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Best Smiles In Anime of All Time

Best smiles in anime are covered in the article. Anime characters’ smiles have also stolen the hearts of the people. A smile is indeed the most beautiful feature of the face. It reflects positivity and enhances the beauty of a person. Smiles are of various types. Some characters have evil smiles, which will turn out to be dreadful for you, while there are some mysterious smiles. Every smile tells the mention of a person, and it tells a lot about your personality.

The best smiles are generally that of female anime characters as the creators created them like that. Nonetheless, there are some men anime characters also who can steal your heart with their beautiful smiles. A smile can even help you relax and forgets about your stressed situations. Here in the article, we will cover the best smiles in anime.

Best Smiles In Anime

Let’s meet some of the amazing anime characters those smiles will bring a sweet smile to your face. So, without any more delay, let’s delve into the article and do our best smiles in anime.

10) Tanjiro Kamado From Demon Slayer

Starting our list of the best smiles in anime with the most beautiful smile of Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro is a hard-working demon slayer who is seen practicing and brushing his swordsman skills. He was on a mission to brunch back his sister’s humanity.

From the very beginning, Tanjiro has been seen as a very responsible person who can do anything to everything for his family. Even his two years of hard training failed to tarnish that beautiful smile on his face. He has the best smiles in the anime world.

Best smiles in anime


9) Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece

The mischievous and annoying Monkey D Luffy is the owner of a beautiful smile. He looks so cute with his Colgate smile. Although sometimes Luffy turns out to be immature and annoying, you will surely agree he has a beautiful smile.

Luffy is an adventurous person who explores new islands and places. His facial expressions are infectious when he is smiling and moving around exploring new things with his friends. Monkey D Luffy is making his way to number 9 in the list of the best smiles in anime.

Best smiles in anime


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8) Naruto Uzumaki From Naruto

On number 8, we have everyone’s favorite, Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto. Even though Naruto is a pariah with no friends, he always tries and motivates himself to do good and achieve his dream. His smile is so motivating and filled with a lot of confidence. Naruto’s excitement when he makes a bold move will surely give you goosebumps. He is a very kind, confident, hard-working, and motivating anime character. His smile even motivates Hinata.



7) Tohru Honda From Fruit Basket

Some characters are very motivating. We all went through many hardships and problems in our life, but rare are the ones who face them with a smile. Tohru Honda, who went through extreme pain and hardship in her life, lost her mother and then ended up living in a tent, still, nothing could bring down that beautiful smile from her face.

She is a very motivating and optimistic person who always brings a smile to the life of the people she met. Tohru is a selfless person who heals people with her positive attitude and beautiful smile. She rightly deserves to be on our list. Tohru Honda From Fruit Basket holds the position of number 7 in our best smiles in anime list.

Fruit Basket


6) Orihime Inoue From Bleach

Coming on number 6 in the list of Best Smiles in Anime is the gorgeous, beautiful, and very cheerful girl from one of the most popular anime series, Bleach. Orihime Inoue’s beautiful smile keeps everyone happy throughout the series. It won’t be wrong to say it is the biggest weapon of Inoue to heal the people in the battle.

You can chop a man with a sword, but there is no chance that you remove the beautiful smile from Orihime’s face. When we were first introduced to her, she was an overjoyed, cheerful, fun, lovable girl, however, as the series processed, we glimpsed a bit of the serious side of Inoue. Nonetheless, it does not mean that Inoue stopped smiling.

Her smile can give you the confidence to fight in your worst time. Inoue is one of the main protagonists of the series who fights along with Ichigo to stop the evil hollows from happening in the city. With her beautiful smile, she is holding the 6th position on the list.

Best smiles in anime


5) Shiro From Deadman Wonderland

Holding position number five in the list of the best smiles anime is Shiro. Sometimes, the first impression of a person also turns out to be wrong. Likewise, when we first met Shiro,  she was seen standing on the wrong side of the fences, when the series proceeds, we encounter the good character of the joyous beauty.

Dead Man wonderland was aired back in 2011. It’s a 12 episodes series. Something that always keeps Shiro happy was food. When we see her eating her food with that beautiful smile and unseen satisfaction in her eyes, it motivates us to be happy with small things. Happiness could not always find in some expensive things, sometimes, some stupid things can also bring the white Colgate smile to your face. We have on number 5, the beauty with a beautiful smile, Shiro.



4) An From Anne Happy

Anne Happy is a 12-episode anime series that was aired from April 2016 to June 2016. The series revolves around a small girl and her school friends who have bad Karma. It is a beautiful anime, and An’s smile enhances the beauty of the series. When we were introduced to her, she is a happy and fun-loving girl who loves to spend time with her friends. She is very cute and sweet.

An is that mentor of our life who tells us to be happy and fights odds in our life because they know how much potential we hold. Her smile has some sort of energy, and it always motivates us to be positive and try to erase suffering and recreate satisfaction and cherish the wonderful gift, our beautiful life with a smile. Because of her beautiful smile, An holds the fourth position in our Best Smiles Anime list.



3) Soma Yukihira From Food Wars

The food wars introduced us to mouthwatering dishes and a beautiful smile. Soma Yukihira how is not a fantastic cook but also the owner of a beautiful smile. When everybody was trying to use their best tricks and talents to cook some delicious stuff in the kitchen, Soma always poured a flavor of love into his dishes as taught by his parents that Love is the best ingredient in the recipe. It does not matter how much you try and give your best when you make dishes, until and unless you cook them with love.

He holds positivity, kindness, and cheerfulness around. Soma never gave up on his dream and inspire people to work hard until they achieve them. He is an optimistic and very cheerful person. With his beautiful smile, Soma is number 3 on the list of the best smiles in anime.

Best smiles in anime


2) Izuku Midoriya From My Hero Academia

If you have watched My Hero Academia which I guess you did as there is hardly anyone who didn’t, you will surely agree with me that Izuku Midoriya has a very beautiful smile. He is just innocently wearing the most beautiful smile. The glow in his, the excitement he holds for small things, will surely have your heart.

The anime series was aired back in 2016, and it is one of the best anime series. Initially, when we see Izuku, who was a small kid and aspire to be a hero one day. His facial expressions and smile are priceless. With his beautiful smile, Izuku Midoriya steals the 2 positions in the list of the best smile in anime.

Best smiles in anime


1) Naru From Barakamon

Nothing could beat the smile of a child, isn’t it? Naru from Barakamon is the owner of the most mesmerizing smile in the anime world. Kids’ smile certainly holds some sort of positivity that evaporates all your worries and filled your heart with immense pleasure.
This young girl lives on Goto island with her grandfather. She is often seen spending time in Handa’s house. Naru is an angelic beauty, her smile will replenish your heart with all sorts of positivity.

People usually don’t care about their lives as the world has been taken up by challenges and competitions, and humans are just getting depressed with time. We should value our life and, trust me, whenever there is a problem, just sit with a child and observe them, their innocent and purest smile has unseen power to eradicate your pain.



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