Why Did The K-Pop Star Jinni Leave Nmixx? The Sudden Departure Explained

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Why Did The K-Pop Star Jinni Leave Nmixx
K-Pop star Jinni

Jinni the popular female K-pop star has left the all-girls South Korean group Nmixx. This came an as a big surprise for the group and its fans as it hasn’t been too long since this group made its debut. Jinni was among the most talented members of the group Nmixx. She could sing, and rap and was considered the best dancer in the group.

The K-pop group Nmixx was formed on July 2021, and it made its debut on March 2022 with the release of its album Ad Mare. Nmixx used to be a 7 girls’ group, and it consisted of Jinni, Kyujin, Bae, Lily, Sullyoon, Haewon, and Jiwoo. But the sudden departure of Jinni left the group with only 6 girls.

Jinni’s sudden departure from Nmixx created lots of buzz on the internet as fans are eager to know why did this beautiful K Pop star leave her group. Today we shall be breaking down all the details regarding Jinni and her departure from Nmixx.

Why Did Jinni Leave Nmixx

Nmixx was a new K Pop group that formed under JYP Entertainment ( a multinational record label company). The group consisted of Jinni, Kyujin, Bae, Lily, Sullyoon, Haewon, and Jiwoo. Upon its debut, the group received all the love and praise that it deserved from its fans. Currently, Nmixx is considered one of the most promising K-Pop groups. But the sudden departure of one of its key members took everyone by surprise.

Why Did The K-Pop Star Jinni Leave Nmixx
All-girls K-pop group Nmixx

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Jinni left Nmixx on December 9, 2022. The same day JYP Entertainment took this to the official Nmixx social media account to announce her departure. According to the record label company JYP Entertainment, Jinni left the group because of personal reasons. While the exact reasons for her departure are not made public yet, whatever the reason might be it’s a huge loss for the fans of Nmixx as they would not be able to see Jinni performing along with the group. According to reports, Jinni’s contract with the record company has also been canceled. Hence she is now officially out of Nmixx.

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This sudden news created lots of talks and worried lots of die-hard Nmixx fans, hence Nmixx’s music agency took the responsibility to apologize to all the fans who got upset due to this news. They also requested all the fans to keep showing their love for Nmixx and for Jinni, even though she is not a member of the group but her talent needs your support and love.

What is Nmixx?

Nmixx is a South Korean all girl K Pop group famous for producing several hit albums and songs like “Ad Mare”,  “Entwurf”, “Dice”, “O.O” etc… Their group has a very unique name “Nmixx” but this name stands for a reason, for a meaning. The letter “N” in the word Nmixx means “now”, “new”, and “next” plus it’s combined with the mix. This clearly represents that their group stands for modern-day music, the music of the new generation. Initially, this group was named as JYPn but later on, they gave this group a new name with a new meaning.

They made their debut with the album Ad Mare, although the song received mixed reviews from the critic’s audience and simply loved it, as it become one of the top songs in Korea and made record sales of “161,312” copies.

They further collaborated with “DreamWorks” to create a Korean version song for the show “Gabby’s Dollhouse”. The same year they released their 2nd album titled “Entwurf”. And in November they released their first ever “Intermixxion” song which was named “Funky Glitter Christmas”

Why Did The K-Pop Star Jinni Leave Nmixx?
The Nmixx Group

Why Was Jinni An Important Member Of Nmixx

Jinni was an important member of the group because she had a lot of talent. She could sing, dance and rap effortlessly. She had a very charming presence on stage and people would just go crazy once she begins her performance. But above all, she was one of the kindest souls in the group who loved her fans a lot and this helped in boosting the group’s reputation.

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Why Did The K-Pop Star Jinni Leave Nmixx
Kpop star and Nmixx member Jinni

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