That’s part of the joke of the characters. Like he’s way more powerful than he realizes. He just hasn’t figured it out yet. That’s one of the reasons why the Wizard Shazam gets so pissed off at him

They’re also bringing back the Wizard in this movie, and he looks like a much younger version of himself. So it’ll be interesting to see which version they say this is. If it’s like some other version that they pulled from a different part of the timeline.

Like somehow they captured a version of him a long time ago in the past. Or if this is a version from the afterlife, like this is the version that died in the first movie and they just found a way to capture his soul, and that’s how he’s come back. Because this place, their home base, seems like a version of Mount Olympus or near Mount Olympus because that’s where all the Greek titans and the Greek gods would live.

They changed a little bit of Greek mythology just to fit this into the movie. Like the Greek Titan Atlas did have daughters, but they were the nymphs. But in the movie, they’re saying it was these three daughters with slightly different names. Helen Mirren is playing Hespera, Lucy Liu is playing someone called Calypso and Rachel Ziegler is playing Anthea. So as you can see, they’re all just three different daughters that were born during different time periods.

Helen Mirren is the oldest sister, Lucy Liu is the middle sister, she’s middle-aged, and Rachel Ziegler is meant to be the youngest sister. But I think part of the joke of that is because of the way they exist, like their biology, some of them just seem a little bit older than the other. Like Rachel Ziegler seems like a beautiful young woman, but she’s actually really, really old.


Hesperia (CC: Warner Bros)

Kalypso And The Golder Apples

Just starting at the beginning of the Shazam Fury Of The Gods Trailer footage, Lucy Liu’s Calypso comes to the Philadelphia Stadium because remember, this is taking place in the Philadelphia area. She’s already got the staff of the Wizard Shazam. Remember, they find it at the museum, and they reform it, and they use that to channel their father’s power.

When they have all these moments in the trailer where Billy talks about giving up his powers to the sisters so that they’ll leave Philadelphia alone, they’ll stop trying to destroy the planet. And you see all the power coursing through him and through the staff. It’s not clear if they’re saying that he’s trying to give up all of his power or just the part of the power that comes from the great Titan Atlas. Or they’re going to completely change all this and say that every single bit of their power came from the Greek Titan Atlas instead of a bunch of different gods.

The golden apple that she jams into the ground to start changing things is also from Greek mythology, but they’ve changed the mythology just a little bit. You also see Helen Mirren’s character holding one of them too.

Golden apples appear in a bunch of different cultures and mythologies, but because we’re talking about the Greek mythology of the DC Universe with Shazam and Wonder Woman, these golden apples, in particular, were from the Garden of the Disparities, who were the mythological daughters of the Greek Titan Atlas.

But in the movie, they’re saying these three daughters were those daughters. The actual powers of the apples were said to grant immortality, that was their main ability. But it sounds like they can be used for other things too.

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple (CC: Warner Bros)

Most people think of the golden Apples because they were a big part of Hercules’s famous 12 labors that he was given to complete. Like his part of one of his tasks, he had to steal the golden apples from the secret garden where they rested. These three sisters, like their lair, would have tended this. He would have had to steal the golden apples from their lair, basically.

I don’t think we’ve actually seen Hercules inside the DC Universe, but they did tease him in the Marvel movies (Thor Love and Thunder Post-Credits scene). The reason why both Marvel and DC can do versions of the Greek pantheon like Hercules and Zeus is that there’s no copyright on those characters.

They have a bunch of scenes back at their lair at this place where it seems that they’re keeping the Wizard Shazam captive, and it seems like they capture Freddie Freeman and take him back there too. It looks like they use the power of the golden apples, and there’s a power that they have access to already to change Philadelphia into something more akin to what you would have seen in Greek mythology in history.

Getting To Know About The Shazam Background

Then a book that seems like one of the books of magic that you see Mary Marvel reading from with a bunch of Greek mythology around it, like a bunch of Greek artifacts, as they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the sisters.

Part of the idea of this movie, because there’s so much of that they don’t know, is it that they’ll learn more about their actual powers. Like how their actual powers work, where they come from, and how they got them in the first place. This gets back to the source, like how the power came from this Greek titan Atlas.

It’s one of those situations where people like the Wizard Shazam, like the people who originated a lot of the powers, created a lot of the way the powers work, reveal information that he hasn’t already like, “Oh, by the way, yeah, when I gave you these powers, I got them from a bunch of these other places, and the places that I got them from are now getting really pissed off about that”.

The Dragon vs Shazam

The Dragon vs Shazam (CC: Warner Bros)

Batman, Robin, And Game Of Thrones

It seems like their fight with Calypso’s Dragon is a huge part of the movie, like one of the huge action sequences, because there’s so much of it in all the trailers. He even makes a Game of Thrones Khaleesi reference talking about Calypso.

And the other interesting thing is that it seems like even though they take Freddie Freeman, and Rachel Ziegler’s character, it seems like she has some weird ship going on with him where she actually goes against her sisters to try and protect him. Like she starts siding with the Shazam family because you see her getting blasted by the same energy that the sisters are giving off.

There’s a really big Batman and Robin Easter egg on Freddie Freeman’s t-shirt. He also wore the Superman (Henry Cavill) t-shirt in the last movie. He’s meant to be the big Justice League fanboy. He’s the one that also had Batman’s Batrang. This t-shirt also has a big Robin reference. Obviously, we know Robin exists because we saw a version of him during Batman v Superman or his suit, but he was long since dead.

It seems kind of like a macabre Easter egg, but the whole idea is that they’re actual birds, like it’s a Batman bird and it’s a robin that’s an actual Robin. Ben Affleck‘s Batman wasn’t supposed to be featured in the movie, but they did have a version of him in the last trailer. But the footage was from the Justice League movie.

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