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Ric Flair’s Net Worth in 2022: The Biggest Wrestler of His Time

Ric Flair Net worth

Ric Flair Net Worth: In the world of wrestling, the name Ric Flair needs no introduction. Ric Flair is also known as Richard Morgan Fleihr, was born in Memphis on 25th February 1949. To your surprise, Ric Flair was an adopted child. His biological parents were Olive Phillips and Luther Phillips.

However, later she was adopted by his foster parents, Richard Reid Fliehr and Kathleen Kinsmiller Fliehr. Touted as the greatest wrestler of all time, Ric Flair has taken several awards and titles home, including World Tag Team Championship, United States Heavyweight, and so on. Stick to the end to know how rich is this 73-year-old wrestler.

It seems that cupid had put Ric Flair, Tiffany VanDemark, Elizabeth Harrell, Jackie Beems are also his ex-wives. Finally, he got married for the fifth time in 2019 to Wendy Barlow. Also, Charlotte Flair (daughter) has recently joined hands with the WWE. Not only this, seems like the daughter of Ric Flair has received that talent of wrestling in genes. The reason behind this is that Charlotte Flair is the nine times champion of WWE Women’s Champion.

ric flair career

Ric Flair Career

In case if you forgot, we are talking about the 16 times champion of the WWE World Championship. Wait! Don’t be surprised if there is more on the list. Throughout the four decades of his career, Flair has bagged several awards and titles, such as the winner of the World Tag Team and the Intercontinental Championship. In addition, Ric Flair has won two WWF championships, six times WCW World Championships, and so on.


Now that we have talked about Ric Flair’s career and personal life let us hop on to how much he has invested in cars and properties. You will be taken aback if we say that the 73-year-old wrestler is the owner of a lavish mansion in Charlotte NC. The double-storeyed lavish mansion located in Charlotte put a hole in his pocket, and it is worth the whopping amount of 1 million dollars. Next in the line is his luxurious cars parked in his garage. The first on the list is Mercedez Benz that which has a whopping amount of 32000 thousand dollars. Flair also owns the lavish Chevrolet SS, which is the costliest investment done by Ric Flair, 72000 thousand dollars. And last but not least is Chevrolet Camaro that cost him 61 thousand dollars.

ric flair house

Ric Flair’s Net Worth and Salary

With all of the information above, we know that you might be inquisitive about knowing Ric Flair’s net worth. So, without further ado, let us discuss his net worth and salary. As per several published reports, Ric Flair is the owner of 500 thousand net worth. In addition, the major part of his income comes from managing services. Also, a report claims his reported monthly salary to be 35000 thousand dollars per month. During the four decades of his career, Ric Flair got into the Hall of Fame in the year 2008.

So, this was the scoop on Ric Flair’s net worth. Stay tuned as more is coming your way.

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