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What Is Aegyo In K-pop? What the Term Truly Means!


Last Updated on October 21, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A popular word that has the ability to provide a perfect essence of K-pop is aegyo. However, this Korean-originated word is used as a reflection of cute expressions. In other words, aegyo also indicates asserting one’s affection with the assistance of impressive speeches and gesticulations.

Nonetheless, the audience gets to know this particular expression from K-pop celebrities. These personalities try to incorporate this flirtatious expression to intensify their performance.  

But it doesn’t insinuate that every K-pop fan has such a personality and puts forward this kind of behavior in front of the people. However, this kind of gesture can be more accepted by lovers or friends. Did this expression edict as a sign of closeness? Well, the answer is yes. Aegyo can act as a synonym for immediacy between two people.  


Aegyo Characteristics

From Where Did People Get To Know About Aegyo? 

South Korean popular culture has contributed the most to highlighting aegyo, which ensued in 1997. However, this had been used by the S.E.S., one of the successful pop bands, to show their seductive gesture toward their spectators.

However, the gang members of Girls’ Generation endowed aegyo with their dance moves which turned up as the newly released trending attire for the audience. Nonetheless, one of the members of the faction named Sunny pulled off aegyo in another realm. 

Apart from her, some other female icons are also there who never fail to aegyo during their performance. It can be said that it acts as a bridge that helps them to communicate with the audience.   

What All Are The Characteristics Of Aegyo? 

Aegyo insists people look adorable by using baby voices or cute expressions. This gesture has the charm to enhance the integrity of an icon. 

Putting Some Additional Apprehension On The Last Vowel 

In this case, people generally stretch the ending vowel so that it sounds much more cute and lovable. However, Oppa is one such word that is used as a synonym of aegyo for the guys to put extra stars in their personality. 

Superfluous ㅁ’s and ㅇ’s In The Word.

To make the person feel more special, some extra consonants like the letters “m” or “ng” can be added to aegyo, just like switching Oppa with Oppag, Hello to Hellog, and so on. 

Usage Of Yo Or Yong at the end of the Sentence 

It’s quite noticeable the way Koreans use Yo or Yong. However, this is a way of indicating aegyo. It’s nothing but acts as an enhanced aroma for a particular word like “mwohaeyong.” 


Cute Hand Gesture

Aegyo Hand Gesture

Every Korean fan is well aware of the basic aegyo hand gesture. The cute hand expression shared by the Korean seems like the English alphabet “V” but doesn’t have a similar significance as so. Using this hand indication is often used by them while clicking photographs or showing love to someone. 

Trying Lotte World headbands even Outside Of The Lotte World.

Lotte World is an indoor amusement park in Korea. Over there, a specific type of headbands is found which are trendy as well as never fail to aegyo. While meandering around the park, wearing such a headband is a sign of cuteness but pulling it outside Lotte World is adorable. However, wearing it in public is not that common, but if someone is doing so, then that is aegyo. 

Entire Body Movement 

Just like showing love or affection with a hand gesture, the entire body movement is also similar to that but at successive levels. In several K-pop concerts, stomping foot and body movements assist the performers in connecting with the audience. However, along with communication, these motions are also another way of aegyo. 

Aegyo Korean Song

“Gwiyomi Song” is one such song that is known to the entire globe. It has taken every Korean to feel the actual meaning of aegyo. This catchy song has set a bar for those who prefer putting additional cute gesticulation or expressions in their words. 


Aegyo Expressions

B.T.S. And Aegyo

Most probably, B.T.S. is the aegyo residing in this world. After looking into their adorable expressions, who wouldn’t fall for them? Every K-pop fan must have used aegyo when they thought about B.T.S. They are an extensively cute and lovable combination of aegyo personality and mesmerizing vocals. 

The word aegyo has been derived from the word term “aegi” in Korea, which generally depicts a child. It is one of the most common and popular sections of Korean culture. However, the audience had the opportunity to learn about this aegyo with the help of the entertainment industry and attempted to blend it into their way of adoring someone. 

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