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Do It Yourself: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

Do It Yourself

Pine jam is producing a new Japanese anime television series. Do it yourself is an upcoming original Japanese anime. Kazuhiro Yoneda is the director of this series. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is the writer of the series. The character designs of Do it yourself are done by Yūsuke Matsuo. Ryōhei Sataka is the music composer for the anime. Today, we are going to discuss the release date and where to watch this anime as well. Read till the end to know about it. The news of the release date was announced through Twitter, and fans have been excited about the same ever since.

What do we know about Do It Yourself?

Do it yourself is a very light-hearted anime plot. The story revolves around a common life with a fun twist of comedy in it. The aim of the producers with the series has been pretty straightforward for the viewers. This anime might inspire you to do something creative and individualistic. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, the series focuses on the lives of a bunch of girls who make a name for themselves by making things from home objects. This will be a true inspiration to a number of viewers.

The characters in this anime are Serufu, Purin, Kurei, Takumi, Shii, and Jobko. These girls, who are great friends, are given a series of projects by their high school teachers. In order to complete these tasks, they have to think out of the box and make something creative from scratch, all while being at home.


Somedays they are able to achieve things, somedays not. What is truly inspiring is how quickly they are able to get back and do it over again one cannot ignore the power of friendship and its support. One cannot deny how the plot is realistic as well as relatable. It focuses on showcasing the daily obstacles each one of us goes through and how we come out of them stronger. The teaser gave us a glimpse of Serufu working for something and Purin helping her in the same. We just cannot wait for this anime to come to our screens and be a source of inspiration in our lives.

When will Do It Yourself be released?

The one question that every anime lover has had since the producers’ tweet officially announcing the anime is its release date. We are glad to inform you that Do it yourself will be released this very year. The show will be premiered in October 2022. Stay tuned so that you know when this episode will be released in your region for you to watch and learn something from.


Where to watch Do it yourself?

Do it yourself will be streaming on its official streaming platform itself. Crunchyroll has licensed this anime for this platform. They will be streaming this anime outside of Asia. So get ready for this anime to be a part of your life that changes your life for good. Stay tuned to know more about Do It Yourself. We hope you are as excited as we are.

Here’s the official trailer of Do it yourself!

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